Thursday, May 3, 2012

Celebrate Mothers Day with Pen Boutique

At no initial point are you aware of your mother’s presence. There is no moment in time where you consciously acknowledge her existence – she is there the moment you enter this world, and no matter how long or short your time together is, she remains a permanent, immovable fixture in your life. No matter what transpires between the two of you, you both are connected by an unbreakable familial bond – a bond that does not necessarily have to be for a birth mother. Adopted mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, and other mother figures in general can all inspire feelings of loyalty, love, appreciation, and devotion just as biological mothers do. The days of these amazing women know no end. Whether they are staying at home taking care of children and keeping the house in order or are filling their days with work along with managing a household, they always manage to make time for those who need them. They are perpetual fountains of love, support, generosity and care that are not congratulated nearly enough for all their hard work. Even though mothers should be praised every single day, the second Sunday in May is set aside for the celebration of their miraculous achievements throughout the year. Gifts are in no way even far near repaying for what they have done for us but that’s just a token of appreciation for them to say that we do care. Before you buy something crazy, try the PenBoutique. We can personally assure you that a thoughtful gift from the heart will mean much more to your mother than any designer bag or gem ever could.
So if not the flashy Open Heart necklace from Kay or a new Louis Vuitton clutch purse, what? What could so perfectly express the overwhelming feelings of love you hold for your mother figure? I have a couple nifty ideas for you, my friends. First and foremost, I am going to suggest a product that in the long run is just as exemplary as they are inexpensive: pens. Now, just hear me out before you give me that look – pens, while they don’t seem entirely exciting, are the greatest gift investment you could ever make in terms of sentimental value. Diamonds are nice, yes; expensive, yes; fun to show off, yes – but that’s only when the recipient of your gift has an opportunity to wear them. You cannot wear diamond earrings or necklaces everywhere, no matter who you are, so that leaves them for what? Dinner parties, ceremonies, weddings, and really not much else, and it seems to me that the only person who benefits much is the company that produces the product. So why don’t we bundle up all the aforementioned beauty and excellence into a device that cannot only be used every day, but is actually useful.
To begin, I am going to start with the Cross Sentiment Pearlescent Fountain Pen. This little masterpiece has a gentle, angelic quality about itself. The body is made of a beautiful ivory coloring that is masterfully hand-coated with a highly glossed lacquer covering. Its pearlescent hues are complimented by 10K gold-plated accents encircling the slender body and cap. The gold-plated clip is adorned with a removable heart-lock charm that adds a distinctly feminine touch to this delicate piece. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Cross Torero Ballpoint Pen provides a textured tour de force that is perfect for women who want a little more impact and a little less fluff. A rebel in its own right, the rich, high-end leather that encompasses the body of this pen is enriched with striking Bordeaux color. A winning combination of technical prowess and luxury, the Torero has a sophisticated style with a prominent dose of attitude. For women who want something a little more colorful but no less impactful, the Retro Tornado Pop Series displays a flaring blossom burst design upon a vibrant red background. This limited edition rollerball is unique in its utter rarity – only 500 exist. Only 500, and that makes these pieces much more valuable than any one of the millions of diamonds in the world. Low maintenance, convenient, and most importantly, fashionable, the Pop Series is what a perfect mother’s day gift is all about.
For something much more glamorous, Pen Boutique is also offering the Montblanc Grace Kelly Princesse Grace de Monaco Ballpoint Pen. (Unfortunately, it’s only the ballpoint pen.) Despite that, this lovely little gem has all of the femininity, grace and magnificence you could ever hope to incorporate into a Mothers’ Day gift. The body is crafted into a slender, elegant shape that is perfectly suited to fit any hand. The barrel is made of precious, dark purple resin that gives the piece a royal mystique. The twist-action cap is made of the same beautiful material and is expertly accented by a champagne-toned gold trim with a feminine neckline. The end of the clip meets at a drop-cut pink topaz gem, and underneath is an intricate engraving of Princess Grace’s monogram. Inspired by a woman whose beauty and grace made her a style icon for generations, this pen will exemplify and emphasize all of the stunning qualities you see in your mother every day.
Some women, however, do not like all the splash and splendor and prefer things that are a little simpler. Things that still maintain a certain loveliness, mind you, but are less flashy. Items for these milder tastes are being offered as well, most particularly the Cross Century Colors Ballpoint Pens. Chic and stylishly slim, the Century Colors offer the perfect balance of work and play. Their smooth bodies boast a unique pattern of pearlescent white and colored checks. Available in Tender Rose and Violet, these colors are fun and engaging without being loud or garish. Their chrome accents add a final, sophisticated touch to these hidden treasures. If these, however, are still a little too ostentatious, the pink Fisher Space Pen will set those fears to rest. When closed, they are the perfect size to carry in a wallet, pocket, purse, car glove box, or organizer. When opened, the Space Pen is an evenly balanced writing tool that is cleverly crafted out of all brass with a mild pink finish. An outstanding example of industrial art, the Fisher Bullet Pen is a proud exhibit of the New York Museum of Modern Art. (Now there’s something for Mom to brag to all her friends about.) Its timeless style and simple beauty have made the Space Pen the topic of many art books and magazine articles and it continues to be one of the most popular pens ever sold.
Last but certainly not least, Pen Boutique is offering the Filofax Finsbury Family A5 Organizer. Though not a pen, I don’t know any woman who does not need a notepad. Writing down notes, reminders, grocery lists, spur-of-the-moment ideas, phones numbers, financial information, addresses—the list goes on and on, and so does all the paper she’ll need. Say, “No more, Mom!” No longer should she be forced to scribble all of her immediately important information on hundreds of tiny, mismatched strips of paper. Instead, give her a quick and easy organizer that contains a whole host of useful features spread over 330 pages. Everything from a birthday party checklist to a pet’s vaccination appointment is possible with this decorative marvel. The covers are made of soft, high-quality grained leather and contain a full length zip pocket, four vertical credit card pockets, two vertical diskette pockets, a full length back pocket and a pen loop. Fashionable, handy, convenient, and boasting an attractive Raspberry color that looks as stylish as it is chic, the Filofax Finsbury is every mother’s dream come true.
A dream, a wish, an impossible reality – your mother is a priceless treasure that deserves a little more than a slight tip of the hat this Mothers’ Day. She also, believe it or not, deserves something a little more dear to the heart than some cold, empty jewel bracelet or necklace. She needs a gift that you feel proud giving her for the very fact that it is sincere and timeless. The reason parents treasure gifts given to them by their young children is because, having no funds, whatever they give is given with the full extent and consideration of their heart. They give everything because, in a sense, they have nothing to give, and it’s this simple beauty and sincerity that fills a mother’s heart with love. So give your mom one of these special, discounted gifts this year. Give her something that will fill her heart, and memory, with all the care and love you always wanted to show but never quite knew how.

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