Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I know this is not the way we imagined spending Mother's Day this year, and this might be a sensitive time for some. We hope everyone is doing well and healthy. As a small business we have been working hard with a limited staff in our warehouse, and customer service has been working from home. We’ve been doing our best, and are very appreciative of all the business and support we have been receiving.

This pandemic, however, has not stopped the pen world and the releases for this spring. There’s a lot of new pens featuring pastels and bright, lovely colors that remind me of my own mom.

There are a lot of great options for mom’s this year, and down below we will feature a selection of pens, ink, and paper we think your mom will love. I think this would be an excellent way to show your love to your pen-fanatic moms! Or if your mom has expressed interest in pens, this is a great way to introduce her to the pen community! Definitely a fun, personal, and thoughtful gift.

Don’t forget if you sign up for our newsletter (featured at the bottom of our website on the main page) you can get an extra $5.00 off. We are also giving a red or pink Yak leather pen case with any order over $100 featuring white, pink, red, or purple pens and inks. Please also take into consideration that with current events there may be some shipping delays. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We hope to see you in store soon! Please check out our Instagram (we do contests!), Facebook, and Youtube page! And if you feel inclined to, another great way to support us, is by leaving us a review on Google! Thank you for the continued support.
1. Waterman Riviera Series ($94.00 - $120.00)

2. Sailor Fairytale Series ($96.00 - $180.00.)

3. Parker Jotter Pastel ($13.00 - $16.50)

4. Lamy Candy Series or pastel? ($16.00 - $29.60)

5. Aurora Ipsilon Seasons - Spring Primavera & Summer Estate ($79.20 - $120.00)

6. Montblanc Marilyn Monroe ($750.00 - $830.00)

7. Taccia Lipstick Ink ($12.00)

8. Bungubox Mother Pink ($50.40)

9. Monteverde sweet life ink set ($72.00)

10. Oberon Journals ($76.00)

11. Write Amethyst  ($12.00)

12. Waterman Allure ($19-$24)

13. Montblanc Bonheur Weekend ($560 - $830). Get it now.

Visit penboutique.com to find more other interesting gifts and attractive offers everyday.

Take Care!

- Amber J.
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Thursday, April 23, 2020

5 Fantastic Starter Fountain Pens for Under $30

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing okay during this hard time we are going through. I know that we all need a distraction from the news and being stuck in our homes all day. As a small business this is a hard time for us as well, especially for being such a niche business. However, we know we have dedicated and supportive customers who still want to see us thrive. We appreciate all the support whether it’s through buying our products, promoting us, or social media. While our storefront is not open right now, we are still accepting online and over the phone orders. We have a limited amount of people working at the warehouse right now, and some working remotely.

I know a lot of people are looking for new hobbies to get into, or ideas to entertain and keep their children busy, so we will be looking at a selection of starter pens for under $30.00!

1. Platinum Prefounte ($10.00)

   The Prefounte is the sister to the Platinum Preppy, which is also an inexpensive starter fountain pen. It’s offered in a medium and fine nib (which are stainless steel), and comes in a variety of colors: red, blue, orange, and red. It features a slip & seal mechanism that helps keep the ink from drying! This is truly a wonderful starter pen, or an everyday pen you don’t mind just carrying around all day in your bag. It’s also a great pen to start kids on, too!

2. Pilot Kakuno ($10.80)

The Kakuno is such an adorable pen! It comes in three different sizes: extra fine, fine, and medium. However, not every color comes in that size. The clear one comes in all three sizes, the ones with the white bodies come in fine, and the ones with the translucent grey bodies come in medium! The nibs are friction fit though, and are swappable between the Metropolitan, Prera, and Plumix. It can be used with a cartridge or any Pilot converter (which is sold separately if you would like to use bottled ink). Definitely a fun pen to have around!

3. Faber-Castell Grip ($20-$25.00)

The Grip comes in a variety of colors that feature grip like textures on the body of the pen. It also features a soft and comfortable grip, and has a light writing experience. The nib sizes available for this are extra fine, fine, and medium. It’s also recommended for both right handers and left handers! It uses both a cartridge and converter as well. This style of pen is also offered in a finewriter or ballpoint!

4. Lamy Safari ($25-$28)

Lamy Safari’s are one of the most popular starter fountain pens, originating from Germany. They are super easy to use, nib switch friendly, and come in a wide variety of colors! They offer calligraphy nibs to extra fine nibs, which come in silver and black. They do not get damaged easily, at least from my own experience. I would say for this price you really can’t complain. They are always coming out with special editions as well, and never keep you bored with all the new fun and fascinating colors! They also have a sister pen called the AL-Star, which is a little bit more expensive, but is made out of aluminum instead. Of course these both use cartridge or converter (sold separately) as well. (Don’t forget to take a sneak peak at the new Candy collection, too!)

5. TWSBI Eco ($28.99)

The TWSBI Eco is my personal favorite starter fountain pen, and has taken off as a very popular and inexpensive fountain pen for beginners and non beginners. I am a sucker for a demonstrator fountain pen. These are super fun to mix and match different inks to the color of whichever one you choose, and definitely becomes a conversation starter. The nibs range from a 1.1 stub to an extra fine. You can nib switch them but it has to be from an ECO. It also features a piston mechanism to fill it up with ink, which is easy to use and super convenient. I also would recommend these to left handers with an extra fine or fine nib, as the nibs are considered to be more Eastern than Western and write a bit smaller.

I hope everyone found this to be useful, and perhaps will keep you busy and or start a new interest/hobby! Stay safe, healthy, and most importantly -- stay inside.

- Amber

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Taccia Historical Inks & its Importance

Ukiyo-e is a style of Japanese art that was popular from the 17th century through the 19th century. This style of art consisted mostly of kabuki actors, sumo wrestlers, landscapes, floral paintings, historical scenes, folk tales, and more. This was done through woodblock prints and paintings.

Taccia released its first line of inks in 2018, which featured 13 simple primary colors, and they also released their Lipstick line recently, too. The Ukiyo-e series comes in two sets, each featuring four different colors. The Hokusai series is based on the landscape paintings from the artist Hokusai. The other series is based on the artist Sharaku who is famous for his portrait paintings.

Hokusai inks: Benitsuchi, Koiai, Saibimidori, and Fukakihanada

Benitsuchi, which translates to “Red Soil”, is inspired by the red soil of Mt. Fuji in Hokusai’s painting "Fine Wind, Clear Morning". This color is a rich red with orange undertones.

Kauai, which translates to “Dark Blue”, is inspired by the dark blues in his famous painting "The Great Wave off Kanagawa". This color is a dark indigo shade, which could be a useful blue-black.

Saibimidori, which translates to “Rust Green”, is inspired by the greens in his painting "Barrier Town on the Sumida River". This is a dark green with blue undertones, creating what would be like a dark turquoise. 

Fukakihanada, which translates to something like “It’s a deep flower”, is inspired by the light blues in his painting "Kajikazawa in Kai". This is a lighter blue with dark blue undertones. 

Sharaku inks: Kurocha, Akasakura, Koiame, and Natane

Kurocha, which translates to “black tea”, is inspired by Sharaku’s painting Ōtani Oniji III”. This is deep chocolate or coffee colored ink. 

Akasakura, which translates to “red cherry tree”, is inspired by his painting of "Chikawa Omezo". This is lovely cherry blossom red. 

Koiame, which is dark-yellow brown, is inspired by his painting of "Ichikawa Ebizo IV". This reminds me of a more subtle burnt orange. 

Natane, which translates to “rapeseed”, is inspired by his painting of "Segawa Kikunojo III". This is a bright yellow mustard color. 

Each of these inks come in a beautiful box that represent each artwork it is inspired from, and come in a 40ml glass bottle. I personally love Japanese art, and I think this line of ink is gorgeous and represents the art work well. Depending on the nib size you’re using, and the type of paper you’re using, there are definitely a variety of shades that could be brought out from each ink.

Content Writing By: Amber J
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