Sunday, March 23, 2014

Faber Castell Pen of the year 2012–It glitters and its Gold

It’s all very astounding, really. I always think, that’s it. There’s nothing more that can be done. That is the most beautiful, emblematic and flawlessly constructed pen I have ever seen. I always think that I’ve seen all I can possibly see in the realm of pen craftsmanship short of a built-in-watch, (You hear that, Montblanc? Visconti? I want my royalties when one of you patents that) but something always comes along that completely blows me out of the water with its brilliance. Right now, this emotional phenomenon is all because of Faber-Castell, a company from whom I have now learned to expect nothing but greatness. Greatness, however, does not begin to describe their latest starlet: Graf Von Faber Castell 2012 Pen of the Year. I’m not afraid to admit it, but I’ve been looking forward to each year’s installment of the Pen of the Year collection for a long time now. Cheesy, I know, but there’s just something that’s absolutely captivating about this collection. Ever since they presented the first model in 2004 – an amber-inspired tour de force that was as fascinating as it was invaluable – The Pen of the Year has never failed to be anything less than marvelous. Let us begin our dissection of this modern marvel by starting with its body.
Surprisingly enough, the barrel is made out of wood – but it’s no ordinary wood. Far too important to be made out of something as commonplace as pine or cedar, the 2012 is made out of an ancient wetland oak wood carefully cultivated from Germany’s bogs and marshes. This special oak takes centuries to form, and many of the wood pieces used in this collection have been buried for more than 8,000 years. The recovery of wetland oak wood is a matter of chance, and this makes each and every piece as unique as it is mysterious. (You could almost consider them a portable National Heritage Site .)
Whether it’s The Golden Fleece, the Nibelung Hoard or the Philosopher’s Stone – no matter the medium, there has been no metal that has so wholly captivated and controlled the entire world as gold. Since the dawn of time this precious element has bedecked emperors, sparked wars, and it was for this very material that the entire Western Hemisphere was traversed. (“The gold of Cortez, the jewels of Pizarro…the gold we find here will dwarf them by far…”) Faber-Castell has incorporated this utterly timeless material in the 2012 installment by using a system that made sure nothing could possibly be left to chance. The next step in creating these pens is a process so delicate and precise that only a select few gilders in the entire world are capable of implementing it. Ernst D. Feldmann, a master gilder and church painter, has studied Venetian gilding techniques for years and has been awarded the Bavarian State Design Award. It was this skill and expertise that made Faber-Castell allow him to apply a gold covering to the wood using a 4,000-year-old, Ancient Egyptian technique. Using a fine squirrel-hair brush, multiple layers of 24K gold leaf are carefully painted onto the oak barrel in an intricate design.
The front tip of the pen features an impressive 18K bicolor gold nib that is available in line widths of fine, medium and broad with each one ‘run in’ by hand. The end cap protects the filling mechanism’s twist knob while the top cap is crowned with a chessboard faceted citrine gemstone. Every one of the meal fittings and finishes are 24K gold-plated and shinned to luminescence. (“So go for the gold, we know which is here, all the riches here…” Don’t look at me like that. You know that movie was amazing.) The final finishing is coated with a tough resin that skillfully presents an exceptional display of resplendence and beauty.
The 2012 Pen of the Year is a masterpiece in its own right, and never before have I seen a pen created with such subtle distinction and unmatchable superiority. It is a timeless piece of such pristine perfection that it is only expected that it is packaged with the same care and dedication that it took to make it. Limited to only 1500 pieces, each pen is individually serialized and comes in a striking deep black wooden case. It is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Ernst D. Feldmann. The Certificate is his personal attest to the uniquely complex process and materials that collaborated to create the precious treasure lovingly enclosed in the aforementioned box.
I could go on for ages about the fascinating mechanisms and historical mystiques embedded in the very nature of these pens, but it would take ages to go over each miniscule wonder that the crafters managed to implement. In the end, all you need to know is that this pen is a magnum opus fit for El Dorado.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Montblanc Albert Einstein–Great pen for a Great person

If you’re not a theoretical physicist major or extremely proficient in quantum mechanics terminology, then reading about Albert Einstein’s career as a scientist is almost like reading a fairytale in a foreign language. Therefore, I can’t indulge you in nicely summarized paragraphs detailing Einstein’s extensive list of scientific conquests. What I can share with you, my friends, is a quick, and hopefully enlightening, glimpse into the personal life of one of the most famous scientists who has ever lived.
Albert Einstein had very humble beginnings. He was born in Ulm, Germany in 1879 to an engineer/ part-time-salesman and a housewife. Many people with an advanced level of intelligence oftentimes displayed peculiar habits, trends or rituals as children. Things like hypersensitivity, well-developed powers of abstraction, unusual or vivid imagination and a series of other quirks have been traditionally seen to color a genius’s childhood. This was not the case with Albert Einstein. The only peculiar trait Einstein displayed as a child was his aversion to talking. He spoke very little and was effectively mute until somewhere around age 7. In response to such preconceived notions, many popular myths have been attributed to him. For instance, it is popularly believed that Einstein was left-handed, had extreme difficulties in school, and possessed other strange quirks. Almost all of these oddities have been determined to be false.
Ultimately, it should be noted that Albert Einstein had a normal childhood typical of his socio-economic class. He played music, built models, built mechanical devices and once again, despite common misconceptions to the contrary, showed a strong aptitude for mathematics. From a very early age Einstein studied books on science, math and philosophical books including the Critique of Pure Reason and Euclid’s Elements. As a student Einstein was, shockingly, a bit of a rebel. He was not a, “spraying graffiti on park monuments” or “slashing teachers’ tires” kind of a rebel. (Though that would certainly have been awesome, if they did in fact have cars in 19th century Germany. Perhaps ‘smashing coach wheels’ would be a more accurate depiction? ) Einstein was more of a nerd-rebel; most of his acts of rebellion dealt with his aversion to the methods of academic institutions. He strongly opposed the institutionalized way education was conducted. He frequently rebelled against authority figures in the school system and strongly rejected the teaching methods. In fact, he once wrote that the “true spirit of learning and creative thought were lost in strict role learning.” (The student in me has to add that this is a very brilliant sentiment. The necessity of rote memorization to pass a class has been the bane of my educational existence!)
In 1901, after living for an extended period of time in Aarau, Switzerland, Einstein acquired his diploma and official Swiss citizenship. Though he studied to be a teacher, he was unable to find a teaching position and instead took a position as a technical assistant in the Swiss Patent Office. He spent a few good years in the patent office and managed to obtain his Doctorate degree. During this time he published some of his most remarkable and prolific works including his most famous paper: the Special Theory of Relativity. A paper that yielded previously unknown mysteries of the Universe and what is arguably the most famous equation in the world: e=mc2. It was a formula that revealed, if I understand it correctly, that the speed of light is a constant against which even time and space lose their absolute meaning. (Though as far as I can tell an existentialist could have told you that much.) In 1909 Einstein became Professor Extraordinary (quite a flashy title) at Zurich, and in 1911 he became a Professor of Theoretical Physics at Prague. He returned to Zurich later that year to fulfill a similar post. In 1914 he not only received a job as the Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Physical Institute and Professor at the University of Berlin, he also took back his German citizenship. In 1921 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, an award that would make him an international star and a household name around the world. Einstein stayed in Berlin until 1933 when the rumblings of World War 2 caused him to revoke his German citizenship once again and immigrate to the United States. He became a professor of Theoretical Physics at Princeton and in 1940 he acquired US citizenship. (That’s citizenship from three different countries, for those of you counting at home.)
Despite all of the wonderful physic achievements Einstein acquired during this time, I believe his most remarkable and unusual achievement came after World War 2 when he became a leading figure in the World Government Movement that sought to rebuild the damage the war had caused to the European Continent. He was offered the Presidency of the State of Israel, an unimaginable title that he unfortunately declined. (I say “unfortunately” because the idea of a German leading the state of Israel is, well, the irony is simply too much.)

Einstein’s contributions to today’s world include, but most certainly are not limited to, the development of the television, remote control devices, lasers (what?! awesome!) and DVD-Players. He was honored as TIME magazine’s “Person of the Century” in 1999, which was certainly no small feat considering the people who lived during the time. He was a brilliant, aesthetically eccentric and monumentally, influential physicist who changed the face of science as we know it. His unquestionable skills and world-renowned influence are only a few of the reasons why Montblanc has decided to add the genius to their limited edition Great Characters Series. An Acknowledgement to the great strides made by truly remarkable human beings, this series produces artwork masterpieces worthy of their patrons. 2013’s champion is the Albert Einstein Limited Edition pen limited of 99 pieces and the Albert Einstein Limited Edition of 3000 pieces.

The 99 Limited Edition style is named after the atomic number for Einsteinium, the chemical element named after him. Its body is crafted from solid white gold and is covered in a delicately designed skeleton net. The image has a filigree overlay meant to represent the space-time curve. It relates to how Einstein was, in his research, able to uncover that the universe and time can be stretched, pulled, and warped by matter. Many of Einstein’s most famous formulas are engraved upon the pen’s barrel and cone. The nib is emblazoned with an engraving of Einstein’s chemical element. The clip is bejeweled with a sapphire stone approximately 1.3K while the star-shaped Montblanc emblem crowning the cap is made of a pure, luminous moonstone. The 3000 piece edition is named after the measurement of the speed of light: ~300,000,000 m/s. (This is an approximation, since in 1975 the speed of light was calculated to be 299,792,458 m/s. I suppose the former just looks neater.) Much like the 99 Limited Edition, the pen’s platinum-plated lines break up the body’s dark blue lacquering to once again evoke an image of the space-time curve.

Also checkout the ink bottle for this amazing pen
Click here to view larger image
Albert Einstein’s breakthroughs in physics have helped redefine how people observe and measure the universe. He revealed profound truths that gave the scientific community a way of unlocking previously unknown mysteries of the universe. Honored in life and immortalized in death, Albert Einstein irrevocably, and unquestionably, changed humanity as we know it.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Montblanc Grace Kelly Pens–Grace is in the air

I believe that out of all of the fairytales ever written, America loves the Cinderella story best. Perhaps because it so closely embodies the American Dream is why people find the very idea of Cinderella’s trials and tribulations fascinating. An exciting, sweeping tale of coming from nothing and through hard work and determination, finally reaching a plateau of success and finding one’s happily ever after. It’s romantic, in a classically beautiful kind of way. The Montblanc Company, however, has decided to put its own spin on storytelling by honoring a woman who lived a life that can only be described as an American fairytale.
This lovely lady icon of the 20th century has over one hundred different names. The Princess Consort of Monaco, Her Serene Highness, The Princess of Monaco, the Duchess of Valentinois, Miss Grace Patricia Kelly, and dozens upon dozens more elegant titles. Despite her many names, she will always hold a place in the hearts of American and Europeans alike as the one and only, Princess Grace. The former Monacan Princess is celebrated around the world for her legendary fashion style, her talent as an Oscar-winning actress, her lifelong commitment to the arts and her undying commitment to helping others. A lady of charm, grace and enchanting elegance, the Princess is remembered not only for her classical refinement and beauty, but her kindheartedness as well.
Hand-in-hand with the Princess Grace Foundation-USA (PGF-USA), Montblanc has decided to pay homage to one of the 20th century’s most unforgettable women. The PGF-USA was founded in 1982 by Prince Rainier III, the Princess’s husband, to help support and fund nationwide theatres, theatre groups, dance studios, film studios and all those who pursue a career in the arts. Over the years it has expanded its program to award grants to playwriting and choreography. Some of the more notable recipients of the grants include director Anna D. Shapiro, playwright Tony Kushner, American ballet dancer Gillian Murphy and the creator of SpongeBob SquarePants, Stephen Hillenburg. Needless to say, Montblanc has always been an avid and uncontested supporter of the arts. With their Patron of Arts and Writers Edition collections receiving new members every other season, Montblanc is no stranger to artistic innovation. Together, both companies have decided to create the Princesse Grace De Monaco collection, a timeless and artful tribute to her eternal sophistication and compassionate heart.
Each component of every member of the special edition collection accentuates the feminine delicacy that made Princess Grace.
· The Grace De Monaco pen’s slender and shapely body is fashioned out of precious royal purple resin. It provides a deep, majestic coloring that is beautifully complimented by champagne-tone gold-plated accents.

· This regal coloring also extends to the cap’s uniquely exceptional design. The clip, made of the same champagne-colored material, encircles the top of the cap in a delicately feminine wrap like a gold-plated coat. The clip narrows and ends with an embellished petal-cut, heat-treated pink topaz approximately 0.39 ct. This pink gem reiterates the regal gentleness of the piece and adds a decidedly princess-like flair to the entire presentation. Princess Grace’s personal monogram is engraved just underneath the world-famous Montblanc snowflake.
· From top to base, the cone is a smooth, shiny sheet of champagne-colored gold plating. The bottom of the cone is expertly enriched with a stunning mother-of-pearl cabochon.
· The fountain pen’s nib, exquisite in its individuality, is 18K gold with a heart-shaped breathing hole.
· The rings encircling the cap and barrel are finely engraved with a diamond-shaped pattern inspired by the Monacan Coat of Arms.
From Olympic championships to the vaudeville stage, Princess Grace’s family was a collection of successful and inspiring individuals. Even under the shadows of such individuals, Grace Kelly managed to make a place for herself on the international stage. She rose from a background of promise and humble fame to become an American starlet who would eventually become the beloved Princess of Monaco. Her impeccable acting career, legendary style, selfless philanthropy and her eventual ascension to royalty all collaborated to make her the star of her own great American fairytale; a once-in-a-century adventure that she traversed with grace and dignity. This is the kind of woman that Montblanc has chosen to honor, and I believe it’s safe to say that this iconic lady has not only earned this honor, but deserves it. Nous vous aimons, Princesse.
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Monday, March 17, 2014

MontBlanc Patron of Arts Gaius Maecenas Limited Edition Pen

Apart from the the sight of cherry blossom in DC , Tulips in Netherlands and the end of a suspenseful winter, spring is awaited for the Patron Of Arts collection that is released by MontBlanc every year. This year Montblanc patron of the arts Edition enters 20th year.
Patron is a person or a champion that supports a cause or a event. MontBlanc honors one such personality from the history year after year and pays tribute for their work in the field of art and culture.They are meticulously designed and handmade pens for quality and fine design. The usual number of this limited edition pens that is made available is 4810 pieces and in some cases only 888 pieces are available.
Last year’s Patron of Arts edition was based on Queen Elizabeth I and it was well received by many of our customers.
Pictures of  Montblanc Queen Elizabeth I Patron of Arts Limited Edition Fountain Pen.
Montblanc Queen Elizabeth Montblanc Queen Elizabeth

Following in the same foot steps that have been followed for 20 years ,MontBlanc releases Gaius Maecenas Limited edition pen this year.
Gaius Cilnius Maecenas was an important patron for the new generation of Augustan poets and he was the political advisor to Octavian.His name has become a byword for a wealthy, generous and enlightened patron of the arts.
Gaius Maecenas
Bust of Gauis Maecenas at Coole Park, Co. Galway, Ireland

The Gold Version of Montblanc Patron of Art Gaius Maecenas 888 Limited Edition Fountain Pen-Medium and the Sterling silver has the following features.
Design Features:
  • The design is influenced by antique ornaments and elements which are typical for the Roman Empire
  • The first line of the poem from Virgil - an homage to Gaius Maecenas - decorates the skeletonized cap
  • The origin marble barrel reflects the typical structure of a roman column
  • The clip reminds of an old sword
  • His portrait could be found on the antique like coin in the cone
Montblanc Queen Elizabeth
Product Features:
  • Barrel made of origin marble
  • 18k gold nib, with special engraving
The sterling silver pen has Lacquered barrel with 925 Sterling silver rings with engravings
Montblanc Queen Elizabeth
The Gold pen has solid gold .
The pen is available in Fine and Medium point for Silver Edition
We are taking preorders on this pen now and call 1800-263-2736
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Ugly Pen Contest

                 CONGRATULATIONS to the WINNER of Pen Boutique's UGLY PEN CONTEST 
Ugly Pen contest winner
Mr. Brent -- Winner of Ugly Pen Contest

Official Rule "Ugly Pen Contest" Contest

We are giving our Facebook fans a chance to win "Cream color textured leather Tornado with chrome accents "  ! Show us your ugly pen and win!

a. Like our Page to become a fan!
b. Submit photo of your Ugly Pen in our facebook timeline to Participate (
c. Bring maximum votes on your Photo with "Likes"
d. Win the contest

Ends: 4/14/2014

We are hosting this "Ugly Pen Contest" for our awesome Pen Boutique fans. The winner of this contest will be announced on our Timeline and Pen Boutique blog ( during the last week of April.

The Prize
Cream color textured leather Tornado with chrome accents

One Entry Per Person.

Photo Acceptance
* Photos of Ugly Pens—Fountain pens/Rollballs/Ballpoints, Recent or Old, must be original.
*No Computer Generated Photos Will be Accepted.
*Photos with Copyright or the Images from Internet will not be accepted.
*If somebody claims the Copy Right for Uploaded image your participation will be considered as invalid. 

Total Winner
1 winner

Free shipping to Winners within USA.International participant shipping will be additional and you can also add it free to your any pending orders.


All the citizens from USA with valid Facebook ID are encouraged to participate.International customers are welcome to participate but shipping will be additional and you can also add it free to your any pending orders.

Winner Selection

Winners will be selected based on total likes gain by the Contestant Photo.

Get your friends to like your photo(s). Please make note that the winner is primarily based on Ranking by the Page Owner or the Contest Moderator. The number of Likes on photo will improve your chances to be Ranked.

All images submitted must be the work of the individual submitting them. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

 More Legal Stuff

1.) This giveaway/contest is void where prohibited by law. The contestants assume the total responsibility of knowing their local laws in regard to "Ugly Pen" Contest ! and are subject to any local, state, national or international laws. Friendship Circle accepts no responsibility for making these individual legal determinations.

2.) Winner are solely responsible for any taxes on their respective prizes.

3.) No substitution of prize is offered.

4.) Prizes are non-transferable.

5.) Prizes should be claimed within 30 days of the announcement of winner. Any claims made after 30 days will be considered void. Pen Boutique, Limited, USA, is not responsible for any such claims after that time.

6.) If a prize, or any portion thereof, cannot be awarded for any reason, Pen Boutique, Limited, USA, reserves the right to substitute a prize with another prize of equal or greater value. That determination will be made by Pen Boutique, Limited, USA.

7.) Winners must verify their email and shipping address when contacted via email address on file.

8.) Winners name may be used on future Pen Boutique, Limited, USA, marketing media, including, but not limited to Facebook, website & blog

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Saint Patrick’s Day

Let’s paint the town green!

Saint Patrick's Day

Looks like, it’s the shared thought on everyone’s mind right now. With the arrival of 17th March this year, everyone is dusting off their green hats and either washing the old or purchasing a new green T-shirt. Legends have it that the color green makes a person invisible to leprechauns (elves) that will pinch someone if they see them. Save yourselves from the pinch, get your guards of green on; it’s Saint Patrick’s Day!

Along with the New York skyline above the empire state building, Sydney Opera House is lit green. Niagara Falls is flowing green and so is Chicago river plus the fountain of White house. London Eye, Tokyo Tower, Burj-al-Arab, all of them will go through the transformation that later erupts with Ireland’s shade of Green. This vibrancy of green will sweep through Italy, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Switzerland, USA and many other countries around the globe. You might want to follow the trend and get something green before you get pinched.

Why not modify the trend in a tasteful way? T-shirts and hats are done with; go for something that’s innovative, original and of course, limited. 

Retro51 LTD Green Acrylic Cellulose Double - Eight Tornado Fountain Pen

If you have always wanted to stand out from the crowd, you can be one of those 1951 happy owners of Retro51 LTD Green Acrylic Cellulose Double - Eight Tornado Fountain Pen MEDIUM POINT—since this is a limited edition. As heavy as the name might sound, you will be amazed at its lightness. The green marble designed barrel, gold trims and gold plated steel nib (Medium point) come together and build a slender, interference-free writing instrument that gives a sheer classic style comfort in writing. Retro51 is never out of Fashion and neither is Retro51 LTD Green Acrylic Cellulose Double - Eight Tornado Fountain Pen MEDIUM POINT.

Aurora Ipsilon
Aurora Ipsilon
One of the reasons people wear green on St. Patrick’s day is because the catholic side of Ireland is branded with this energetic color. Science says, energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can always be transformed. Energy flows and I wouldn’t be off beam if I patronize Aurora Ipsilon Green Resin Fountain Pen which has the vigor to be the everyday pal for someone who studies as well as the untiring friend for someone who works. Available in various sizes, Aurora Ipsilon Green Resin Fountain Pen boasts of Green resin barrel, black lacquer ring, gold plated trims, light weight and great balance. The oomph can be sculpted according to your personality. Try evenly full of verve, Aurora Ipsilon Green Resin Rollerball Pen or Aurora Ipsilon Green Resin Ballpoint Pen, and see if you can resist the zest.

Though we talk of green much, the holiday was originally associated with the color blue. It’s believed that the change of color happened because of Ireland’s nickname ‘The Emerald Isle’. 

Pelikan Edelstein Ink
Pelikan Edelstein Ink
Talking of emeralds, did you know there has been an addition of a new range of garnet, sapphire, ruby and most outstandingly, aventurine in the treasure of compassion for smooth writing and fountain pens? The collection of brilliant nine colors inspired from gemstones structure Pelikan Edelstein 50ml Fountain Pen Ink Bottle. It’s no less than an impeccable jewelry. It’s of high value, it’s prosperous, detailed, perfect gift for yourself and the significant individuals in your life; and not to forget, and it’s limited to one year only. However, there are doubts Pelikan Edelstein 50ml Fountain Pen Ink Bottle Aventurine Green will last a year, especially when 17th March is just around the corner.
Visconti Dali Inspired Surrealist Fountain Pen
Visconti Dali Inspired Surrealist Fountain Pen

St. Patrick is a Catholic saint credited with enriching the island with Christianity and most famous for driving the snakes away from Ireland. True Fact: There are no snakes in Ireland. March 17th; a public holiday in Ireland is also well-known as a traditional day for spiritual renewal. Tradition, mind, imagination-all these words trigger the image of Visconti Dali Inspired Surrealist Fountain Pen in my vision. Dalí was well known for his uniqueness, creativity, and his exceptional character was the blend of respect for tradition and a determination for continuity. The eighteen–faceted design of Visconti Dali Inspired Surrealist Fountain Pen with gold and silver trim marks respect to all the traditions worldwide.

Bring in anything Irish, greens, shamrocks and lucky clovers but St. Patrick’s Day’s celebration is absolutely incomplete without the parades, festivities and Céilithe, a type of social gathering. With a superior population of Irish in USA than in Ireland itself, The New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade is the largest parade in the world. Likewise, the world's shortest St. Patrick's Day parade is held in the Irish village of Dripsey that lasts only 100 yards.

It’s also said that finding a four-leafed clover on this very day is extraordinarily lucky. Any luck so far?

May I also ask you how do you plan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year? What do you have in mind? Something GREEN probably!
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

International Women's Day 2014

International Women's Day

Woman, an epitome of beauty, affection, patience and selfless nurturing; she is something more than what words can describe. When we imagine womanhood, our mind summons up at the picture of our mother, grandmothers, daughter, wife, and friends and it brings out the varied emotions of love, respect and admiration. 

Every year on March 8th, we celebrate International Women’s day as an opportunity to appreciate the vital contribution of women to our world. And admit it ladies, even we as a woman don’t give ourselves enough praise for all the efforts that we put in each day.

Let’s change that. Let the enthusiasm from around the world -whether it involves eating cupcakes, donning red shades of lipsticks or protests or awards or gifts; inspire how you reflect yourself.
March 8th, 2014 marks the 103rd anniversary of International Women’s Day, and I make the most of this day to acknowledge the unwavering spirit of women worldwide. My small pat on the back to women, including me through something that symbolizes them; I present to you a different initiative dedicated to femininity.

Montblanc Grace Kelly Fine Princesse Grace de Monaco Fountain Pen
Montblanc Princess Grace
Let’s pay a tribute to an extraordinary woman and her impeccable glamor with PRINCESSE GRACE DE MONACO FOUNTAIN PEN. With a sensuously feminine neckline design, crafted from deep purple precious resin with champagne-tone gold-plating, it evolves into a majestic edition perfected with a lavish pink topaz on the clip. Be reminded, stones are simply a woman’s best friend. Both cap and barrel rings are intricately engraved with a rhombus pattern, inspired by the Principality of Monaco’s coat of arms. This edition underlies Montblanc’s commitment to step beyond functional beauty and acknowledge the inner charm of the woman in the walk of our lives.

Lamy Safari Pink
Lamy Safari Pink
Now if you have always been pulled towards the bubbliest and vivacious side of a lady, then continue the perky celebration with a swing in pink. LAMY SAFARI PINK LIMITED EDITION is perfect as adoration to the young girls who I’m sure would like to have simply everything in their favorite color. LAMY has chosen trendy pink for this special model of the safari making this Lamy safari pink one of the ‘must-haves’ for every young girl, keeping in mind that all the women are always young. Age is just a number and in our case, a secret one.  The limited edition means it will be a sought-after collector’s item. The bright pink pen makes writing so much more fun – you might just get a neatly scribbled ‘Thank you’ note for choosing this as a gift for your princess.

Aurora Ipsilon
Aurora Ipsilon
Last Women’s Day, I was simply flattered when a little neighbor of mine came to me with pretty yellow flowers. Though they were made of colored papers, nothing could have lured me more than his attempt to value a woman’s presence in this world. He supposedly learnt this in school and I learnt from him that it’s an Italian tradition to give mimosa flowers to women on International Women’s Day. Everyone is aware--Italy possesses the unmatched passion for beauty, style and glamour. So, giving Italian celebration a modern touch, AURORA IPSILONYELLOW RESIN ROLLERBALL PEN is Aurora’s own modern little yellow Mimosa created as souvenir for your everyday friend and a faithful companion. This mission is carried out with striking success by the Ipsilon, the pen that is eye-catching because of its innovative design, full of personality and characterized by the persona of a vibrant woman. A bit of an international knowledge of facts and details is always smart.

A new social initiative seeks to celebrate International Women’s Day using Red lipstick as the symbol of empowerment. Red, this bold color gushes femininity. Though beauty has no shade, it’s time you go around with the color of ‘Women Empowerment’ bright enough to make a long lasting impression.
Oberon Design Large Journals
My International Women’s Day pick would be Oberon Design Hummingbird Large Journal in Red. Her untamed bloom can also be garnished with Oberon Design Wild Rose Large Journal or the Oberon Design Cloud Dragon Large Journal will equally complement the fiery ablaze side of hers. Each of these elegant Oberon diary is handmade. Features include 208 pages with lined template sheet to facilitate writing. They are accompanied by a book insert and a Matching Britannia Pewter button.

All her wishes and dreams treasured underneath the sheath of red. Feels just right!

Cross Breast Cancer Awareness Leather Pouch
Cross Breast Cancer Awareness Leather Pouch

Sometimes, a little means a lot. While it’s not possible for you to control the genes, there are powerful steps you can take to protect your loved ones and help other protect theirs. CROSS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS ACCESSORY POUCH is small, but can make a big difference in supporting the cause. Defeat Breast Cancer. Its features include a zipped-top with outside pocket, a pink ribbon-patterned poly satin lining and Cross mini pen in the company of pink enamel awareness ribbon.

For every purchase, Cross will donate 10% of the retail sales to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®. Along with the women of your life, here’s a whole new way of thanking the women worldwide and paying them back for their unselfish acts of making this world a happier place to live.

Although the status of women worldwide had leaped drastically till date since the early 1900s, now is the right time to acknowledge the great achievements that women have brought together with our everyday lives, and also have a glance at all the accomplishment that remains to be made with time.
She can be you, your mom, your best friend, adoring sister, your wife or a female colleague; Make her smile this Women’s day!

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Caran D Ache Wenger Pen-Knife Gift Sets -The Swiss Connection

May be too late for Christmas or Valentines day gift and too early for Fathers Day gift. Either way ,I think it’s the best time to buy the Caran D Ache Wenger  ballpoint pen gift set ,which gives the combination to two best known accessory to human being – pen and knife (the swiss army knife)
Caran D Ache has its origin from Switzerland but the name derives from a Russian word “Karandash” for pencil.Pen Boutique has been selling Caran D Ache pen for many years and we have many happy customers with a Caran D Ache in their hands. 
Available in 3 colors ,RED ,BLUE and BLACK(My personal favorite is RED in this collection),this Ballpoint Pen Gift set would be a nice  starter kit for  new pen enthusiastic or for that case,any body who wants to write and have a handy utility kit ready in their bag.
Wenger is the maker of genuine Swiss army knife and it was acquired by Victorinox in 2005.This is a unique combination from the two Swiss based company to release this gift set.
Pen comes with a good looking gift box that can be additionally gift wrapped (Offering free of cost for next one week from Pen Boutique)
The replacement ballpoint refill for this pen would be the Caran D Ache Ballpoint refills. They are available in Black and Blue.Pity it is not available in Red Color. I don’t get to put Red refill in the Red Gift Set that I kept for myself.If you know of any other refill that would fit this pen available in Red,let me know.
“The pen is the interpreter of the soul: what one thinks, the other expresses.” This is a lovely quote by Cerventes and suits aptly to the pen world. With Caran D Ache pens,you will find justice to this statement.

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