Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Visconti–Declaration of Independence 1776 Pen

Couple of the most aggressive brand to bring in new products this year is Waterman and Visconti. While Waterman brings elegance, Visconti brings creativity to the table.
Visconti has come up with this splendid idea of making a pen based on the Declaration of Independence .Visconti Declaration of Independence limited edition pen may be one of the finest creation by the Visconti Pen owner - Dante.

The unique feature about this pen is that Visconti has used their scrimshaw technique to embed the text of the declaration of independence into the barrel of the pen. The pen also comes with a magnifying glass to see and enjoy the intricate features of the pen.I don’t know how they could fit in so much words into it but its really amazing how they did that.
Visconti pens in the past has been inspiring us with their unique limited editions pens ,out of which the honorable mentions are Visconti The Bible Limited Edition and Visconti Knights Templar Special Reserve‏ Limited Edition Fountain Pen and this one stands apart from all the previous edition especially for United States as it marks the most important date in the history of US July 4th 1776.
This pen will be officially inaugurated today in the Philadephia Pen Show ( Jan 21st to Jan 23rd) and the state mayor himself along with the owner of Visconti would be there for the opening ceremony.
The pen and magnifying glass are packaged together with a scroll in a special collector's edition box made from American walnut wood. The top of the box is made from leather and is engraved with the names of the signatories from the historic act.
The most interesting part about the pen is the Fountain Pen’s plunger filler. It is shaped based on the Liberty Bell and the representation of the bell is so detailed that it also has the crack that can be seen on the original bel. The nib of the pen is made with palladium ( not gold) and in the last one year we have seen some raving positive comments on this new element for nib.
Original pen’s filler shaped like Liberty bell compared with the original bell at Philadelphia.
The Visconti Declaration of Independence Pen also has the important event in US history captured in picture. I believe one of them is Thomas Jefferson,third president of United States and the principal author of the declaration of independence
Visconti is releasing this pen in Sterling Silver Edition which is more common and also gold very limited edition. The details on the pen is very intricate and the workmanship is worth. In the past when talking to Dante ( believe it or not Dante has a hand in every pen made), he had mentioned that he makes one pen gives it to his staff to use it and then when they say that they feel good about that pen, then only he proceeds to make more of them with the same metrics.
Here are the details of the Product Specification.
Silver Edition: Limited to 776 pens in silver
Material: Natural resin
Nib: 23kt Palladium one tone white nib
Trims: Aged 925 Sterling silver
Fountain: $2,950
Rollerball: $2,850
Gold Edition: Limited of 76 pens in 18kt gold
Material: Natural resin
Nib: 23kt Palladium two tones
Trims: Aged 18kt rose gold
Fountain: $26,950
Rollerball: $26,750 Surprised smile
The Gold prices are way to high(may be something to do with the current market prices of the Gold) but they are also very limited. Down the lane in future it may be priceless ,once the entire edition is sold out.
Close up view of the cap
We are taking on this pen, and you can call 1800- 263-2736 to reserve your pen. The shipping will be starting in February 1st week after the Philadelphia Pen Show.
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Montblanc StarWalker Black Mystery Ballpoint Pen

Mont Blanc Starwalker
Montblanc Star Walker
Monblanc is launching the new starwalker black mystery pens. This is the next in the line after the starwalker cool blue, which was a great hit.

The pens are supposed to be available in jan 1st week. But it has not shown up until now. It might be because of the mont blanc pens warehouse inventory which is until the 15th of Jan.

But check out the new starwalker mystery at the site:

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Lamy Fountain Pen Price Changes.

Lamy Pens

Looks like Lamy is going to raise their prices for the fountain pens by $2.50. They have already increased the price of the lamy ballpoint, rollerball and pencils. It is a tough walk in this economy. We do sell a lot of Lamy pens since it is one of the best bargain for the money and one of the best starter pens you can find around.
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"Share Your Wish" Contest

And the "Share your Wish" Contest WINNER is........

"Share your wish" WINNER
CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Stephanie La Plante


"Share your Wish" Contest Details 
New Year - New Beginning and your Wishes, Share your Wish and Win the Contest !

We are giving our Facebook fans a chance to win "Cross Townsend 18 Karat Gold Filled/Rolled Gold Ballpoint Pen" Worth $250.00 !

a. Like our Page to become a fan!
b. Submit your wish in our facebook timeline to Participate (https://www.facebook.com/pensboutique)
c. Bring maximum votes on your wish with "Likes"
d. Win the contest

Ends: 1/18/2014

We are hosting this "Share Your Wish" for our awesome Pen Boutique fans. The winner of this contest will be announced on our Timeline and Pen Boutique blog ( blog.penboutique.com) during the last week of January.

The Prize

Cross Townsend 18 Karat Gold Filled/Rolled Gold Ballpoint Pen

Total GiveAway
1 winner

Free shipping to Winners within USA.International participant shipping will be additional and you can also add it free to your any pending orders.


All the citizens from USA with valid Facebook ID are encouraged to participate.International customers are welcome to participate but shipping will be additional and you can also add it free to your any pending orders.

Winner Selection

There will be random selection of 1 winners from the total participation.We will use third party software to select the 1 random name/email address.

 More Legal Stuff

1.) This giveaway/contest is void where prohibited by law. The contestants assume the total responsibility of knowing their local laws in regard to "Share Your Wish" Contest ! and are subject to any local, state, national or international laws. Friendship Circle accepts no responsibility for making these individual legal determinations.

2.) Winner are solely responsible for any taxes on their respective prizes.

3.) No substitution of prize is offered.

4.) Prizes are non-transferable.

5.) Prizes should be claimed within 30 days of the announcement of winner. Any claims made after 30 days will be considered void. Pen Boutique, Limited, USA, is not responsible for any such claims after that time.

6.) If a prize, or any portion thereof, cannot be awarded for any reason, Pen Boutique, Limited, USA, reserves the right to substitute a prize with another prize of equal or greater value. That determination will be made by Pen Boutique, Limited, USA.

7.) Winners must verify their email and shipping address when contacted via email address on file.

8.) Winners name may be used on future Pen Boutique, Limited, USA, marketing media, including, but not limited to Facebook, website & blog

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