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Manage Your Day with - Filofax

When it comes to managing your daily life, Filofax doesn’t need much introduction. Considered to be one of the more prolific brands to manufacture organizers – Filofax products have always been built to best meet the expectations of their customers. At Pen Boutique we have a wide range of products from Filofax, each one exhibiting a supreme quality and designed to compliment a large user base. 
Today, we will take a look at some of the products from this renowned brand. So instead of bragging much about the brand, let’s get into the details of these fine Filofax products. 

Filofax Pocket Organizers

Filofax Pocket Organizers

First on the list are The Filofax Pocket Organizers. With the pocket size series, you don’t have to worry much about finding storage space. These organizers can be accommodated in even the smallest space. They are comprised of everything needed to manage your daily schedule and offer you a hassle free and organized routine. 

With the exception of the Domino and Cover Story series, each pocket organizer comes with a beautiful cover and a sturdy strap that helps you to keep it all together. Inside the cover, there are several pockets for your cards and a transparent window for your ID. On the right edge of the cover you’ll notice a vertical loop that allows you to secure your pen on the go. And to help organize your daily schedule these pocket organizers include: 

Page marker/ruler 
Address sheets
To Do sheets
Expense sheets 

Although the organizer comes set up for daily use, they can also be personalized according to the user’s preference.  If you’re looking for an ideal product to organize your busy schedule then these pocket sized organizers just might be the right choice for you. Though every Filofax Pocket Organizer looks great, the two most popular products that are at the top of the list are:

Height: 145mm
Width: 115mm
Depth: 30mm
Ring Mech: 19mm

Filofax Keyrings

                                                                Filofax Keyrings

When it comes to Filofax, everything is designed with a value in mind. For instance, the Filofax Keyrings are more than a mere tool that binds all your keys together. Each Keyring is designed to reflect the appearance of beautiful Filofax The Original A5 organizers, and include a refillable sticky pad that helps you to jot down quick notes. The new Filofax Keyrings are available in a variety of colors, and some of the most popular ones at Pen Boutique are: 

Filofax Compact/Slimline Series

Filofax Compact

The Filofax Compact/Slimline Series are definitely designed for people who are tired of carrying oversized organizers. The overall appearance of the compact series resembles the personal size organizers and accepts the personal sized refills as well. Unlike the personal organizers, the compact series include smaller rings and are sized to fit in more confined spaces. Compared to A5 organizers, these organizers are very handy and light, and can hold a decent amount of documents. This organizer is strongly recommended for people who want or need a spacious organizer but put weight and handiness at the forefront of their requirements. 

Filofax Compact Series are available in variety of trendy colors.  These have proven to be our most popular colors: 

Height: 190mm
Width: 130mm
Depth: 30mm
Ring Mech: 15mm

Filofax Personal Organizers

Popular amongst Filofax fans, Personal Sized Organizers are just the right tool to arrange your life.  This ideal product reflects Filofax’s trademark design enhanced by clear lines and a sleek silhouette that distinctly reflects perfection from every ounce. This size of Filofax organizer comprises hefty rings that can accommodate your entire daily schedule for a year and makes it simple and easy to access. Each organizer comes with standard Filofax inserts and a fashion-forward cover that ensures both the safety and the stylishness of your precious documents. 

Height: 187mm
Width: 157mm
Depth: 42mm
Ring Mech: 23mm

Filofax A5 Organizers

Filofax A5 Organizers

As stylish and trendy as the Personal size, Filofax A5 Organizers have always been listed at the top of the charts when it comes to organizers. The cover of The Original is composed of fine 2mm thick leather. Upon opening the organizer for the first time you’ll notice the inside cover is made of the same leather, with two card slots, a genuine Filofax trademark and a multifunction elastic band sewn in. The  band introduces a unique concept - either side acts as a pen loop, while the middle portion is a bigger loop that can accommodate smart phones with screen sizes up to 3.5”. 

Even though the cover is composed of thick leather, this unique organizer lays perfectly flat whenever opened. Each A5 The Original includes 25mm rings that are perfectly aligned with the thick leather cover. Along with the card slots, there is a big vertical pocket built into the cover. This big pocket has enough space to hold all your important papers, so that you have an easy time finding them in a rush. All A5 The Original organizers come with standard Filofax inserts. 

Here are some choices of Filofax A5 Organizers at Pen Boutique. 

Height: 235mm
Width: 191mm
Depth: 55mm
Ring Mech: 25mm

So, which will be your favorite Filofax? It’s easy to select the one that best matches your personality and fits your lifestyle. Filofax products are exclusively designed with an eye towards perfection and are perfectly suited to organize your daily schedule. 

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