Monday, February 22, 2016

Visconti Rembrandt Fountain Pen – Review

From an entry level writer to a fountain pen expert, the new Visconti Rembrandt is a perfect writing instrument for all range of writers. Distinctly designed, this fabulous Italian migrant features an appealing design that resembles with the most expensive Visconti pens.

The name speaks for itself. Inspired from one of the most influential artists of European art, the new Rembrandt series portrays a fabulous design reflecting motifs of Rembrandt himself. The pen is composed of variegated resin – a resin that has nice kinds of swirls into it. Its design imitates Rembrandt’s most practiced painting style commonly known to many as chiaroscuro painting technique. As other luxurious products from Visconti, this pen also flaunts a distinct design and delivers the brand’s promising theme. For daily writers, this fascinating pen can be a perfect companion. The sturdy construction of the pen defines finesse artistry of Visconti, and delivers a premium pen that reflects perfection from every ounce.

As per my personal opinion, Rembrandt pens are perfect for people who are looking for a luxurious pen at an affordable price. Just imagine how cool it would be to pull out a Visconti pen and jot down your words onto a piece of paper. If you have friends who fall in the circle of pen aficionado, they would be completely thrilled when they see this fabulous writing instrument from Visconti.

So, let’s go deeper into the topic. Today I will break it down for you guys, we will be talking about Rembrandt types, it’ construction, materials used and various other aspects about this fascinating Italian writer.

Visconti Rembrandt Types

The Visconti Rembrandt pens are available in six different colors, each reflecting a sophisticated design that evokes Rembrandt’s legacy and recalls one of his favorite style of painting.

·         Ivory White
·         Black
·         Blue
·         Purple
·         Red
·         Merry-Go-Round

Though we are talking about fountain pens, but this series of pens is also available in Rollerball  & Ballpoint pens.

Rembrandt series are precisely engineered for perfection. Experts at Visconti have sophistically picked each material to craft a perfect writing instrument. The body and cap of the pen is composed of variegated resin – a high quality material that’s used to craft the most expensive luxurious pen. Though these pens are classified according to their color, they specifically follow Rembrandt’s chiaroscuro painting pattern and are characterized by elegant swirls and lines.

To compliment its fabulous design a smooth metal grip is featured on the pen, the grip section fits snuggly between your fingertips and offers hours and hours of writing without any signs of hand fatigue. The pen also includes a magnetic cap, which is ideal for people who have to jot down quick notes on daily basis. With the magnetic cap closures, you don’t have to worry much about twists and turns. You can instantly pop out your pen whenever required and close it instantly after you are done. 


This fine Italian writer exhibits a luxurious design characterized by its high quality resin finish and stainless steel appointments. The hard work and dedication of Visconti experts are visible on Rembrandt series. The beautiful resin finish of the pen is highlighted by beautiful swirls and lines that clearly mark perfection. The pen comprises of a hefty cigar shaped profile that offers a balanced feel while jotting down your words on a piece of paper. The design of the pen is further enhanced by Visconti’s trademark clip and a subtle cap ring that gels pretty well with the design.

The price range of the Rembrandt series is not what you would expect from Visconti. Though the pen looks expensive, it has a reasonably fair price and might fit into the budget of every fountain pen enthusiast.


The Rembrandt pens feature a sturdy stainless steel nib with a plastic feed. Each nib is enhanced with an etched artwork of Visconti’s logo and an engraved name of the brand. The nib offers steady ink flow and lays down smooth and elegant lines whenever pressed against a piece of paper. The Visconti Rembrandts are available with a variety of nib options; you can choose between fine, medium and broad nibs. Choose the best one that suits your writing style.

Filling Mechanism

Visconti Rembrandts are designed to work with medium size standard cartridge and converters. Plus, the best part is that you’ll get a free cartridge and a converter with the pen, Fascinating isn’t it. With the new Visconti Rembrandt you can use any medium sized international cartridge. Obviously, the long cartridges will work as well but while changing they might get stuck inside the barrel. And you might have to waste your precious time trying to pull the cartridge out from the pen. Hence, it’s best to stick with medium size standard cartridges.

And talking about converter, Visconti has provided a standard size converter with the pen. The design of the converter may differ from a regular standard converter, but it’s not a big issue. The main point is that it takes any kind of standard cartridge.


When it comes to performance, Visconti pens have always stood a notch above its competitors. And the cool thing about this pen is that it delivers the same quality performance that we expect from any Visconti pens, but at a cheaper price. The sturdy steel nib featured on the pen delivers fine writing experience without any signs of skips and scratches. Upon writing, the nib offers a balanced feel and lays down consistent ink flow. And as writers, it is one of the most crucial things that we expect from a good fountain pen.

Pros and Cons

·         Affordable
·         Stylish design with top class finish
·         Good for people who have to take down quick notes.
·         Lightweight


  • ·         Wet nib, not good for writing on thin papers.
  • ·         Not a good choice for people who tend stick with long standard cartridges.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

LAMY pico -- Telescopic Minimalism

LAMY pico
Take away: If you're into pocket pens, minimalist design, or retractable pens-- the pico may be a great pen for you. With a few bright color options, this pen is perfect for tossing into a bag and fishing out with ease.

I have a problem with pocket-sized pens-- I can't get enough of them. I love being able to slip a pen into my jeans pocket and how this small object that fits in the palm of my hand can extend into a full-sized pen in two twists-- or one click (as I'll discuss in this post).

One of the most convenient and gratifying pocket-sized pens I have experienced is the LAMY pico. It's an awesome pen that extends from a palm-sized (3.75 inches) discrete metal tube to a 5 inch, dependable ballpoint. One word-- TELESCOPIC. Read on for more details on this cool little pen:

The expanding nature of the pen is a very gratifying to use. To extend the pen just push on the rounded back section. You'll feel it as the spring-action mechanism extends the body a couple of inches. To close it you just click on the rounded back section and it will magically shrink, and the ballpoint tip will retract. There's a small, raised, rectangular plastic piece on the side of the pen that prevents the cylindrical pen from rolling off when placed on a table.

The pico is similar in shape and size compared to the Fisher Space Bullet Pen and Kaweco Lilliput.

This is a great talking-point pen. Try showing this pen to a friend-- they probably won't know what it is at first. Once you have the pen fully extended most everyone goes, "Wow, that's really cool!" then they'll want to write with it.

Writing with this pen is smooth and steady. In the hand the pen feels cool to the touch and a bit slippery. When writing, it will probably rotate in your hand, but because it's uniform in shape on all sides of the pen, it won't be bothersome.

Due to the rounded shape of the pen and lightness, it's not suitable for long writing sessions. If you use it for jotting down notes or messages, you're golden.

These pictures were taken with the Laser Orange pico. I think it's a bold, fun color that will stand out in a dark bag, purse, or in between the couch cushions. In addition to Laser Orange, this pen is also available in Chrome, Chrome Matte, White, Red, Black, Imperial Blue, and Wild Rubin (a glossy red). The pico takes the L22 (compact ballpoint refill), which is easily available anywhere you can purchase a LAMY pen.

Give us a call or shoot us a message if you want to talk pens or if you have any questions about the pico!

- Rachel Snell
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

7 Series of Fine Writing Instruments for Everyday Use

7 Series of Fine Writing Instruments for Everyday Use

From the beginning of time humans have an undeniable bond with pens. Though the ancient writing instrument appeared quite different than modern pens, they did serve the purpose and encrypted the history of ancient civilizations. Today, pens are considered as an important part of our everyday life. From a school kid to a business owner, everyone needs an ideal pen to efficiently handle their daily responsibilities. But, finding a perfect writing companion is a mammoth task. You might prefer pens that are found in local stationary shops, but most of these pens will leave you hanging in the middle of your journey. So, to ease your burden we have selected an array of writing instrument preferred by most pen enthusiasts for everyday writing.

Fisher Space Bullet Ballpoint Pens

When it comes to ballpoint pens Fisher Pens have always maintained their position on top of the chart. Fisher Pens were specially designed deliver smooth writing experience in space. But, today Fisher pens are considered as close companions by most of the busy professionals who have to keep up with the speed of time. Fisher Bullet Ballpoint Pens are loaded with high quality pressurized ink that never lets you down. The tip of the pen glides perfectly underwater, on greasy surfaces and in extreme weather conditions.

Fisher Space Pen Matte Black Bullet Pen
Fisher Space Bullet pens are available in variety of colors. I have listed some of my favorites below but if you are unsatisfied with our choices there are various other colors to choose from.

Lamy Safari

Elegant, stylish and full of life, the Lamy Safari is a perfect choice of writing instruments for pen enthusiasts who are looking an ideal companion for everyday life. The Safari series features an elegant ABS plastic barrel with an ergonomic grip section that offers a balanced feel while jotting down your words into the paper.

Lamy Safari Neon Coral Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Lamy Safari is available in Fountain, Rollerball, Ballpoint and Mechanical Pencil, and there are varieties of colors available. Choose the one that suits you the best and embark a writing journey with this magnificent German migrant.

Pilot Namiki Metropolitan Retro Pop Collection

Pilot-Namiki has and always will be a pioneer in the world of pen manufacturers. Products from pilots are always opted with the best and are designed to deliver the best user experience. Recently, Pilot has introduced a new array of pens especially designed for pen enthusiasts who are searching for a premium writing instrument with a thin price tag.

Pilot Namiki MR Collection Retro Pop Green Rollerball Pen

The new MRcollection from Pilot exhibits a sophisticated amalgamation of style and functionality. These fine writing instruments feature a subtle design characterized by bright color patterns. Each writing instrument from these series features a slender streamline profile that is very pleasant to hold and comfortable to write with. This collection is available in fountain, ballpoint and rollerball, and there is a wide array of colors to choose from.

Noodler’s Konrad

Noodler’s Konrad is a perfect writing instrument for pen aficionados who are willing to plunge into the world of fountain pens. This unique pen will be a great addition in every pen enthusiast’s treasure trove. The Noodler’s Konrad is a giant pen that offers a robust grip while imprinting your thoughts on a piece of paper. This piston filler has a large ink reservoir and can hold decent amount of ink compared to normal fountain pens.

Noodler's Konrad Nantucket Chimney Afire Acrylic Fountain Pen

It includes a sturdy steel nib that flexes according to the pressure implied on the pen. The tip of the nib flexes simultaneously with the movement of your hand and offers beautiful line variations. Though composed of steel the nib offers a smooth and skip less writing experience and lays down even amount of ink whenever pressed against a piece of paper.

Faber-Castell Basic 

I don’t think products from Faber-Castell need much introduction. For most Pen aficionado’s its one of the favorite brands. And, for people who don’t want to invest much in a pen but are willing to enjoy the fame and quality of a luxurious brand then the new Faber-Castell Basic might be the right choice.

Faber-Castell BASIC Metal Shiny Ballpoint Pen
Elegantly designed, the new Faber-Castell Basic is a premium quality writing instrument with a thin price tag. The pen features a slim profile with matte finish. Each of the Faber-Castell Basic writing instruments include a sturdy snap on clip and an ergonomic grip section that offers hours and hours of joyful writing experience without any signs hand fatigue. The pen is available in variety of choices, just click on the link below to jump into our Faber-Castell Basic page.

Rotring Tikky Ballpoint Pens

Sleek, Stylish and affordable, the new Tikky Ballpoint Pens from Rotring includes all the qualities of an everyday pen. The smart construction of the pen is designed to deliver premium penmanship experience. Its triangular profile prevents it from rolling on smooth surface while the rubber grip section offers a perfect hold of the pen and absorbs moisture from your hand while writing.
Rotring Tikky Ballpoint Pen - White Barrel

Tikky ballpoint pen is ideal for pen enthusiasts who have to jot down their words in a hurry. Just a slight click on the top and this beautiful writer extracts a sturdy tip that glides perfectly on paper and delivers a pleasant writing experience. Overall, Tikky Ballpoint pens are best choice for people who are seeking for a premium writing instrument in a budget.

Retro 51 Tornado

When it comes to modern writing instruments Retro 51 Tornado is one of the favorite choices. Hands down Retro 51 Tornado is the smoothest feeling, heavyweight and durable pen with a price marked less than $30. Overall it’s the best value for the price you pay. The selection of options  available in colors and finishes is astonishing.

Retro 51 Tornado Limited Edition Ceramic Brown Rollerball Pen

Here are few of my favorite choices of the Retro 51 Tornado. If you are not happy with my choices there are various other models to choose from. Navigate to our Pen Boutique site and go into Retro 51 page and you’ll notice an abundance of Retro 51 Tornado pens that are ideal for everyday use.

So, are you satisfied with our choices? If you think these series of pens are not for you, we have an abundance of writing instrument at our site. For more information please visit
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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

February has arrived and so has the season of love, the soothing chills of this month offers magical vibe of love and affection. And for all the love birds out there, Valentine is just around the corner and now will be the right time to shop for the perfect gift for your loved ones. A flower bouquet and an array of chocolates wrapped in a heart shaped box can be appreciated for a while, but to cherish the joys of the day you’ll have to find something that offers an outstanding feel.

At Pen Boutique, we have compiled an array of gift items that are specially designed for Valentine’s Day. Each of these items is carefully picked to celebrate this special day and offer an everlasting value that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Pilot Namiki Metropolitan Rollerball Pen – Red

Pilot Namiki Metropolitan Rollerball Pen 
Wouldn’t it be thoughtful if you can present something useful draped in the color of love. Designed with elegance, the new Pilot Namiki Metropolitan Red Rollerball pen exhibits a gleaming design that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. The beauty of this pen makes it a favorite gift for multiple occasions. But, if you are not into the color red there are ton of other bright colors to choose from. This series of pen is also available in fountain and ballpoint pens.

Faber-Castell Ambition Precious Resin Pink Rollerball Pen

Faber-Castell Ambition Precious Resin Pink Rollerball Pen
An epitome of style or an expression of love the new Faber-Castell Ambition Pink Rollerball Pen can be entitled with both. The beauty of this pen is defined by its subtle pink resin barrel and sterling silver accents. This elegant writer will surely bring out the missing charm on your partner’s face.

Napkin Forever Prima Red Inkless Pen

Napkin Forever Prima Red Inkless Pen
If you are looking for a gift that will last forever, then there is nothing better than the new Napkin Forever Prima Red Inkless Pen. Sleek, Stylish and Fashionable, the new Napkin Forever Prima is a genuine gift item for every occasion. But for Valentine’s Day we have selected the Napkin Forever Prima Red Inkless Pen. It features a special alloy nib that doesn’t require ink; the nib is very smooth and imprints words that will last forever, like your love.

Pilot Varsity

Pilot Varsity

Pilot Varsity is a series of disposable pens introduced by Pilot that are specially designed for your youngest loved ones. For Valentine’s Day we have selected the Pilot Varsity Pink and Pilot Varsity Red, but if you are unsatisfied by our choices then there are various other colors to choose from.

Filofax Original Keyring – Pink

Filofax Original Keyring – Pink

The new Filofax Original Keyring is a replica of the Filofax Originals. The cover of these Keyring is crafted from genuine calfskin leather and comes with a small notepad to jot down your important notes. Believe me; your special one will adore this beautiful gift.

Visconti Rembrandt Red

Visconti Rembrandt

Products from Visconti are always adored as favorite gift items for any occasion. But for valentines, we have chosen a fascinating writing instrument that delivers the promising theme of the day. Inspired from one of the most influential artists of European art, the new Rembrandt series portrays a fabulous design reflecting motifs of Rembrandt himself. The pen is composed of variegated resin – a resin that has nice kinds of swirls into it. The sturdy construction of the pen defines finesse artistry of Visconti, and delivers a premium pen that reflects perfection from every ounce.

Rodhia Webbie

Rodhia Webbie

Rodhia Webbie is a perfect gift for people who love to write. This elegant notebook features 96 acid free, pH neutral pages that offer a pleasant writing experience. Because of its thick nature, the paper is best for pen enthusiasts who prefer wet nibs.  With this sturdy notebook, you can say goodbye to issues like bloating and scratching. So, if your dearest friend loves to write down his/her thoughts than this beautiful notebook will definitely prove to be an ideal companion.

Pilot Namiki Iroshizuku Fountain Pen Ink Bottle

Pilot Namiki Iroshizuku Fountain Pen Ink Bottle
To celebrate the day with immense joy, Pen Boutique would like to introduce the Iroshizuku Fountain Pen Ink in Pink. The iroshizuku Ink is really incredible when used with Japanese fountain pens. Upon writing, the ink lays down traces of beautiful words with amazing line variation.

Monk Paper Batik Multicolor Patch Work Lokta Stationery Box Set

Monk Paper Batik Multicolor Patch Work Lokta Stationery Box Set

If you are really looking for an out of the box gift for your loved ones, then this Lokta Stationary Set will surely make an ideal gift. The writing papers and envelopes are made from 100% natural and handmade papers friendly to any writing mode you prefer. It comes in a beautiful straw box that reflects traditional craftsmanship of an ethnic tribe residing in the remote Himalayas of Nepal. This product may not be expensive as a beautiful diamond ring, but it will definitely offer a value that will be cherished forever.

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