Thursday, April 11, 2019

Fountain Pen Recommendations for the First-Time user

Fountain pens are a surprisingly massive topic to cover. For someone who’s new to the world of fountain pens, it can feel like there are so many options, there’s no way to know where to begin. So we at Pen Boutique wrote this guide to introduce you to three of our favorite fountain pens to recommend to brand-new users!

Pilot Metropolitan

This pen is a perennial favorite for new users and enthusiasts alike. The wonders of the Metropolitan are many: the multiple nib sizes, the included squeeze converter (a piece that lets you use bottled ink), the durable aluminum body, and the low price point (usually around $20). The bullet shape, round grip, and lightweight body are great crowd-pleasing features, not to mention the huge variety of colors and patterns offered. Most fountain pen enthusiasts have a special fondness for this pen. We think it’s a superb choice for a beginner!

Do note that Pilot is a Japanese company, and as a rule, Japanese nibs tend to run finer than European nibs. If you enjoy a Fine nib from Lamy, for example, then Pilot’s Medium nib may be the best option for you! The nib sizes available are Fine, Medium, and Stub (a nib with a flat cut on the end, often used for calligraphy).

Lamy Safari

The Lamy Safari is a pen with a ton of loyal fans. Many writing enthusiasts have multiple Safaris in their collection! These pens are noteworthy for their removable (and thus interchangeable) nibs and faceted grip to help users improve their handwriting styles. Like the Metropolitan, they come in a ton of different colors, and the range of nib sizes is even greater: they range from Extra Fine to Broad (plus a left-handed nib!). These nibs are interchangeable with Lamy calligraphy nibs that can be purchased separately, and even those have a fantastic variety of sizes: they come in 1.1mm, 1.5mm, and 1.9mm. You can purchase a Z24 converter for the Lamy Safari so that you can use bottled inks.


A new addition to the Pen Boutique lineup, this is already an incredibly popular offering amongst other low-cost pens. The Eco is unusual due to its piston filling mechanism. Instead of opening up the pen to insert a cartridge or fill a converter, the user unscrews the finial (a piece on the back end of the pen), submerges the nib in ink, and re-screws the finial. This action draws a plunger down, then back up to fill the body of the pen with ink. This allows the TWSBI Eco to have a much higher ink capacity than any other pen at this price point! It also comes with a wrench and silicone grease intended for long-term maintenance. TWSBI wants users to understand the inner workings of their writing utensils, so the Eco is made with a transparent resin that lets you see your ink level and the piston mechanism at work. This pen is ideal for a new fountain pen user who wants to use bottled ink right away, and doesn’t want to refill their pen for a long time.

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