Sheaffer Star Wars Pop Line Production Delay

Sheaffer just let us know that there has been a production delay for the hotly anticipated Star Wars Pop line. The most up-to-date release date for the Rollerballs is early October and the Fountain Pens will be available towards the end of November. For everyone who has placed their pre-orders, we do apologize for the delay and greatly appreciate your patience! If there are any questions about your order please give us a quick call at 410-992-3272 or email at [email protected]

For those of you interested in these modern, lightweight, and affordable Star Wars Sheaffer POP pens here’s a bit more information on them:

The Rollerballs and Fountain Pens will be available separately in the following Star Wars themes:
-Darth Vader

There are also matching notebooks and pencil pouches for these 3 themes!  There will even be sets available that include the notebook and rollerball so you can impress your coworkers with your nerdiness (and good taste in pens!) at the next staff meeting.

The Star Wars Pops are great for:
-Gifts for the Star Wars fans in your life (great for stocking stuffer!)
-Youngsters—the graphic design on the pen is bold, interesting, and fun
-People who prefer lighter pens—the body of the pen is a sturdy resin
-People who enjoy cylindrical pens – the body of the pen is uniform in diameter from end to end when capped with two blunt ends
-People who are interested in getting into fountain pens—the POP is an excellent starter fountain pen
-People who love smooth writing rollerballs—Sheaffer gel-rollerball refills are top notch

Pen Facts:
-          360 degree colorful character graphic art on the pens
-          Chrome appointments
-          High-gloss, resin body
-          Soft, black grip section
-          Fountain pen available in Medium nib only, made of steel
-          Fountain Pen refills are Sheaffer Classic Fountain Pen Refills
o   Available in Blue, Black, Blue-Black, Red, Green, Brown, Turquoise, Purple, and Assorted
-          Rollerball takes Sheaffer Gel Rolling Ball Refills which are available in blue and black
-          Comes either in a clam shell or in a beautiful gift box packaging with Star Wars theme
-          Comes with a limited 1-year Sheaffer warranty

Please let us know if you have any questions about these fun, new Star Wars POP pens or matching accessories or if you would like to place an order!

2017 USA President's Pen of Choice - Cross

2017 USA President's Pen of Choice - Cross

Since the Inauguration of President Donald Trump on January 20th, 2017, we have been receiving questions left and right about which pen the President was using to sign his official documents. If you were watching the Inauguration and admired his pens, then read on for the low-down on the new President’s pen of choice.

Cross Pens-- An American Classic

Here we see Trump using a Cross Century II Rollerballs Black Lacquer with 23kt Gold Trim appointments at his Inauguration. Trump has and will be using these often for signing executive orders.

(source: Ron Sachs - Pool/Getty Images)

Trump, and many presidents prior to him, use felt tips in medium size and black color in their pens The felt tip leaves a solid, smooth black line that dries quickly, which is perfect for signing many documents in succession. These do not normally come in Cross pens, but must be purchased separately.

These pens are hefty and incredibly sturdy. The lines are clean, bold, and the essence of classy. Now anyone can use the same pen as the President.

Just remember  - with great powers comes great responsibility.  So use this mighty pen wisely since pen is still mightier ever in this digital era.

(source: Shawn Thew - Pool/Bloomberg/Getty Images)

Monteverde Rodeo Drive Collection

Monteverde Rodeo Drive Collection
Monteverde has been a symbol of unique style and taste from the day of its inception. Over the years, the brand has introduced an array of sophisticated writing instruments to create an everlasting impression, and they have succeeded to a point. It would be legit to say, Monteverde has paved its way to excellence with every product.

A new assortment of writing instruments from Monteverde is the Rodeo Drive series. This fine series is inspired by the glamour of Beverly Hills. Each pen exudes an astounding beauty and reflects the luxurious lifestyle in Beverly Hills. Though fancy, Rodeo Drive pens are made of solid brass and are durable. To add a unique sensation, each pen is coated with a layer of lacquer and is made available in four subtle stardust finishes (black, blue, green and orange). The astounding profile is accompanied by lustrous chrome plated appointments. What impressed me was the outer appearance; the gleaming profile of the pen is stunning. But, as attractive as the pen looks on the outside, the performance it gives on the paper is absolutely spectacular too. 

The Rodeo Drive collection is available in two different writing modes: ballpoint and fountain pens. The ballpoint pen features a smooth twist mechanism to ease the writing process. Chunky in appearance, the perfectly symmetrical profile of the pen is comfortable to hold and easy to write with. The smooth refill adds the missing ingredient and offers a pleasing writing experience.

On the counter side, the Monteverde Rodeo Drive fountain pens share an identical design with the ballpoint version, while the working mechanisms are totally poles apart. Rodeo Drive fountain pens feature a stainless steel nib, the performance of the nib is synonymous to gold-alloy nibs and almost glides throughout the entire writing process. The nib starts with a soft touch and keeps you away from the hassles of writing with cheap and nasty fountain pens. Rodeo Drive fountain pens fill via cartridge/converter. These fine writers accept standard international cartridges, but its best to go with converters as they allow you to use bottled inks.

Both Rodeo Drive ballpoint and fountain pens are amazing writing implements, in terms of both look and functionality. They have it all, nice design, luxurious finish, and a performance that will outstand even the most expensive writing tools. Writing with Monteverde Rodeo writing implements is fluent, and it might create an overwhelming notion in the mind of the writer.  And, with a large variety of colors to choose from, you won't have to feel trapped with the Rodeo drive collection.

Montegrappa Fortuna Caduceus

Montegrappa Fortuna Caduceus Collection
Montegrappa extends its Fortuna series by adding a new range of writing instruments called "Caduceus". The series was introduced earlier this year and has made a robust presence in the market since the date of its inception. The name Caduceus is taken from Greek Mythology. It was the name given to the staff carried by Greek God Hermes. The mystic staff is considered as a symbol of health and purity, and still we can see it outside the gate of many health institutions. Staying true to its name, the pen reflects an impeccable sheen that would impress every pen enthusiast.

As other Fortuna writing implements, this fine collection exudes Italian pen making charisma. Caduceus pens are made from same material as other Montegrappa Fortuna writing implements. The body and cap of the pen are crafted from smooth black/white resin which is accompanied by gleaming palladium coated accents. The barrel section has no decorations; instead, it tapers down towards the rare end and displays a simple yet expressive design. The cap is slightly wider than the barrel and features a large band that reads Montegrappa. The evocative design of the pen is embellished by a Montegrappa medallion which is mounted on the top of the cap. The most attractive feature of this fine collection is its clip. The design of the clip resembles with the shape of Caduceus. However, the clip is stiff which might be a downside for many. But, appearance wise the "Caduceus" is a well-groomed collection of writing instruments which will surely capture your attention.

Caduceus writing implements are available in three different writing modes: fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint versions. The fountain and rollerball version feature a screw-on cap with minimum threads. The cap comes off within two or three rounds, making the Caduceus a convenient carry on-the-go companion. On the other hand side, the ballpoint pen features a smooth twist-action mechanism which eases the process of extracting and retracting the tip.

The fountain pen version features a sturdy stainless steel nib with a filigree pattern etched on the front. The pen fills via cartridge/converter, a large one, which leaves a little doubt about storage capacity. However, depending on the circumstance, do stack up and fill an ample amount of ink every time. On the counter side, the rollerball and ballpoint pens are equipped with a smooth-flowing refill that lay down smooth and clean lines on paper.

All Montegrappa Fortuna Caduceus pens have a nice heft which enhances the joy of writing and offers a sense of balance while pressing the tip against the writing surface. The resin grip section is exceptionally comfortable to hold and helps elongate the writing sessions without any fatigues. All Caduceus writing instruments are great and are designed with the quality that we would expect from Montegrappa. If you want to experience fine writing, then the Fortuna Caduceus series might prove to be an ideal companion.

Gift Ideas for Holidays

First things first
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!

The mystic wind of the holidays is in the air!

With holidays less than a week away, most of us are eagerly awaiting to stay beside our loved ones and cherish the joys of the festival. The soothing chill of the holidays brings along a blissful vibe that helps us to escape from the hassles of our hectic work schedule. And, the best part of holidays is showing our friends and families that extra bit of care with our thoughtful gifts. But, finding that perfect present can be a frantic task when the local gift shops are bombarded with regular gifts and you have no idea what to buy. We understand that most of you are tired of presenting the same gifts, again and again, every year, and want to add that extra bit of spice this holiday. Gone are the days when a box of candy or a greeting card used to do the trick. Today, if you want your gifts to stand out, it has to be meaningful, unique or cool. So set your worries aside, as we have compiled a list of meaningful gifts that will add a value this holiday. We have divided our gift ideas into three different sections (her, him and kids) so you can browse our collection with ease.

Gift Ideas for Him

Montblanc Heritage Cuff Links Stainless Steel: A symbol of beauty and grace, this new cufflink set from Montblanc exhibits the sophistication of the brand. This unique item will decorate the personality of your favorite man. Regardless of the occasion, Montblanc accessories are always admired for their fine finish and timeless charm.

Bosca 815 Flapover Brief Old Leather - Black: It doesn't matter who is on your gift list, a businessman who has to keep every document together or a student who is constantly on the move, this beautiful product will definitely make a legit choice.

Montegrappa NeroUno Lifestyle Rose Gold Chronograph Watch: Make your special man feel extra special with this beautiful watch. Designed with the promising quality of Montegrappa, this fine watch holds a timeless value. Gift this elegant timepiece to your favorite ones and they'll cherish it for a lifetime.

Giuliano Mazzuoli Officina Hinge Money Clip: If you are looking for a sophisticated gift that is both stylish and beautiful then you cannot go wrong with the Giuliano Mazzuoli Officina Hinge Money Clip. This elegant clip is designed to last, and its functional side will definitely impress the recipient.

Montblanc Meisterstück Classique Ultra Black Fountain Pen: From the day its inception, Montblanc Meisterstuck Ultra Black writing implements are classified as a Gentleman's choice. Everyman will adore its value and consider it as a statement of style and class. So, if you are searching for a sophisticated gift for this festival you have to look no further beyond this product.

Ducati Wallet: Ducati wallets are special; they exhibit style, simplicity and fine craftsmanship of Ducati artisans. Each piece is finely made by proficient experts who have learned their craft at the famous leather school of Florence. The elegant exterior is decorated by white stitches around the edges which gel neatly with the design. Undoubtedly, this beautiful wallet will make a fine gift for this holiday.

 Gift Ideas for Her

Parker Urban Vibrant Magenta with Chrome Trim Fountain Pen: Express your deepest feelings with the new Parker Urban Vibrant Magenta Fountain Pen. This beautiful writer presents the proud quality of Parker in a stylish form. The elegant chrome plated accents contrasts nicely with the body and creates an impeccable sheen. The perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality makes this fine writer a special choice your special ones. Present this unique gift this holiday and it will surely create a timeless impression.

Filofax Patent Compact Fluoro Pink Organizer: Stylish, Classy, and Elegant, everything about the Filofax Patent Compact Fluoro Pink Organizer is beautiful like your special lady. This compact organizer is a perfect gift item for your mother, sister, wife and BFF. Its compact size makes it a perfect carry-on-the go companion and a perfect tool to keep everything organized.

Waterman Carene: Distinctly feminine, let the Waterman Carene impress your special lady this holiday. This fine series of writing instruments is available in a variety of finishes. The Carene series exhibits the finesse artistry of Waterman artisans and their urge to create finest writing implements.

Parker Sonnet Matte Black CT Ballpoint/Red Notebook Gift Set: A thoughtful gift for special occasion, this beautiful combination makes for an ideal gift. The set includes a Parker Sonnet Matte Black CT Ballpoint pen and a Red Notebook. This holiday let your favorite lady/girl pen down her ideas with this expressive gift set.

Fisher Space Bullet - Fuchsia Flurry Ballpoint Pen: Affordable yet functional, simple yet stylish, compact yet balanced, the Fisher Space Bullet - Fuchsia Flurry Ballpoint Pen is one of the most selling items amongst ladies. Its mesmerizing appearance will definitely make a statement and stand out amongst other gifts.

Gift Ideas for Kids

Lamy ABC Fountain Pen: Instead of presenting a regular toy, this year present something meaningful to your kids that will add a value. The Lamy ABC Fountain Pen is a beginner's fountain pen that's perfect for your child. The pen was developed in cooperation with educational experts for the first steps in learning to write. It features a soft-touch grip section to take care of your child's delicate fingers and the cube at the back prevents the pen from rolling off the desk.

Faber-Castell Art Grip Color Pencil Tin - 12 pcs: Help your child to put forth his/her creative side with our Faber-Castell Art Grip Color Pencils. The set comprises of 12 different colored pencils great for doodling. These pencils come in a sturdy tin box that helps to protect the pen from external casualties.

Cross Click/Jot Zone Star Wars Stormtrooper Gift Set: If you have a Star Wars fanatic running around your house then you cannot go wrong with this set. The set is decorated with the motifs of brave storm troopers and will inspire your child to pen down his/her creative thoughts. Plus, it always feels good to see our kids holding a pen and paper instead of a Lightsaber.

Pelikan Pelikano Junior: Simple yet functional, the Pelikan Pelikano Junior fountain pen is precisely built for your child's hand. Teaching your kids to write with an adult's fountain pen can be a hectic task, so we are glad to introduce this unique collection of fountain pens. This product may not appear as flashier as the fancy toys but it would definitely make a thoughtful gift.

Sheaffer 300-- Heavy Pen Set for Serious Writers

Sheaffer 300 Metallic Grey Fountain and Ballpoint Set

Summary: This is a great set for people who enjoy heavy pens with classic, minimalist design. The color of the pens are unique-- a lacquered grey that borders on brown. With a metal body and chrome trim these pens feel hefty in the hand. Because of the metal lacquered body, these pens are perfect for engraving your name or company name into the cap. The spring loaded clip is perfect for wearing in the shirt or the pants pocket. The fountain pen has a wonderfully smooth stainless steel medium nib that puts down a wet line.

First Impressions: When I first got my hands on the Sheaffer 300 in Grey the first thing that caught my eye was the unusual, earthy, neutral color. I’ve never seen another pen with this color-- it’s incredibly subtle grey with brown and green undertones. Others think that the color leans more towards the purple side. The chrome trim plays well with the grey body, making the pen eye catching. Writing with this pen is a wonderful experience-- it is a Medium nib that writes consistently and with a nice wet line. It stands out as one of the nicest steel nibs I’ve used.

Performance: Right from the get go I inked this pen up with Sheaffer Skrip Blue ink and it put down a gorgeous vivid blue line on the page. I have used my fair share of steel fountain pen nibs, but this one is consistent, sturdy, and puts down the perfect sized medium line. Pairing the quality nib with the heavy body of the pen creates a writing experience that is slow and confident. My hands are particularly slow, so I found these pens to be slightly large but still comfortable and well balanced. I’ve mostly used this pen for writing notes but I did write one letter with it and particularly enjoyed the wet writing. Feedback from my coworkers and customers with larger hands say the weight and size are perfect for long writing sessions.

At work I’m on my feet a lot and prefer to clip my pens to my shirt or inside my pants pocket. Some of my beloved pens have inferior, stiff clips that require two hands to slip over the fabric. Not so with the clip on the 300. The spring loaded, wide clip on the 300 really helps for easy clipping and removal. If you’ve never used a spring loaded clip and you keep your pens in your shirt pocket, you’re missing out.

The fountain pen comes with a Sheaffer cartridge and converter. Needless to say, the pen writes wonderfully with Sheaffer inks but you can always switch to another brand if you want to experiment with colors (imagine the J. Herbin Stormy Grey coming out of this Grey pen!).

The ballpoint takes a Sheaffer ballpoint refill which is available in blue and black. The ink flow is dark and consistent-- great for office work and writing notes. The set comes with a black ballpoint refill ready to go in the pen.

This pen set is good for:

-Folks who prefer heavier pens
-Folks who like metal pens
-People who want a beautiful engraving
-Subtle colors with earthy tones
-Smooth, medium-sized nibs
-Fountain pens that take converters
-People who clip their pens to their shirt or pants

- Rachel 

Cross Townsend Year of the Rooster Fountain Pen

Cross Townsend Year of the Rooster Fountain Pen
Named after a zodiac sign of Chinese horoscope, Cross Year of the Rooster Fountain pen embodies sheer beauty and wishful luck. Add to that, Cross's iconic Townsend silhouette and you'll have a writing instrument that will even surpass expectation. 

The new Cross Year of the Rooster Fountainpen is a new addition to Cross's popular Chinese zodiac heritage of writing instruments. The pen portrays meticulous craftsmanship of Cross artisans and their urge to create finest writing implements. It's rich, glossy Titian red lacquer profile is decorated by a 23kt gold engraved rooster pattern providing it a timeless sheen. The glistening body of the pen is accompanied by a matching cap with Cross's iconic conical top. A brilliant red Swarovski crystal is mounted on the conical top, adding the missing spark of flair to the pen. Couple that with elegant gold plated appointments and it makes this fine writer an absolute beauty to behold. 

Appearance wise the pen looks gorgeous and features a sleek profile. The pen is sturdily built and has a medium weight. In hand, the pen offers a balanced feel and exhilarates the joy of writing. Most of the pen's weight comes from its cap, but as the cap posts at the low back of the pen, it provides a hassle free writing experience. Cross Year of theRooster Fountain Pen has a smooth resin grip section that tapers down towards the nib. Like other Townsend writing implements, this fascinating writer also features a snap cap. The cap opens/closes without any hassles and the sturdy clip ensures that the pen tucks perfectly in every pocket. However, the pen is very comfortable to hold and easy to write with, and will surely make a decent writing companion.

Upon opening the cap, the pen displays a sturdy 18kt gold nib with an etched logo of the brand. The nib is smooth and lays down smooth and consistent lines without any hiccups. Available in medium, fine and broad, these nibs are an absolute delight to write with. For people who are not into fountain pens, the Cross Year of the Rooster writing implements are also available in Rollerball and ballpoint version.

Overall, the pen looks gorgeous and definitely lives up to the brand's name. This unique writer will make for a great collectible item and a prefect pen to carry around. Like other writing implements from Cross, this elegant writer also comes with a lifetime of mechanical warranty. This iconic writer is presented in a luxurious gift box with custom pen presentation stand, romance card, and decorated outer box sleeve - making it a perfect gift item.

Montblanc Writers Edition William Shakespeare

Montblanc Writers Edition William Shakespeare

Since 1992, Montblanc has been releasing special writer's edition writing instruments to commemorate various literary greats. 2016's writer's edition puts a special focus on the man who has altered both playwright and poetic world with his out-worldly creations - William Shakespeare. As 2016, is the year that marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, it must have been the right time for the brand to honor his impeccable legacy. This beautiful series is available in two different versions: Montblanc William Shakespeare Limited Edition 1597 - a beautiful red lacquer writing tool with an ultra-limited guilloche pattern and Montblanc Writers edition William Shakespeare - black and white lacquered collection of writing instruments designed with absolute precision. Though both writing instruments bear no resemblance, these writing were exclusively designed to pay homage to one of the greatest, if not the greatest figure of the literature world.

William Shakespeare Limited Edition 1597 Fountain Pen

The gorgeous Montblanc WilliamShakespeare Limited Edition 1597 Fountain Pen represents the year release date of famous play "Romeo and Juliet". The outer appearance of this beautiful writer exhibits the meticulous craftsmanship of Montblanc experts. Each element on the pen is carefully designed to reflect the persona of the writer. The guilloche patterns on the pen are carefully overlaid by a layer of lacquer. Though the main portion of the barrel is highlighted with color red, other colors are used to bring out the vividness and highlight Shakespeare's legacy. Around the base of the cap, there is a seven faceted golden ring. Each section of the ring features an etched design representing the playmaker's most famous creations.

Montblanc William Shakespeare LimitedEdition 1597 is available in fountain version only.

Montblanc Writers edition William Shakespeare
The second array of writing tools is the Montblanc Writers edition William Shakespeare. The collection features a rollerball, Ballpoint, and Fountain pen. But, if you are willing to buy the set then a mechanical pencil is also included. The beauty of the beautiful white barrel is decorated with an engraved feather-like pattern and a gold ring with etched symbols of Shakespeare's greatest creations. 

With this unique collection, Montblanc have definitely modified their idea of pen making as they have replaced their iconic snow capped top with a hexagonal top which bears a close resemblance to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. But, this is not it: the circular end of the clip resembles with Shakespeare's earring, some experts have also pointed out that the circular end refers to his nickname - "the wooden O". Though different, both collection features some iconic elements that will remind one of the famous playmaker.

Pen Boutique is an authorized dealer of Montblanc products. We only sell 100% authentic products from Montblanc. 

Five Fabulous Series of Writing Instruments For 2016

Five Fabulous Series of Writing Instruments For 2016
Every year top-notch pen brands introduce fabulous writing tools for our pen arsenal. But the year 2016 has been extra special as many pen manufacturing brands including Lamy, Montblanc, Delta and more have introduced innovative writing tools that have stood out compared to their predecessors. All the writing instruments listed below are selected because of their top-class performance and sophisticated design. Apart from being a statement of style and functionality, these unique writers are amongst our best sellers. So without further delay, let's look into the qualities of these finesse writing instruments.

Lamy 2000 Black Amber

Lamy 2000 Black Amber

The first one on our list is the new Lamy 2000 Black Amber collection. The pen is designed to commemorate Lamy's 50 years of undisputed legacy and their unwavering commitment in the pen industry. 

The unique appearance the Lamy 2000 Black Amber collection will grab the attention of every pen aficionado. Designed with precision, this unique collection of writing instruments is a careful mix of Lamy expertise and finest materials. The series is available in three different writing modes: fountain pen, ballpoint pen, and rollerball pen. All three models feature a solid stainless steel body with satin finish. The elegant design of the pen is accompanied by a sturdy spring-loaded clip; in the pocket, the clip ensures a perfect hold without any free movements.

The fountain pen version comes with a bottle of Lamy Blue-Black Ink and is available in a variety of nib options i.e. extra-small, small, medium and broad. On the other hand side, the ballpoint version features a precise click button. 

The new Lamy 2000 Black Amber series is a beautiful collectible for both collectors and everyday writers. 

Caran d'Ache Leman

Caran d'Ache Leman

A statement of style and sophistication, the master artistry of Caran d'Ache artisans is clearly visible on the new Caran d'Ache Leman series. Available in eight subtle finishes, this fine collection of writing instruments deliberately delivers the brand's promise.

Though the appearance of the pen is nothing extraordinary, it's the finesse detailing that makes this pen unique. The body of the pen is cigar-shaped and provides a harmonious balance while writing. Another fine attraction of this pen is the clip. The clip is long, slim and beautiful and features a logo of the brand. The central band is fitted at the opening of the barrel and features an etched name of the brand with a soft touch finish which gels pretty well with the design of the pen.

The new Caran d'Ache Leman series is available in fountain, ballpoint, and rollerball versions. And if you want to safe keep the pen then we also have matching pen pouches available for the series.

Delta Icon

Delta Icon

An epitome of fine art, the new Delta Icon series carries the proud tradition of Delta. At first glance, the pen looks simple yet subtle. Like its predecessors, this unique writer is also hand turned from solid Italian resin bars. The iconic design of the pen is garnished by small marble colors embedded on the top portion of the cap. The marble colors come in red, white or orange. The pen is available in fountain and ballpoint version.

The fountain pen version is fitted with a sturdy 18kt fusion nib. The nib works exceptionally well on paper and offers an effortless writing experience. Delta Icon fountain pen is offered with a variety of nib sizes i.e. fine, fine, medium, broad or stub. On the counter side, the ballpoint pen features a swift twist action mechanism. Each pen is fitted with a metal alloy clip which takes its design from traditional Delta nib and adds a distinct charm to the pen.

Visconti Van Gogh 2016 Shoes

Visconti Van Gogh 2016 Shoes

In Pen World, Visconti's Van Gogh series doesn't need any introduction. The series is popular amongst pen enthusiasts and everyday writers. The design of the pen is taken from Van Gogh's famous painting "Shoes". At his time in Aryles, it was the only painting of footwear.

The Visconti Van Gogh 2016 "Shoes" pens come in a beautiful presentation box with a picture of the famous painting. Each pen is carefully crafted from natural vegetal resin which brings out the charm of the original oil painting. The beauty of the pen is garnished by gleaming chrome plated accents and Visconti's trademark bridge shaped clip. This elegant writer features Visconti's famous 18 faceted design and includes multiple edges around the pen.

This fine series is available in three different writing modes i.e. ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen.

The ballpoint version is equipped with a twist-action mechanism and operates with a slight movement of the wrist. The rollerball and fountain pen features a magnetic cap that closes swiftly without any hassles.

Visconti Van Gogh 2016 "Shoes" fountain pens are fitted with a sturdy stainless steel nib. These fine writers take standard ink cartridges as refill and can also be used with standard converters.
Overall, this unique collection of writing instrument from Visconti is labeled with a moderate price tag and carries the supreme quality of the brand.

Lamy LX

Lamy LX

Lamy pens have always been applauded for their top-notch performance and their distinct appearance. Similarly, the new Lamy LX collection is no exceptional. The appearance of this series closely resembles with the popular Lamy Al-Star series. The body of the pen is crafted from anodized aluminum and is available in four subtle finishes colors (ruthenium, rose-gold, gold and palladium). The elegant body of the pen is accompanied by a snap cap with an iconic Lamy clip and a translucent plastic grip section. The grip section is decently sized and slips perfectly between your fingertips. Each Lamy LX fountain pen is equipped with a sturdy stainless nib polished in black. Though made from steel, the nib delivers a smooth and steady writing experience.

So, what do you think about our choices? I hope this article will help you to select the right instrument. For further information, please contact our store or visit our website