Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa brings Pens as holiday gift this Christmas

With the holidays fast approaching(mine is all over,you can see that I haven't blogged for quite sometime now)  ,iam sure everybody have their shopping plans spread out for the entire month.Make this holiday a special one with gifts that are more sensible.Looks like one in three gift this season is going to be an iPad or iPhone. Technology changes every year and an iPad or iPhone may be a thing of past in a few years.Anyhow,how long does anyone carry a mobile phone. I still have the MontBlanc pen (in pristine condition) I got as Christmas gift 10 years back and the Nokia 3310 which was a fashion statement at the same time is not even carried by kinder garden kids.So this Christmas act smart and get a pen. Pen is a symbol of education and it never gives up on you…..
Pen Boutique has lined up top 5 gifts that you could give this season to your loved ones (or probably to the ones you are going to love ). This makes perfect sense and stays within your budget

Waterman Phileas Rollerball Pen

Starting from down ,the first one would be Waterman Phileas Rollerball Pen . This is an entry level pen that can be a perfect gift for pulling more of your friends and relative into the pen lovers world. This is an guaranteed “fall in love at first sight” pen with its well balanced and attractive look. Not to heavy and not to light,this fits the palm comfortably making writing smooth and elegant.The pen comes in a all familiar and beautiful clamshell box . And why not,for $60 (now going on sale 20% off) ,it fits your budget and makes a gift that is worth remembering you. Let me share a secret with you,this may be the first and the last pen some of them may get in their lifetime ,just for the simple reason that this pen will never give up as it has been used since last many years and there is not much complaining about it till now. And if you think Fountain pen makes sense try the Waterman Phileas Blue Fountain pen with Medium size nib(Unfortunately all the other colors just like the rollerball is discontinued and no longer available)

Parker Insignia Matt Black Chrome Trim Ballpoint Pen

Parker Insignia’s are one of the top selling series from Parker which has been around for more than 2 decades. This particular model of Parker was introduced in year 2005 and introduced with 3 colors(Satin Blue,Burgandy and Spiral Blue ..of course they are discontinued) The Insignia is officially discontinued in the year 2008. So this will be an special item in your collection now going at unbelievable price (keep an eye on our deal of the day where we sell it at lowest prices ever). The pen comes in a nice black colored gift box and is again a good deal for the holiday . The Parker Insignia stainless steel Gold trim is also available if you prefer to gift this.Retail Price of this pen is $50 and now its on 50% off for the holiday season. The stocks are depleting fast on this pen as it has been the bestseller for years.We were able to procure some good number of pens last month keeping in mind that this holiday we need everyone to get gifts!!!.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Available in various colors ,the Safari is the most economical pen of the era. The pen’s body is made out of plastic which makes the pen very light and easy on hand. The flat section on the pen prevents the pen from turning around which aids a lot to write on a paper steadily.
The pen comes with a Cartridge ,packed in a gray cardboard box. You could use a Lamy Safari Converter with the pen or get genuine lamy cartridges of different colors.Please make sure that you use only Lamy converter and cartridge.
This Christmas, if you find a Lamy Pen in your Christmas stockings..I bet you are one lucky person.

Pilot Namiki Falcon Gold Fountain Pen

Available in 3 points (Soft Medium,Soft Fine and Soft Broad) Falcon heightens the writing pleasure the moment you start writing with it. This is one brand from Asia that is the top seller in US. The nibs from Namiki is the highlight of the pen. Made out of Gold, the nib is flexible and a perfect companion if you are one of those who writes by yourself sitting in that couch of yours all alone with your coffee,pen and paper.The pen comes with a 3 years warranty and a converter

MontBlanc Meisterstuck Gold Plated Trim Classique Ballpoint Pen

This has always been the number one seller for any season and this Christmas it stands number one without any surprises. MontBlanc has been a tradition for ages as an perfect thanksgiving and Christmas gift. I personally own one for more than 10 years now and it has been serving me like a charm without any complaints. I thank my sister for giving me this present(infact this was my first branded pen) and it still stays my favorite till date.As I said I have had this pen for ages and I love the feel of it in my hands. Nothing compares to the feel of a MontBlanc pen ,the right size ,the right weight and I recommend this a right gift this season.Apart from Gold Plated ,it is also available as Platinum plated .So ,if you want to gift a pen that stays in the good books of the person who received the gift MontBlanc is the name..

MontBlanc cannot be purchased online from any website. Pen Boutique is among the few authorized MontBlanc dealer in USA . Last thing you want to do this Christmas is to gift a knockoff MontBlanc . Don’t get rigged Call 1800-263-2736 for ordering a pen now.
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

When time passes by...

Pen Boutique

Pen Boutique been online for 5 years and all these years we grew by learning from others. We looked upon others to learn how they do things. The dealers in writing instruments have experience of decades and we were a child in this whole scenario. We started when the recession was over and just with a hope that our passion can help us to channel our energy where our heart lies - Fine pens.

We were only thinking that we will have something very nice and small and help the niche customers.

"There were no big ambitions, just try to do something.. something with our lives to make it more meaningful..."

We were ready to put our hearts in customer service and make it the priority. What we did not expect was that there would be so much love from customers that we kept on growing at rapid pace. We never know how time files.. We were chugging through the recession and today we are one of the largest dealers of fine pens in US. We are one of the top dealers of Montblanc Pens , waterman pens, Faber castell pens , Pelikan pens. In between we opened up another store, also expanded our online operations.

The success can attributed only because of the love of the customers. We are blessed with one of the finest customer base. We recently sent out a survey to our customers hoping that there will be some reply and we can work on it to improvise. What we did not expect was an overwhelming response as to what we can do to make things even better. We have noted every one of your comments and we will try to implement them.

We always wanted to write a blog, express ourselves but in between our work and sleep we never had time :-) Hopefully, we will have a continuation this time and hoping that we will be able to communicate even better with our customers.

Thank you all for the wonderful support. Writing makes one remember things. When I used to be in college, the professor used to say that while reading if you want to remember the points to write, first read the book, understand it and then write it. If you are able to write all the points without seeing the book, you have understood it. Otherwise, you need to go back and start reading until you can write without seeing the text in the book.

It is been a wonderful journey so far and we are hoping that we can serve our customers even better.

Thank you,
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