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“Enter the Dragon”–It’s the year of Bruce Lee Pens

Introduce me to someone who hasn’t watched “Enter the Dragon” movie more than once. Bruce Lee has been “Icon” for ages and many of the martial arts followers like you and me would hardly find any one who hasn’t done a Bruce Lee styled “screaming” on somebody in your high school.
Its always good to remember somebody so iconic (who eventually lived even after his death) on their birthday anniversary rather than the death anniversary and that what exactly Montegrappa has done .Montegrappa has released the their second “Icon” Series pens and its based on none other than Bruce Lee,the name,the legend,that stays always close to heart.

At the very first look,it has the color(red) and the similar design pattern of Montegrappa Eternal bird. It comes in both Fountain Pen and Rollerball Pen. The Montegrappa Bruce Lee Sterling Silver Fountain Pen costs $5,110 and the Rollerball pen costs $4675.The Gold with Diamonds Rollerball pen costs more than the Gold with diamonds Fountain Pen.
Another good news for collectors regarding this pen is that its based on the “The Dragon” pen from Montegrappa that is now only available in the collectors circle. Bruce Lee was also known as “The Dragon” as he was born on the day and the hour of the dragon of Chinese Horoscope.So its another chance for collectors who missed out on the dragon.Especially new collectors ,as the Dragon came out in 1985 and was an instant hit.
Bruce Lee is a legend and there are so many events and fundraisers started in his name every year.
Picture of “Bruce Lee Paradise” park recently opened in China celebrating 70th birth anniversary of BruceLee.
Madame Tussauds also came up with their first wax figure of Bruce Lee in USA at Los Angeles last year commemorating the 70th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s birth
Some Facts about Bruce Lee
    • The Lee Surname is derives from the Lee Clan Temple in China in Juan Town.
    • Bruce Lee created his own martial art form Jeet Kune Do
    • Lee studied Philosophy at the University of Washington.
    • Bruce was the 4th child of the 7 children
    • He started learning martial arts at the age of 13 from master Yip Man(by the way IPMan part 1 and part 2 is a must watch movie )
That’s Bruce Lee’s Daughter Shannon and Grand Daughter Wren. What a proud descendants.
Montegrappa has announced that it will produce a total of 2010 pieces consisting of the following
  • 888 sterling silver fountain pens
  • 888 sterling silver roller balls
  • 88 solid yellow gold fountain pens
  • 88 solid yellow gold roller balls
  • 8 fountain pens in solid yellow gold with black diamonds
  • 8 roller balls in solid yellow gold with black diamonds
  • 8 fountain pens in solid yellow gold with rubies
  • 8 roller balls in solid yellow gold with rubies
  • 8 fountain pens in solid yellow gold with emeralds
  • 8 roller balls in solid yellow gold with emeralds
Offered in addition to the 2000 individual pens listed above will be 10 ultra-rare, three-piece sets consisting of fountain pen, roller ball and inkwell in solid gold with white diamonds
The pen also features a body and cap made of red celluloid with black veining, referred to as "cinnamon." Topping the cap is the yin-yang symbol, representing balance.
The cap and the barrel are both embraced by exquisitely carved dragons, their eyes highlighted by rubies on the sterling silver version and by matching precious stones on the fully-encrusted versions.
Just like the Montegrappa Muhammad Ali Special Edition the nib of this pen has the famous stance of Bruce Lee ,extending his fist and foot suspended in air.
The Bruce Lee was officially inaugurated in Singapore Last month.I was talking to the Rep of Montegrappa and he said that Sylvester Stallone has been just signed to be the brand ambassador for Montegrappa. Now this is going to be fun “The living icon to promote the iconic series”.No one can do a better job.

Montegrappa Icons Dragon Bruce Lee Gold w/ Diamonds Fountain Pen and Rollerball pen.


Think Black/Red Bruce Lee Limited Edition Pen

“As you think, so shall you become” .These words from Bruce Lee sounds perfect for Think pens .The next of Bruce Lee pen is the Think’s Bruce Lee Pen.Pen Boutique is carrying both the Think Bruce Lee Fountain Pen and the Think Bruce Lee Rollerball Pen.

Call us at 18002632736 for special pricing for both Montegrappa and Think Bruce Lee pen
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

MontBlanc Alfred Hitchcock Limited Edition Pens-“Thrilling from barrel to cap”

It is completely, absolutely, and unarguably a fact that Hollywood is a staple of American culture. From “Birth of a Nation to “Chicago”, from “To Have and Have Notto “Avatar”, from “Psychoto “The Shinningand from “Gone With the Windto “The Titanic”, the American film industry has dominated not only the continental US, but the entire world. American-made films have, without fail, always been at the top of many nations’ film list consisting of the greatest and most seen movies of all time. This industry is so deeply entrenched in our culture that movie titles such as “Casablanca, King Kong, The Color Purple, A Streetcar Named Desire and “The Wizard of Oz are as familiar as your own name, even if you have never gotten around to seeing them. (I know I for one just saw “Chicago and adored it!) Though they are the little darlings of movie culture, the films themselves must, every now and then, share a little limelight with the men and women who directed them to success. Peter Jackson, James Cameron, Stephen Spielberg, Gore Verbinski, Tim Burton, Clint Eastwood and Christopher Nolan are the geniuses that bring these masterpieces to life. Sometimes, unfortunately, they are overlooked in the public eye in favor of glitz and glamour of their products.
Overlooked, but certainly not forgotten if the Montblanc Company has anything to say about it. Despite Montblanc’s overwhelming popularity, they still feel compelled to produce not only new and innovative products, but products with meaning behind them. Pens are nice to have, to hold and to use, but Montblanc makes sure to not only give their products a voice and personality, but the ability to tell a story through design, complexity and finesse. For 2012, Montblanc has decided to visually tell the story of Sir Alfred Hitchcock, a mastermind and pioneer of suspense and psychological thriller movies and TV shows. This British-born subject was not native to America, but in his half a century-long career he managed to shake the country to its core.
The MontBlanc Alfred Hitchcock Limited Edition collection  has turned out masterpiece after glorious masterpiece, but the Limited Edition 3000 in honor of Sir Hitchcock may just be the most intriguing one yet. The different elements of the design beautifully allude to famous, iconic scenes from Hitchcock’s most famous movies. Here are the details of the design
  • The precious lacquer barrel and cap are artfully engraved with a unique “stairway” texture. This conceptual design is reminiscent of Hitchcock’s movie “Vertigo” (1958), a suspenseful little film about a private investigator who suffers from a crippling fear of heights.
  • What is probably Hitchcock’s most recognizable film, “Psycho” (1960), is tastefully alluded to in the pen’s diamond-enriched clip shaped like a knife. (When you think of horror, it’s only natural that Psycho’s 45 second long murder scene jumps to the front of your mind. The piercing music, the murderer’s silhouette, the young woman’s scream as she is viciously murdered, and blood swirling down the drain are permanently seared into your mind.
  • The beautifully detailed film reel that encircles the base of the cap and boasts Hitchcock’s signature underneath.
  • Engravings on the cone depict the 53 movies that Alfred Hitchcock directed during his extended career.
  • Both the cap and barrel are available in jet black, evocative of Hitchcock’s black-and-white films, and maroon, a color that brings to life the color and concept of blood that was so frequently and tastefully used in his movies.(Maroon is not available right now for Sale..Please call if you are interested to get it)
  • The pen comes in a beautiful Gift Box and contains a additional Quote Box containing famous quotes from Hitchcock.
  • Gift-Box
  • The fountain pen, built with a piston mechanism, possesses an 18K gold, rhodium-plated nib enriched with Hitchcock’s self-portrait. 925 Sterling Silver fittings give the entire presentation a pronounced look and are worked into the body of the pen to create a special effect lacquer that is nothing short of breath-taking.
Not only is the clip evocative of Sir Hitchcock’s most famous movie, but the feature film is also alluded to in an engraving upon the cap’s ring. It is artfully emblazoned with the phrases: Dir. Mr. Hitchcock – Phoenix Arizona – Friday December the Eleventh.” (Sit down, my friends; it’s time for your daily snippet of history. Interestingly enough, Psycho was filmed in November in Phoenix, Arizona, where the temperature rarely goes below 81 °F. After all of the initial scenery shooting for the movie was complete, it was discovered that Christmas ornaments could be seen decorating a store in the background of a few extremely crucial scenes. This would have been peculiar and distracting to audiences who would be left thinking, “What’s with the Christmas stuff? It looks like summer. Is that important or something?” Instead of re-shooting, however, Hitchcock simply decided to add a place card in the opening scene that marked the date as “Friday, December the Eleventh.”)
Quality and craftsmanship do not even begin to describe the care, dedication and consideration that Montblanc has put into this tour-de-force of pens. If you have ever wanted to possess a pen, I would heartily suggest this one. It’s elegant, symbolic, cleverly creative, and if we’re going to be totally honest here, it’s just really, really cool. Let me tell you, my fingers are just itching to write with one. The Limited 3000 pen is something any true pen enthusiast would kill for. Pun intended. Kidding, kidding, you know I’m a kidder. As Sir Alfred Hitchcock once said: “I am to provide the public with beneficial shocks.”
MontBlanc Alfred Hitchcock Limited Edition rollerball costs $3,195 and the Fountain Pen costs $3745

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