Friday, March 27, 2020

It seems like distant memory....

Dear Pen Family,                                                                                                                              3/27/2020
Our store is still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our support staff is working from home, and although we are shipping with very minimal staff at our warehouse, we have so far been able to keep up with orders. Even I'm in the warehouse packing orders, which brings me back to the days when we were just starting out. Thank you very much for your support during this trying time. We are trying our best to get orders out with our reduced staffing and have so far been able to keep up, but please be patient with us if we fall behind. 
This is a different time, unlike anything we've ever been through. Our home has become an office, a playground for the kids, and a dinner place. Going out to dinner with family and friends, chatting with customers in the store, and celebrating my team's birthdays feels like a distant memory. However, not everything is bad. We cook more, try new recipes, walk outside almost every day, my daughter bakes something new every day, and we have excellent quality time together. I now try to write every day and encourage my kids to use fountain pens in their daily writing. How are you using this "stay at home" time?
Starting today, we'll be putting a surprise gift in every 50th order. If you're the lucky one, be sure to share it on social media and tag us!

Stay positive, be humorous, keep social distancing and WRITE MORE!
Thank you,
PS: The emailer is late by a day as I was packing yesterday and was tired after the day and needed a break!
At key-west Florida, right after that, the quarantine was in effect. Good times!

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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Further COVID-19 response.

Dear all,

Amazing! Wow and Thank you! These are the only words I can say for the overwhelming support you have shown after we sent out the email detailing our COVID-19 response. The kind words, offers of support, and orders have been encouraging during these trying times. I could not respond to every reply, but please know that I have read them all and taken them to heart.    
We are still operating in a limited capacity.  Our storefront is closed for now due to the order of the Governor and Howard County government to close non-essential businesses.  We are not taking any engraving orders for now since our engraver is off-site. We have divided our team between working remotely and shipping orders, and only essential personnel are coming to the warehouse to work. We are also not taking any shipments received inside our building and are taking some extreme precautions to minimize the risk. 
I know I always say that we could not have been in business for 15 years without your support, but in times like these, my eyes are filled with tears of joy, thinking that I have such amazing, pen loving customers who will always support us! I know pens are not a top priority right now( Some might look at me with "rolling" eyes :-)), but if you consider pens to gift to someone or for yourself whenever an opportunity arises, it will mean a lot to me and my team. 
Stay positive, be humorous,  maintain the 6 feet distance :-)

Thank you,
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Saturday, March 14, 2020

COVID -19 Response and Store Closure.

Dear All,
Pen Boutique is carefully monitoring all information available regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). First and foremost, we are committed to minimizing the risk of exposure and transmission of this virus to our customers and employees. We will be making some adjustments to our store and online warehouse center procedures. 
We’ve discussed our concerns with team members and some customers, with options up to and including closing the store if needed. The Howard County Government has declared state of emergency and we are closing our store for next 2 weeks. We had great turnaround from our customers on Saturday, and we appreciate that. 
We do, however have the following precautions:
  • Customers coming into the store will have to use hand sanitizer before handling products. We also have the option to wash your hands with soap in the restroom located in our building.
  • Employees will wipe the handles of cabinets and also use disinfectant on the counters. We regularly do this, but we will be even more careful and judicious. 
  • If you have a cold, cough, fever or other symptoms, please avoid coming to the store. We will still be here when you get better, and we are always available at or via phone at (410) 992 3272 (Monday-Friday 9 am-6 pm). 
  • For our warehouse and online operations, we will be restricting visitors for the next 2 weeks. We are also arranging for employees who can work remotely. 
  • We are also not having any group meetings, and we will be utilizing a team sharing app to coordinate between our team members remotely. 
  • We’ve posted a notice in front of our store explaining the hand sanitizing policy. 
Again, this is a developing situation, so things may change. We want to be as transparent as possible and are open to suggestions. 
Thank you and stay safe,
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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Rickshaw Pen Holders

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week! We recently have started selling Rickshaw Pen Holders, which are made in San Francisco. We got a batch late last year, but those sold super quick! We have a ton right now, though!

These pen cases come in a variety of styles and colors. A lot of them feature beautiful and fun artwork such as ink splatters and octopi, which are done by various artists (some being from Instagram!).  They come as solos or enough to fit 6-8 pens!

The material seems super durable, and is completed with a very soft and plush inside to keep your pens comfy, snug, and safe! The bigger pen cases also feature an elastic cord to wrap it all together. These are also machine washable and colorfast!

Check them out online or come in store to feel and see how wonderful and creative these pen holders are!

Content Writing By: Amber J
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Monday, February 10, 2020

Platinum Curidas: Coming Soon

The new retractable fountain pen by Platinum, known as the “Curidas”, will be arriving soon! I know everyone is super excited to see how this pen will write and feel. This will be one of the first retractable fountain pens at a lower price point as well, which is also exciting! Even though the bodies of the pen are familiar, there is still a lot to be excited by!

As we all know, one of the common issues people had with the vanishing point was the clip getting in the way, but with the Curidas they have it so it comes with a tool to take off the clip!

The colors it comes in are Gran Red, Abyss Blue, Urban Green, Graphite Smoke, and Prism Crystal. It has three nib options: extra fine, fine, and medium. It takes Platinum cartridges and either the Platinum Converter 500 or 700. The nib is a new nib featuring a stainless steel nib, which is one of the reasons it’s a bit more affordable. It is removable as well.

The bodies are plastic, but the hardware inside is actually metal. It also features a spring inside to operate the retractable part. It’s said that it’s almost similar to the size of the TWSBI Go spring.

The name of the pen is two words combined. “Curious”, which is English, and the Japanese word, “kuridasu”, meaning “to let out”. And we are definitely curious!

They are up for pre-order on our website, and we also welcome you to stop by our store when they arrive! Keep an eye out on our social media to see when they arrive!

Content Writing By: Amber J

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Friday, January 10, 2020

Conklin Duraflex Elements Collection Pens (Limited Availability!)

The elements that work together to balance the world as stated by Greek philosopher, Heraclitus:

Earth Fire Water

The writing instrument has been designed by Conklin drawing the inspiration from these crucial elements philosophy and introduced the Duraflex Elements writing instrument to characterize the phenomenal features of the universal elements. Check this out.

All of the Conklin Duraflex Elements Fountain Pens are available in Omniflex, Fine, Medium, Stub, Broad and Extra Fine nib size(s). PRE-ORDER NOW by visiting Pen Boutique store.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The Pineider La Grande Bellezza Forged Carbon


     We hope everyone has had, and will continue to have, a great holiday and enjoys the last few weeks of 2019. We've been having an exciting time here at Pen Boutique as there have been quite a few new pen releases. As of recently we have gotten in the Pineider La Grande Belleza Forged Carbon! When I first pulled it out of the box I instantly got Gothic Renaissance vibes, and was captivated by the texture and design of the pen.

This pen was made in Florence, Italy and designed by Dante Del Vecchio, who was the founder and CEO of Visconti up until 2016.. It features Pineider's flex nib that is made out of a soft rhodium plated 14k gold nib, and allows the flex to give you that line variation you  may be looking for.  It also has an interesting filling mechanism where you have to push the button to extract the piston knob, turn it to fill the pen, and then push the button again in order to lock it. It also has a soft touch magnetic lock cap system!

For this pen they collaborated with a company called Carbon Dream, who is prominent in Italy and a worldwide manufacturer of materials and detail from composite materials. They represent the peak of luxury and technology, and have worked with big brands such as Ferrari and Bugatti.

Carbon itself is lightweight and resistant, which doesn't make it very malleable. However, forged carbon allows it to be more flexible. When it is heated at a high pressure it begins to form, creating a unique and different pen each time. It's been used in automobiles and things like luxury watches, but has never been used for a pen.

This pen is definitely an eye catcher, and would be a great conversation piece. It's also limited to only 888 pieces!

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