Sunday, November 29, 2015

Montblanc’s Andy Warhol Special Edition

 Montblanc’s Andy Warhol Special Edition
The latest piece in Montblanc’s Great Characters series, the Andy Warhol special edition pays tribute to one of the principal figures of the pop art movement. While originally trained as a commercial artist, Warhol eagerly embraced both the silkscreen process and the newfound commercialism of the 1950s and 1960s. Blurring the lines between fine art and commercial art, Warhol defied contemporary critics with his loud, sometimes garish interpretations of iconic American symbols that dared viewers to challenge their own perceptions of the nature of art, and what art can be.

The Montblanc Andy Warhol special edition is an homage to one of Warhol’s earliest, most well-known, and most enduring subjects – cans of Campbell’s soup. Deeply etched into the stainless steel barrel of the pen are four soup cans, arranged in a 2 x 2 grid in a nod to Warhol’s penchant for geometric arrangement. The color scheme of the front section, cobalt blue and orange, showcases the wide variety of hues Warhol explored in the mid-1960s, as he transitioned away from more realistic paintings and illustrations. The clip of the pen, with its clean and static lines, is an understated reproduction of the squeegee used to deposit ink onto the artistic medium in Warhol’s signature silkscreen process. Atop the pen is Montblanc’s signature snowcap, encircled in this case by concentric rings (not unlike those found on the top of, say, a can of soup!). Adorning the top of the pen is a quote which embodies Warhol’s tendency to explore the boundaries and definitions of art: “Art is what you can get away with.”

All in all, Montblanc fails to disappoint with a fitting testament to one of Modernism’s most influential and eminent figures. Like any piece produced by Montblanc, the Andy Warhol special edition stands by itself as a piece of art, a faithful tribute to the artist himself and a worthy purchase for any fan of Andy Warhol, modern art, and fine writing instruments.

- Gavin

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!!!

The official day for giving thanks has arrived and we would like to wish everyone a very warm Thanksgiving Day. It’s obviously a very special day for our fellow Americans; this is the particular day of the year when we spare a day out from our busy schedule specially for giving thanks. 

I think I’m a bit early, but it’s always best to prepare before the occasion arrives at your front door. Yes, we are on the second week of November and the Thanksgiving Day lies on the 4th Thursday of the month, which means we might have to wait a while. On this very day we express our gratitude to the god and have a great moment with our friends and families. We share our moments of joys, have a great feast and recall our greatest moments taking us back to our nostalgic past. 

I think most of us we have a tight schedule on this particular day, and may spare a very little time to thank god. But folks remember that this day was designated to god and our thanksgiving should primarily be directed in his direction. However, the day also provides us an opportunity to express our gratitude to special people who have a great role in enhancing our life. So, this year put a stop to your daily schedule and spare some time to say thank you to God and your loved ones who have made your life absolutely beautiful.  

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World Day to Eliminate Violence on Women

World Day to Eliminate Violence on Women 

Though our world has stepped into the era of feminism, women violence is still practiced in various parts of globe. This is a global phenomenon and it’s crucial to take adequate steps to eliminate this problem. 

Did you know?
One out of four women is sexually abused during their pregnancy period.
More than 600 million women reside in a country where domestic violence is not considered as a crime.
Over 60 million girls worldwide become a victim of child marriage. 
Approximately 800 thousand girls per year become victim of trafficking. 

In the year 1999, UN General Assembly announced 25th November as a day to eradicate women violence. The day symbolizes a change and inspires people to actively participate in events to eliminate such activities. Till date more than 35% of the total women are facing domestic violence, and it will continue to rise until every one of us is willing to take adequate actions. Start the initiation, start from small, and approach your neighbors, friends, local vendors, gas station and built a strong force to fight against this global problem. 

Every year, thousands of programs are conducted throughout the world to address this problem. Join the fight because violence against women is inevitable. 

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Universal Children's Day

 As we have entered into a digital age, the world has been much technically diverse which consequently has robbed all our humanitarian emotions. It is important to adapt into this modern world but we must also look after things that makes us human. And one of the most important aspects is protecting and promoting children’s right. 

Introduced in 1954, every year Universal Children’s Day is celebrated on 20th November to promote children’s right. The day highlights the importance of children’s right and moreover educates people about its importance. As Americans, we must consider ourselves lucky as we live in a country where rights are considered as a vital element. But if we dig in deeper and look into other parts of the world, there are lots of children who are even deprived of their basic rights.  

Universal Children’s Day looks after such issues and inspires everyone to promote children’s right. Millions of children across the globe fall in the criteria of exploitation, such as sexual abuse, domestic violence and corporal violence which is not acceptable in this modern era. Growing up with such experiences can result to harsh consequences and can hinder their physiological and physical development. So, move your steps forth for change and inspire a better future. Remember the initiation always starts from you, and later it grows into a family and society.

Inspire others, be the change!!! 
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Visconti Van Gogh 125th Anniversary 'Portrait Blue'

Visconti Van Gogh 125th Anniversary 'Portrait Blue'   

Europe has been a center for art and luxury for centuries. Famous artists, such as Vincent Van Gogh have enthralled us with their timeless collections. Visconti, which has produced a Van Gog collection in the past, has come out with the Van Gogh 125th Anniversary collection commemorating his passing. This limited edition collection is adorned with rose gold trim and brings to life the colors of many of Van Gogh's pieces. One those choice pieces is the 'Portrait Blue'.

The Visconti Van Gogh collection is not just a set of tributes to pieces, but masterpieces themselves. The collection takes the colors of the infamous Van Gogh paintings, twisting and splashing them into its creations for the writer to enjoy. The 'Portrait Blue' is an example of how rich colorways are used in this set. The colors are nearly identical to the ones in the paintings. The pens are all adorned with the 125th anniversary insignia on top of the cap. The cap also has a magnetic closing mechanism which is both secure and intriguing. The rose gold trim literally has small gold roses on the bottom portion of the cap trim. The pen has a medium-light weight and is well balanced without the cap. When posted, the weight of the pen may initially feel a bit unbalanced but rests well in the hand and is still a flowing writer.

Van Gogh 125th Anniversary Collection
The writing experience of the 'Portrait Blue' fountain pen is pleasant and sufficient. The nib does not have any flex yet it does deliver a medium softness. While the nibs of the series are steel, they are extremely smooth and have minimal drag. Down strokes were found to be especially smooth. All the fountain pens in the series come with medium nibs and take a standard international converter and cartridges.
If you feel like going on an artistic European tour, the Visconti Van Gogh 125th Anniversary collection offers both rollerballs and fountain pens that pay tribute to the artist's rich collection. Go ahead and treat yourself to this invaluable treasure!

- Vicki Marshall
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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

World Science Day

World Science day has a very special importance, and plays a vital role to bridge the gap between science and society. The day was first introduced in 2001, and since then every year it is celebrated to reflect the value of science. 

We live in a digital age, where science plays a vital role in enhancing our daily life. With the increasing demand for technology, it’s a must to inspire youths and initiate them towards a more reliable and sustainable future. It’s clear that we have limited source of energy, and this is a fact that we can’t deny. And with the abundantly growing technical gadgets that requires plenty of energy; it will be hard for upcoming generations to cultivate the sources that we have completely drenched upon.    
According to UNESCO this year’s theme is based on “Science for a Sustainable Future”. Different activities will be conducted throughout the world to support and promote this theme. Here are few things that you can do to commemorate this day. 

  •  Create awareness amongst people and raise awareness on the resources that are on the edge of extinction. 
  •  Highlight the importance of sustainable future and highlight the techniques.
  • Convey the role of science in building a sustainable future.
  • Teach the younger generation to build a sustainable future, because it’s never too late to start. 

If you have a close friend, colleague or a family member who has an affinity for science here are few gift ideas from Pen Boutique. 

Fisher Space Pens

Designed exclusively for Astronauts, fisher pens are excellent writing instruments for everyday use. The pen features a sleek and slender profile complimented by a pressurized ink refill that works exceptionally well no matter what the condition. And for all the science guys, this pen just might be the right solution. It doesn’t whether you’re working on a cold icy climate or are performing an underwater research. The pen will work exceptionally wee and prove itself as an ideal working companion. 

Visconti Homo sapiens 

Visconti Homo sapiens is a perfect pen for all science enthusiasts. The pen features a sophisticated design that’s crafted from lava of Mount Etna. The body of the pen is quite dry as the material used is quite hydroscopic, and will absorb a very minimal amount of moisture. Just imagine how cool it will be to write with a Visconti that exhibits a unique appearance and a distinct design perfected to compliment your writing. Available in fountain, Rollerball and ballpoint. 

Definitely this is a writing instrument designed to pay tribute to the one and only Albert Einstein. The pen features a tapered barrel which exhibits Albert Einstein’s favorite equations including the E=MC2. And frankly speaking, who wouldn’t love a pen that flaunts an image of the great Einstein.
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