Pelikan Aquamarine Pen On The Way!

Breaking news! Pelikan to release matching Aquamarine pens in September.

We heard rumblings for months that there would be a Pelikan Aquamarine pen to match their gorgeous Aquamarine color of the year ink. Today we learned that the pen gods have granted our wish-- we’re excited to announce that Pelikan will be releasing Aquamarine pens in September 2016! Place your pre-orders now because these Special Edition pens will surely go fast.

Here are the options:

Special Edition Pelikan M205 Aquamarine fountain pen (includes gift box) in EF, F, M, or B
Special Edition Pelikan M205 Aquamarine fountain pen set (includes gift box and Aquamarine ink) in EF, F, M, or B
Special Edition Pelikan K205 Aquamarine ballpoint pen (includes gift box)

If you’re trying to get a hold of any of last year’s Special Edition Amethyst pens we do have a few left in fountain pen and ballpoint.

We also have a limited amount of pens and ink for the 2015 Color of the Year-- Amethyst. Send us an email if you're interested in what we have left. You can reach us at [email protected] or 410-992-3272.


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Pelikan Aquamarine Pen On The Way!

Breaking news! Pelikan to release matching Aquamarine pens in September.

We heard rumblings for months that there would be a Pelikan Aquamarine pen to match their gorgeous Aquamarine color of the year ink. Today we learned that the pen gods have granted our wish-- we’re excited to announce that Pelikan will be releasing Aquamarine pens in September 2016! Place your pre-orders now because these Special Edition pens will surely go fast.

Here are the options:

Special Edition Pelikan M205 Aquamarine fountain pen (includes gift box) in EF, F, M, or B
Special Edition Pelikan M205 Aquamarine fountain pen set (includes gift box and Aquamarine ink) in EF, F, M, or B
Special Edition Pelikan K205 Aquamarine ballpoint pen (includes gift box)

If you’re trying to get a hold of any of last year’s Special Edition Amethyst pens we do have a few left in fountain pen and ballpoint.

We also have a limited amount of pens and ink for the 2015 Color of the Year-- Amethyst. Send us an email if you're interested in what we have left. You can reach us at [email protected] or 410-992-3272.


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Honoring the Moon Phases: Fisher 50th Anniversary Bullet Pen

Words that Pen Boutique Enthusiasts use to describe the Fisher Space 50th Anniversary Pen:


We just received our Fisher Space 50th Anniversary Bullet pens in and they’re truly stunning little pens. It has the traditional silhouette of a Fisher bullet pen, but with unique detailings. The pen has a patent black finish with a series of golden engraved moons in various phases cumulating in a “50” and a full moon. The grip section of the pen is a matching gold. It’s an extra-special bullet pen, especially for folks into black/gold combos.

As with all all Fisher Bullet Pens, this accepts Fisher pressurized ballpoint refills which come in a variety of colors (red, green, turquoise, blue, black) that can also double as trusty Parker-style ballpoint refills.

The pressurized refills are solid and reliable-- so much so that astronauts (real-life ones, not just wackos) regularly use them on their space missions. Due to the way the pen is produced, they are able to withstand cold and hot temperatures, low and high altitudes, terrestrial and galactic gravity, and even on greasy and wet surfaces.

This pen is great for:
-Collectors of Fisher Space Pens
-Folks looking for small pocket pens
-People who like black/gold combinations
-Astronomers, Birders or people who constantly look at the sky
-People who are worship the moon

The 50th Anniversary pen is just one of many iterations of the Fisher Space bullet pen. There are so many versions of the bullet pen and even Fisher click-pens that there is bound to be one Fisher pen for every taste. Let us know if you're interested in looking at some Fisher pens together and we'll find one that's right for you! Our email address is [email protected]


The Pen Boutique Team

Visconti Watermark Fountain Pen Limited Edition

A symbol of pure novelty, the intriguing appearance of the new Visconti Watermark Fountain Pen has mesmerized pen aficionados from the day of its inception. This unique writer has received a lot of acclamation for its finesse design and the performance it gives on paper.

At first look, the pen is gorgeous and carries the proud legacy of Visconti's innovation, craftsmanship, and elegance. Crafted with precision, this surreal writer combines two sophisticated elements to create a vivid charm that will even surpass expectation. The acrylic cap and barrel of the pen are wrapped inside filigree cut out from a solid silver tube. The filigree cut off resembles with Visconti's logo and artisans at Visconti have carefully aligned brand's symbolic representation to create a watermark type pattern, doing justice to the name. While writing, the transparent profile of the pen allows you to check the volume of ink.  The sterling silver exterior of the pen is coated with a layer of palladium to prevent it from tarnishing. The precise construction makes the new Visconti Watermark  a masterpiece and demonstrates the out-worldly ideas of Visconti artisans.

As majestic as the pen looks on the outside, its functional side is equally elegant as well. Each Visconti Watermark Fountain Pen is equipped with a double power reservoir which holds large volume of ink compared to standard fountain pens. Like other luxurious pens from Visconti, this fine writer is also fitted with a 23kt Palladium dream touch nib. The nib comes in six different options: fine, extra fine, broad, double broad, medium and stub. Between the nib and the barrel, there is decent space that allows a comfortable hold while writing. Though the profile of the pen looks sharp and edgy, it is a beauty to hold. The large profile of the pen sits perfectly in your hands, while its ergonomic grip section offers an effortless penmanship experience.

The cap of the Visconti Watermark pen is fitted with a traditional Visconti bridge shaped clip with the name of the brand chiseled on either side. On the top of the cap, there is an embedded logo of Visconti, while the rear has a neatly done flattened end. The stupendous design of the pen is further garnished by a beautiful band that reads Watermark. And, for pen aficionado's who don't prefer writing with a fountain pen the series is also available in rollerball version. At Pen Boutique, we are selling Visconti Watermark Fountain Pens for $1695 and the rollerball version for $1495.

All said and done, the Visconti Watermark will make a great collectible in every pen enthusiast's pen chest. Like every other pen from Visconti, this fascinating writer has also helped to reposition the value of pens from writing utensils to luxury accessories. The value of this pen is nothing less than that of a precious ornament; the precision of this unique writer makes it a precious gift for special occasions and an item which could be passed to future generations.

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Montegrappa Alchemist Sterling Silver Collection

Montegrappa Alchemist 

There is something about Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist" that makes me want to read the novel again and again. The book has become a source of inspiration for many. Every strong word mentioned in the novel lets us see the world with optimism and tell us everything is possible until we really want it to happen. 

The purpose of the new Montegrappa Alchemist edition is somewhat the same!!! The pen is designed with a keen appreciation for the artist's thoughts and is inherited with vivid symbols and meanings illustrated in the renowned novel. In short, we can say Montegrappa Alchemist series is a beautiful interpretation of Paulo Coelho's famous novel 'The Alchemist'. Montegrappa Artisans have carefully embedded the motifs of the story on the pen to create a lucrative appearance, while keeping the functional side on their mind. Like all other pens from Montegrappa, this fine series also carries the legacy of the brand and reflects a finesse design marked with perfection. Made of special metals and embedded with precious gemstone, this fine pen exhibits the creativity of Montegrappa artisans. Like the name suggests, Montegrappa have converted their master craftsmanship and fine elements into a graceful product which even surpasses expectation, and named it - "Montegrappa Alchemist Series". 
The series is available in two different writing modes (fountain pen and ballpoint pen) and four different designs - air, water, fire and earth. At Pen Boutique, we are selling the sterling silver edition which is limited to 1000 pieces. Each enamel coated sterling silver pen represents one of the four elements. Only 125 fountain pens and 125 rollerball pens are made in each color. The evocative design of each Montegrappa Alchemist series makes it a wonderful collectible for pen aficionados, while inspiring others to follow their dreams. 

Montegrappa Alchemist Sterling Silver writing instruments sit at the epitome of novelty and perfection!!! These fine writing instruments are conceived in the purest form and are coated with several layers of enamel to preserve their timeless elegance. These fine writers are handcrafted in the historic town of Bassano Del Grappa, Italy. Each writing instrument is finely inspected until they acquire the highest level of precision. The pen features a hefty and evenly balanced profile designed to offer a robust grip while writing. Its ergonomic grip section sits perfectly between your fingertips, while allowing you to rejoice every bit of your writing. As splendid as the pen looks on the outside, the functional side of this fine writer is also synonymous to its appearance.

Montegrappa Alchemist Sterling Silver fountain pens are fitted with a sturdy 18kt gold nib with an etched designed of a peacock fanning its tail. Gliding over the paper, the nib is flawless and doesn’t scratch nor has inconsistent ink flow. The nib is a pleasure to work with and sums up a joyous experience. The body of the pen is embellished with small details to project Paulo Coelho's words inscribed in the famous novel - 'The Alchemist'. The overall appearance of the pen illuminates Coelho's message, and its finesse design inspires the users to follow their dreams. Each pen comes in a beautiful wooden case which prevents the pen from receiving any external casualties. 

The stupendous design of the Montegrappa Alchemist Sterling Silver Collection definitely lives up to its name. The eye-catching appearance and minute detailing makes it a perfect writing instrument for both pen enthusiasts and collectors. The only downside of this series is its limited quantity. Then again, if this writing instrument were available in abundance, it wouldn't be so precious. 

TIL: The Newest Retro51 Tornado's GLOW

Today I learned that some roller balls from Retro51's Spring release actually GLOW IN THE DARK. From most to least spooky, they are:

Dr. Grey
Cat Rescue
Dog Rescue

Dr. Grey, Cat Rescue, Dog Rescue

Parker Sets for all Sorts Pt.2

This is a continuation of the Parker Sets for all Sorts post. We just received some fresh stock of really cool Parker Pen sets; some including multiple pens, some including writing accessories. The one I'm writing about today is especially interesting and beautiful. 

Full disclosure -- when we received this set into the store, a few Pen Boutique employees gathered around and took turns merely opening and closing the case. This "Secret Shelf" set has a very impressive, kin-aesthetic packaging design-- when the case is opened, a small drawer is slowly emerges from the front side of the box to reveal a classic (until uncapped, that is) Sonnet fountain pen. 

The pen is the star of the show-- subtle, matte, and dark upon first glance but interesting up close. When opened, the "section" and the nib are modern with an intricate, mature, zig-zag etching on a chrome finish. It reminds me of patterned silk kerchiefs and ties from the 1920's. 

The writing experience is what you would expect from a Parker Sonnet-- a silky smooth writer with a perfectly weighted body. The feel of the matte black surface is textured and won't show fingerprints. And of course there's the classic silver Parker-arrow clip that many of our fathers wore in their shirt pockets. 

The pen comes with a taupe, letherette-covered notebook with a friction-fit belt. The notebook is about the size of a personal-sized planner that you can easily store in a bag. The Sonnet fountain pen and other pens of similar size, will fit perfectly in the protective spine of the notebook which makes for easy transporting. The paper is replaceable with other Parker notebooks and 5.75 x 4" -sized notebooks.  

The set as a whole is a gorgeous and functional option for fountain pen folks who want a bit of luxury, without the flash, while on the go. 

This pen/these pens would be good for people who:
-love fountain pens that look classic with a slight twist
-enjoy pens with metal bodies and heavier feel
-are looking for a convenient notebook to use daily with their new pen
-suckers for awesome product presentation and boxes

Time to Put Your Boat Shoes On!

     One of the things that Monteverde does right is stand out from the crowd.  No matter what, you are going to notice a Monteverde pen, whether it’s on a display shelf or in someone’s hand.  Taking a cue from the colorful flags flown at boat races, the Regatta Sport line mixes carbon fiber sections with either bright red or yellow, or a full carbon fiber design.  Not content with just these color choices, the Rose Gold Limited Edition was released.  Limited to just 999 pieces in Fountain, Rollerball or Ballpoint, these are some eye-catching pens.  Their limited edition number is laser engraved into the lacquer finish over the top most carbon fiber section.

     The Fountain and Rollerball versions both come with magnetic caps – no worry of cross threading, broken thread sections or stripped threads.  Even better, the magnet works  while either capped or posted.  The Ballpoint has a smooth mechanism and is compatible with Parker style refills, coming equipped with Monteverde’s own SoftRoll technology from the factory.  Each pen comes with a matching numbered box, while the Fountain Pen also includes a converter and cartridges.  These pens are ready to use and show off right out of the box.

     Due to their limited supply, there are not many of these pieces left.  Do note – if you are looking to use these pens, they are relatively thick-bodied.  The Fountain and Rollerball pens have slimmer sections under the cap, but the ballpoint is the same thickness throughout the whole body.  They all exhibit a good weight, as Monteverde pens usually do, and they all provide a good grip – these pens will not be slipping out of your fingers any time soon.

     The Monteverde Limited Edition Regatta Rose Gold is a collectible pen in any version.  The scarce supply and sharp looks add that much more to the desirability of this homage to racing.

Parker Sets for all Sorts

The Question is WHICH Parker?

If you're scrambling for a last minute gift for a Grad or Dad in your life then have a look at our fresh new stock of Parker pen sets. Parker is well established internationally as one of the forefathers of the modern fountain pen. Parker's have become so ubiquitous in the pen world that many "pen standards" have been set based on how Parker did it at first (a Parker-style ballpoint refill is extremely easy to find and will fit into ballpoints from many pen companies). 

While Parker is still making classic, low-key pens, what many people don't know is that they have a stellar selection of pens mixing modern with classic. It's these unique combinations that make a pen a pleasure to use and others take note. Pen Boutique has 4 newly-introduced sets all of which are stellar gifts (for yourself or others) that feature gorgeous pens. 


All of the sets come in gorgeous gift boxes with a dark brass and gold colored box. The interior of the boxes is a tan velveteen with a brass-colored embossing of the Parker name and logo. The attention to detail in packaging perfectly reflects the sleek, modern pens that are stored inside of them. Read on about one of the sets we're now offering at Pen Boutique:

Parker IM Ballpoint and Fountain Pen Set in Brushed Metal

This is a set of 2 pens from the Parker's IM line -- a ball point and a fountain pen in a brushed metal finish. The pen appointments are a glossy chrome finish and of course the clip is the iconic Cross-arrow. The IM pens are an incredible value. 

Due to the metal body they have a great weight to them and a modern look. The ballpoint performs just as you would expect from a Parker pen-- dependable and with a lovely flow. Same can be said for the fountain pen in the set. When using Parker blue ink, the pen comes to life when vivid blue words are effortlessly created. This pen comes with one blue ink cartridge and will accept a Parker converter. 

This pen/these pens would be good for people who are: 

-looking for a pen that will match most any outfit (including Mad Men costumes or wedding dresses)
-just starting at a professional job 
-interested in dabbling in fountain pens
-into pens on that are heavier or made of metal
-want to switch between a ballpoint and fountain pen 

Stay tuned for a post tomorrow about other Parker sets that are now available!

Inked up, 

Pen Boutique 

Welcome June - A Special Month for Dads and Grads!!!!!

Welcome June - A Special Month for Dads and Grads!!!!!
June is here!!! With all the excitements of this month comes two special occasions to cheer for - Father's Day and Graduation Day.  Both these events are nearly at our doorsteps, so finding a special gift for our loved ones in becoming more important. If you are planning to celebrate these important dates with typical gifts, there are lots of local shops bombarded with everyday gift accessories. But, if you are sick of normal gift items, and want to present something unique and thoughtful then Pen Boutique might be the right shopping destination for you. 

At Pen Boutique, we have assorted a list of thoughtful gifts for Father's Day and Graduation Day. The items listed below are carefully handpicked by our experts to exhilarate the joy of these two special occasions. Select from our list, and leave a timeless impression in your loved ones heart. 

Father's Day Gift Ideas

We have huge collection of gifts to please every dad. So step out of the box, be creative and select a unique gift which will be appreciated for a lifetime. 

Montblanc Rectangle SS Reversible Onyx-Garnet x5 Cuff Links: 

Decorate the personality of your dad with the new Montblanc Rectangle SS Reversible Onyx-Garnet x5 Cuff Links. Elegantly designed, this unique cuff features a distinct design and reveals finesse artistry of Montblanc artisans. This elegant set will definitely make a stand out gift and your father will love it. Help your father become the show stealer in every occasion with this elegant set. 

Dalvey Skeletal Pocket Watch & Stand

Classic yet contemporary, the new Dalvey Skeletal Pocket Watch & Stand exhibits a gorgeous design. This beautiful watch is designed for every pocket, and every handsome man should have one of these. Believe me; your old man will love this beautiful watch, despite his preference and taste. 

Montblanc Cruise Collection Black w/Platinum Trim Rollerball Pen

An epitome of style and sturdiness, the new Montblanc Cruise Collection is a beautiful writing instrument. The evenly balanced profile, shimmering design and sturdy construction makes this unique writer one of a kind, like your dad. The pen would make a great gift for Father's Day, and will inspire your father to write. 

Filofax Lockwood Personal Organizer - Garnet

Gone are the days when decorative accessories used to reign as prominent gift choices, people now prefer useful items. So, this year instead of throwing your money on flower bouquet or a box of chocolate go for something useful like the new Filofax Lockwood Personal Organizer - Garnet. This beautiful personal organizer will help your father to manage his day and keep his important documents safe from external casualties. 

Gift Idea for Graduates

Graduation day is a special occasion for your loved ones. They will obviously celebrate the day with caps, gowns, certificates and parties, but to let them know that you care add a thoughtful gift which will create an everlasting impression. 

Pelikan Classic M205 Amethyst Special Edition Fountain Pen with Ink Set

A brand new start deserves a fresh gift like the new Pelikan Classic M205 Amethyst Special Edition Fountain Pen with Ink Set. This gorgeous writer features a captivating design adorned by elegant chrome plated accents and a traditional Pelikan beak style clip. The pen is coupled with a matching ink bottle, when written with the ink lays down beautiful lines and will inspire one to write on and on. 

Faber-Castell Ondoro Wood Fountain Pen

What would be a better gift for graduates than a sophisticated writing implement from the renowned brand Faber-Castell. The new Faber-Castell Ondoro Wood Fountain Pen exhibits the legacy of the brand and finesse artistry of its artisans. This unique writer reflects perfection from every ounce, and will inspire the recipient to do better in his/her future. 

Retro51 Desk Set

After graduation all our loved ones will initiate their steps towards professional life, and wouldn't it be great if we can present them something unique to enhance the beauty of their new desk. If you are looking for something similar then the new Retro51 Desk Set might be the right item for you. This elegant desk set is available in three different colors: White, Black and Turquoise. With this elegant desk piece your loved ones can have a full functional pen at their fingertips. 

Filofax Calipso 

Things are going to get complicated for your loved graduates when they'll step into professional life. They'll have a hard time managing their daily schedule and documents, so to ease their burden we are glad to introduce the new Filofax Calipso. This unique organizer is available in four bold colors: Black, Red, Blue and Deep pink. Choose the one that matches the recipient's choice and gift them the new Filofax Calipso.  

Summing Up

We have short listed some of the favorite products adored by our clients. If you are looking for other unique gift items please visit our website and choose the right gift for your loved ones. 

Embark a New Writing Journey Conklin Matte Carbon Stealth Collection

Conklin Matte Carbon Stealth Collection
"I prefer it to ten other fountain pens because it carries its filler in its own stomach and I can't mislay it, even by art and intention. Also I prefer it because it is a profanity-saver: it cannot roll off the desk." - Mark Twain

Applauded for style, sturdiness, functionality and the unique filling system, Conklin pens have always been admired by pen enthusiasts. With their out worldly innovations and refined expertise, they have created a wide range of writing instruments for different type of pen users.

A recent addition in Conklin's line-up of exquisite writing instruments is the new "Conklin Matte Carbon Stealth Series". Hand turned in Florence, Italy; the new Conklin Matte Carbon Stealth Series is a marvel in itself. This beautiful series takes its design from the legendary Demonstrator Crescent Series and Conklin Mark Twain Crescent Filler Series. Characterized by its featherlike carbon fiber body, the pen offers a balanced writing experience and keeps you away from hand fatigues and cramps. The Conklin Matte Carbon Stealth Series is available in two different writing modes i.e. fountain and ballpoint version. The fountain pen version is equipped with Conklin's traditional crescent filling mechanism. This easy filling system allows you to fill your fountain pens without opening the barrel time after time.

The Conklin Matte Carbon Stealth Fountain Pen comes with a variety of nib options. The first one on the line and probably the most popular is the T-Flex steel nib. The nib offers vivid line variations depending upon the pressure of stroke. Press it gently and it writes like a premium fine point, apply a bit of pressure and the nib automatically transforms into a broad point. Overall, the T-Flex nib is all in one type of nib and offers the functionality of different points via one single nib.

Second option is the unique cushion point black steel nib. The appearance of the nib gels pretty nicely with the design of the pen, and provides the pen a full black color tone. The cushion point nib is available in fine, medium, broad and 1.1mm stub.

Third and the most expensive choice is the 14KT gold nib. Like other gold alloy nibs, this sturdy nib also writes perfectly and provides consistent ink flow whenever pressed against a piece of paper. The 14kt gold nib is available in fine, medium and Italic.

Over the course of time Conklin pens have acquired their reputation through their innovative product and step-ahead creativity. Today, Conklin pens are preferred by many pen enthusiasts for their undisputed qualities. Like other members of Conklin family, the new Conklin Matte Carbon Stealth is also strong pen and will last for generations if handled properly. The unique flair of this Italian writer manifests the traditional design which once made Conklin so famous. With the new Conklin Matte Carbon Stealth series, Conklin have modified their traditional design with a dash of modernism and delivered a writing tool for the new age. 

Lamy Imporium - A Sophisticated Heritage of Writing Instruments from Lamy

Lamy Imporium

Lamy - a German pen company famous for their vivid craftsmanship and out worldly innovations. With their large assortment of writing instruments, they have quickly reached top of the charts and modified the prospect writing culture. Evocative designs, premium functionality and moderate price tag, has made this German brand a prominent choice for every pen aficionados.  

Lamy Imporium

The Lamy Imporium is a gorgeous series of writing instruments. The lucrative design of the Lamy Imporium series clearly manifests Lamy's urge to stand as a premium manufacturer in the industry. The design, the style and the functionality, this unique writer has it all. With all the irresistible qualities, I couldn't stop myself from talking more about this wonderful collection of writing instruments. 

Before plunging into the details let's take an overall overview of the pen. This charismatic series boasts an electrifying amalgamation of fine materials, functional design and sturdy construction. The series is offered in two distinct finishes: gold or platinum/titanium. The pen is sleek and can be easily accommodated inside your organizers, backpack and even in the tightest pocket of your jeans. For carrying convenience, the pen features a spring loaded clip with a curved end which allows you to tuck the pen easily in your pocket without the fear of tearing the fabric. Designed by Marco Bellini, the Lamy Imporium is available in matching fountain pen, ballpoint pen, rollerball pen and mechanical pencils. 

1. Lamy Imporium Writing Modes

Lamy Imporium Series is available in two different colors - Black and Titanium. Both of these colors are equally elegant and are available in the following writing modes. 

Fountain Pens

Lamy Imporium Fountain Pens are exclusively designed to offer a distinct writing experience. At first look, the Lamy Imporium is a standard sized pen and features a full metal profile. Lamy Imporium Fountain Pens come with a bi-colored 14kt gold nib which is spectacularly smooth. The Lamy Imporium Fountain Pen is available in three different versions. 

Rollerball Pens

Extending the Imporium line-up is the Lamy Imporium Rollerball Pens. The rollerball tip glides across the paper allowing your creativity to flow.. 

Ballpoint Pens

Lamy Imporium Ballpoint Pens offer the same exquisite feel as the fountain and rollerball versions. The ballpoint is best for the on-the go traveler and work enthusiasts who have to jot down daily notes.

Mechanical Pencils

Lamy Imporium Mechanical Pencil completes the extraordinary series. The pencil shares similar design with its family members and includes a sturdy 0.7 mm lead sleeve. Upon writing, the pencil lays down unparallel impression on paper and exhilarates your joy of writing. 

2. Appearance, Design and Feel: 

Lamy Imporium series is a gorgeous range of writing instruments. The pen lends its opulence to the guilloche patterns ascending throughout the barrel.  All Lamy Imporium pens are beautifully finished with top quality PVD coatings and galvanization in a range of designs. Each pen features a ridged grip section scientifically tested for optimum grip. The unique combination provides the series an unmistakable look and quality.

Though the pen looks sleek, it is a heavy pen in hand. The hefty construction of the pen offers a sense of balance while imprinting your thoughts on a piece of paper and its ridged grip section adds extra delight to your writing. 

3. Construction and Quality: 

Lamy Imporium is a heavily built series of writing instruments. In hand, the pen feels comfortable and offers a balanced feel. The PVD coating on the body of the pen can wear down over the course of time, but the hefty construction makes the Lamy Imporium a product that will last for a lifetime. The only flaw that I noticed was the cap, when closed the cap doesn't fit tightly, it feels a little loose. But, it is the last thing that will hold me from bagging this fine pen. 

4. Filling System and Accessories:

The nib: Lamy Imporium fountain pens are fitted with two-toned bicolor 14kt gold nibs. Lamy Imporium Black/Gold Fountain Pen features a black exterior nib with a golden inlay, whereas the Platinum/ titanium version includes a silver exterior nib with a golden inlay. The Lamy Imporium Fountain Pen is available in four different nib sizes extra fine, fine, medium and broad.

Cartridge/ Converter:  Like other normal fountain pens from Lamy, the Imporium series also uses cartridge/ convertor as ink reservoir. Each fountain pen comes with a cartridge/converter. Specifically, the Lamy Imporium fountain pens work best with Lamy T 10 ink cartridges or the Z 26 converters.


Lamy Imporium Rollerball pens are equipped with Lamy M 66 Rollerball refills
Lamy Imporium Ballpoint pens use Lamy Giant M 16 refills.
Lamy Imporium Mechanical pencil takes Lamy M 41 Lead - 0.7 mm (HB).

5. Performance: 

The innovative functionality of the pen lurks beneath the mesmerizing profile of the pen. Don't get fooled by the mesmerizing exterior of the pen, when it comes to performance the Lamy Imporium series is a monster. Each pen is hefty, and is opted to deliver a balanced feel when caged between your fingertips. 

The 14kt gold nib on the fountain pen is exceptionally smooth; it glides perfectly on the surface of the paper and leaves no sign of skips and scratches. The nib slowly adjusts to your style of writing and the consistent ink flow offers a hassle free writing experience. In the context of rollerball and ballpoint pens, both are fitted with genuine Lamy refills and when it comes to performance we all know how Lamy refills are. 

6. Cost: 

Here is the bitter part; Lamy Imporium is not a cheap pen. Lamy Imporium fountain pens are labeled with a price tag higher than $500 where as the rollerball and ballpoint pens cost more than $300.

7. Pros and Cons


Imporium pens are durable, and will serve for generations if kept safely.
Heavily built, offers a sense of balance while writing.
The 14kt nib is smooth as melting butter and glide precisely on paper surfaces. 
No skips or hard starting. 
Includes large cartridges that can hold decent amount of ink for everyday use. 
Features really eye-catching and stylish design. 


Expensive, but actually it is good deal!!!
Some pens do have issues related to caps, doesn't fit tightly with the barrel.

Summing Up

So, we wrapped the important details of the series in this small article. If you have further queries about the Lamy Imporium series please contact us at Pen Boutique. You can also contact us through Facebook, just leave your message in our inbox and we will reply as soon as possible.