Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kaweco Liliput Brass Pen Review

Kaweco Liliput Brass Pen

The Kaweco Pen Co. is a company founded in 1883, originally based in Heidelberg, Germany.  During World War I, the company started producing its own gold nibs, to stop dependence on importing American parts. By 1929, it became one of the first German manufacturers to employ injection molding. Despite some turmoil in the later 20th century, the company is still present and that strength purveys through the products. One of those sturdy products is the Kaweco Liliput Brass Fountain Pen.

For a compact and rugged pen, with a smooth writing experience for everyday use, the Kaweco Liliput Brass is a fantastic choice. The brass body is tough, yet sleek with an understated elegance. The pen gives off a much more delicate and expensive look. It is approximately 3.5 inches with the cap twisted on.  At around 5 inches posted, it has an almost perfect balance in the hand. The pen is great for smaller and medium sized hands, as its thin and petite body rests comfortably in the hand when writing.  Wonderful for on the go, the threaded nature allows it to both be screwed on tight to prevent leaking and posted with twist-on threading to keep the cap on securely.

As a writer the Kaweco Liliput Brass is surprisingly smooth with an excellent flow. The steel nib performs impressively with its smoothness. Strokes and curves written in different directions are not a problem and scratchiness is almost a nonfactor. Flow is exceptional for this small device! It truly makes the writer want to go on and on. This can be attributed to the high quality feed. The pen takes standard international cartridges. The only drawback is that the converter is sold separately and many users suggest syringe filling a cartridge as the better option.

If you are looking for an everyday writer, which is both durable and dependable, the Kaweco Liliput Brass Fountain Pen is a great choice! Classy enough to pull out at an evening out or tough enough for everyday use on the go, the writing experience is one to write home about.

- Babak K
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Patriot Day

Patriot Day
The disastrous event of 9-11 is something that left a deep scar of sorrow in the hearts of all our Fellow Americans. On, the day four jets were hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Tower and Pentagon in Arlington resulting death of more than 2900 American citizens. Amongst the four jets one was directed towards Washington DC but due to the efforts of brave passenger the plane crashed into a nearby field in Pennsylvania.

Each year to commemorate the victims of the catastrophic terrorist attack Patriot Day is celebrated. The day honors all the lost lives, and pays a tribute by incorporating various activities. Here are lists of activities that are conducted all across the country on this following date.

At 8:46 a.m. a moment of silence is held all across the country to commemorate all who lost their life in the event.
American flag is flown half way down in the whole America and across the borders.
The day honors the brave 411 rescuers who lost their lives trying to save others who were trapped in these buildings.

The inhuman terrorist attack brought a deep grief which cannot be expressed in a small set of words. Though time healed our wounds to a certain extent, we can never forget the heart breaking tragedies that the day brought with it. So, let’s pray for peace in this Patriot Day and remember all who demised in 9/11/2001.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

In anticipation of the new Star Wars trilogy Cross has released a new Star Wars Townsend limited edition series!

Cross Townsend Star Wars Limited Edition Series

 You have the ever lovable C3-PO, the hero’s sidekick! The most powerful and feared Sith Lord, Darth Vader! And the clone army StromTroopers, the loyal Empire army!

 Inspired by C-3PO, Darth Vader, and the Stormtroopers, these Townsend Star Wars writing instruments was crafted to reflect the spirit of this classic film. Each is themed to a character, featuring beautiful, recognizable details etched into the finish. They are bold and stately – the epitome of luxury and elegance. The Townsend Star Wars Limited Edition is a sophisticated addition to any Star Wars collection.

Main Features
• Limited to 1977 units per character pays homage to the release year of the original Star Wars film.
• Impeccable character detail etched into the finish enhances collectability and character authenticity
• Darth Vader is crowned with a red Swarovski® crystal set into the classic conical top symbolizing Darth Vader’s iconic lightsaber
• Showcased in a beautiful Star Wars themed keepsake box
• Accompanied by a Romance Booklet and Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Cross designer
• Includes a Star Wars themed acrylic pen stand
• Fountain Pen features an ink converter and two bonus refills

PVD Finish: *PVD (physical vapor deposition) is a process by which an alloy of super hard titanium is applied to the base metal of our pens. Colors are produced from various alloys of titanium.

The writing Styles include:
Selectip® Pen featuring the Jumbo Ballpoint Pen Refill and Bonus Gel Refill
Fountain Pen (Medium and Fine Nibs) with 18KT Solid Gold Nib

This is a must have for any Star Wars Fan & Enthusiast, or Pen Collector.

May the Force be with You!!

- James Tiney

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The fashionably steampunk Grappa series from Montegrappa!!

Montegrappa Steampunk Grappa

A stunning writing instrument that looks like it just jumped out of a steampunk novel directly into your hand. Sparking ideas of the two worlds colliding, igniting the imagination!

This cult collection turned out to be a break-through phenomenon in the industry.

Innovative for its steampunk design and local-roots idea, it is already setting up a trend on the market.

The hand-made hammered copper body and the stainless-steel trim, culminating into a cork cap top, are as fantastically uncommon for a writing instrument as only Montegrappa can be.

The Grappa collection will be offered as a fountain or a rollerball pen, limited to the Montegrappa’s foundation year-number 1912 for each of the two modes.

The Grappa fountain pen is fit traditionally with a customized 18k gold nib, and is both cartridge or converter-fed.

Montegrappa delivers the Grappa collection in exclusively designed boxes, as much impactful as the product itself, with the writing instrument to be exhibited within a real blown-glass grappa bottle!

Beautifully sleek and Steampunk distinguished, this is a must have!!

- James Tiney

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sailor Storia Bottled Ink

Sailor Storia
At first glance the ink boxes on the new Japanese Sailor Storia ink bottles appear to be primary colors with whimsical circus related characters. The words: Dancer, Lion, Spotlight, Clown and Balloon are just some of these designations. The round cardboard housing with the bright colored labels I found reminiscent of my childhood Play-Doh modeling clay. The bottles are opaquely frosted and gives the effect of something precious inside.

After testing each shade the nano-particle ink leans more towards pastel shades as opposed to bold primary colors. This water-resistant ink lays wonderfully on the paper with a consistent wash effect even when used with a fine nibbed pen. The Lion light brown color is the boldest of the colors lending itself to the possibly of an everyday writing ink that makes a strong statement.

I recommend this new ink, especially to those youngsters ones who are seeking an entry level door into the world of fountain pens. The opportunity to revisit the joy of the childhood circus through these wonderfully named and packaged inks, is attractive to children of all ages.

- Vicki Marshall
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Pen Review For Faber-Castell Ambition Pearwood by Babak

Faber-Castell Ambition Pearwood
The Faber Castell brand is known for making art supplies and instruments. However, they are also noteworthy in producing fine fountain pens. The Ambition Pearwood is no exception. The great German craftsmanship comes through with a beautiful pearwood body and solid chrome cap. The pen has a traditional flair, while being fit for any contemporary writer.

 The body of the Ambition Pearwood is a traditional piece of art, combining the natural wood and the steel ascents. The pearwood has a soft and smooth finish. The pen has a good length to it and is of medium thickness. The color is a rich and vibrant mix of reddish and brown wood. The pen itself is surprisingly light when not posted.  When posted the cap snaps on tight and secure. The posted pen almost transforms, as it is now a substantial medium weight and over an inch longer than it already is. Still, it is not top heavy and comfortable in the hand. When gripping the pen, the fingers tend to be more steady on the pearwood, rather than the small amount of chrome ascent before the nib.

 The Ambition Pearwood is a very dependable pen, with a durable yet smooth steel nib. For example, the broad nib has an almost marker like thickness. This is extra level of thickness is to be expected for a German nib. It writes exceptionally smooth for a steel nib, with the ink flowing effortlessly. There is very little drag or resistance when the nib touches the paper. The pen is available in fine and medium for those weary of that broad German nib. It comes with a Standard International converter for convenience and can also take the Standard International cartridges.

A great daily user for those looking for a natural appeal, the Ambition Pearwood Fountain Pen is solid piece of craftsmanship for under $150. The German precision is evident on the steel nib and chrome accents, while the smooth and eye catching pearwood looks and feels comfortable.

- Vicki
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Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

Labor Day
The first Monday of the September represents the Labor Day. The day commemorates the American Labor movement and honors the contribution of people towards making America an epitome of strength and prosperity. Though our country today stands in the top of the chart there still are many who have a hard time to fulfill their basic requirements. Let’s inspire change and try to build a better place for all middle class people. Though the scenario has changed on the past couples of years and the economy of America has gone up to a certain level, there is still lot to be done.

Though our economy is rising, the majority of the middle class people are grasped by unemployment. Researchers have conveyed that over 10 percent of the total population still remains under the line of unemployment. This density of population needs proper jobs to stabilize their lifestyle, hence a federal movement is essential to uplift them from the circle of unemployment and raise their standard of living. So, this year instead of enjoying the holiday, let’s make a contribution to inspire change.

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