Friday, March 9, 2018

Pelikan M1000 Fountain Pen

Pelikan M1000 Souveran Fountain Pen

Blog by Tony Roman:

There are very few pens out there that can compare to the “King of Pens,” the Pelikan Model 1000. The flagship of the Pelikan line, it measures approximately 5.74 inches and has an 18K two-tone gold nib with gold trim around the cap and barrel. The barrel is a distinctive shade of iridescent, emerald green topped with black stripes. This elegant design really stands out and gets noticed. Not only is the pen a beauty to look at, it has excellent functional features as well. It has a comfortable grip that glides the nib effortlessly across the page. The barrel is semi-transparent so that you can see the ink level inside. The pen does not require cartridges, as it draws ink directly from the bottle (piston fill) – very ecological with no waste. Can you tell how much I love this pen? There’s more ......

Twenty years ago I was in a terrible car accident that destroyed my car and damaged most of its contents, including my favorite Pelikan fountain pen. I was so distraught about the condition of the pen, thinking it was beyond repair, I was ready to throw it away. However, my wife encouraged me to send it back to Pelikan to see if they could repair it. I had real doubts, but I mailed the pen to Pelikan anyway, along with a letter explaining what had happened. Soon after, to my great surprise and joy, the Pelikan company returned my pen to me in fully restored condition at no charge. To this day, Pelikan’s M1000 fountain pen remains one of my most prized possessions and represents Pelikan’s dedication to customer satisfaction. In today’s world this is a rare commodity. I remain to this day totally delighted with the Pelikan M1000 and the Pelikan company itself. 

  For more information about the Pelikan company and the Souveran model, click below:

  If you would like to experience owning a Pelikan pen, please contact Pen Boutique, where I purchased mine many years ago. Remember, Pelikan has a wide variety of model sizes and colors to choose from. I suggest you browse the Pen Boutique web site to see for yourself. I’m sure you can’t go wrong.

My final thoughts:  

While the price of this pen is higher than some others, it’s worth every penny. It is well designed, very durable, has good balance, and great feel in the hand. The barrel is large, but not heavy, just right. The large nib has a bit of spring to it. This is a special pen, from a classic company, that is very modern and stylish. I think it makes for a very fine writing experience. Available in Black and Green.  

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Parker Duofold Fountain Pen - Black with the Gold.

Blog by Tony Roman:

  ONCE AGAIN I would like the thank Leena and her wonderful staff for suggesting the Parker Duofold. It’s a wonderful pen! I did some quick research on the web and was surprised to see that the Parker Pen company first debuted the Duofold, their flagship pen, back in 1925; and in a few years that pen will celebrate it’s Centennial, a pen that Parker continues to successfully sell.  I chose my very own Duofold in the classic colors of Gloss Black Resin with 18 kt Gold trim, a stunning combination. I wasn’t sure at first if this large pen might be too big for my hand, but thanks to Parker’s many years of ergonomic design and refinements, this pen fits the contours of my hand perfectly! I’m totally delighted with it.

  I thought others might be interested in my first thoughts on it so I am writing this short review. I might be a little old school, but I love to write in general, and this Parker Duofold Fountain pen instills that love even more. This is a large pen, almost 5 ½ inches (140 mm) in length, when capped. But large, doesn’t mean unwieldy. In fact, it felt perfectly balanced, with or without the cap, depending on your personal preference. The pen is packaged in a wonderful large outer box with an inner black patterned clamshell jewel-box, which includes: black ink cartridges, directions, and warranty, all in a cream suede interior. The nib is of the highest quality workmanship, with an Ace of Spade design etched into the 18kt gold and silver metals. The medium nib is flexible and very responsive. Pen Boutique sells several different nib sizes from broad to fine, and specialty nibs can be attained as well (Italics, Stub, and Oblique’s) with a special order.

  I filled my pen, using the included bottle ink converter. It wrote on the first stroke. The ink flow was just right for me, not too wet or too dry. The pen felt perfect and I found I could write with it for a long time without fatigue.

-->   My Final thoughts:  
While the price of this pen is higher than some others, it’s definitely value for money. It is well designed, very durable, has good balance, and great feel in the hand. This is a special pen, a classic that is almost 100 years old, but still very modern and stylish in its own unique way. I imagine it would also make a very special present to a deserving graduate or perhaps for a birthday or other occasion. I would say there is only one other pen that Leena sells that might surpass this pen and that would be the very conservative MontBlanc Diplomat 149 in the same Black and  Gold, but no other pen comes close! I think it makes for a very fine writing experience.

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