Tuesday, May 31, 2016

TIL: The Newest Retro51 Tornado's GLOW

Today I learned that some roller balls from Retro51's Spring release actually GLOW IN THE DARK. From most to least spooky, they are:

Dr. Grey
Cat Rescue
Dog Rescue

Dr. Grey, Cat Rescue, Dog Rescue

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Parker Sets for all Sorts Pt.2

This is a continuation of the Parker Sets for all Sorts post. We just received some fresh stock of really cool Parker Pen sets; some including multiple pens, some including writing accessories. The one I'm writing about today is especially interesting and beautiful. 

Full disclosure -- when we received this set into the store, a few Pen Boutique employees gathered around and took turns merely opening and closing the case. This "Secret Shelf" set has a very impressive, kin-aesthetic packaging design-- when the case is opened, a small drawer is slowly emerges from the front side of the box to reveal a classic (until uncapped, that is) Sonnet fountain pen. 

The pen is the star of the show-- subtle, matte, and dark upon first glance but interesting up close. When opened, the "section" and the nib are modern with an intricate, mature, zig-zag etching on a chrome finish. It reminds me of patterned silk kerchiefs and ties from the 1920's. 

The writing experience is what you would expect from a Parker Sonnet-- a silky smooth writer with a perfectly weighted body. The feel of the matte black surface is textured and won't show fingerprints. And of course there's the classic silver Parker-arrow clip that many of our fathers wore in their shirt pockets. 

The pen comes with a taupe, letherette-covered notebook with a friction-fit belt. The notebook is about the size of a personal-sized planner that you can easily store in a bag. The Sonnet fountain pen and other pens of similar size, will fit perfectly in the protective spine of the notebook which makes for easy transporting. The paper is replaceable with other Parker notebooks and 5.75 x 4" -sized notebooks.  

The set as a whole is a gorgeous and functional option for fountain pen folks who want a bit of luxury, without the flash, while on the go. 

This pen/these pens would be good for people who:
-love fountain pens that look classic with a slight twist
-enjoy pens with metal bodies and heavier feel
-are looking for a convenient notebook to use daily with their new pen
-suckers for awesome product presentation and boxes

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Time to Put Your Boat Shoes On!

     One of the things that Monteverde does right is stand out from the crowd.  No matter what, you are going to notice a Monteverde pen, whether it’s on a display shelf or in someone’s hand.  Taking a cue from the colorful flags flown at boat races, the Regatta Sport line mixes carbon fiber sections with either bright red or yellow, or a full carbon fiber design.  Not content with just these color choices, the Rose Gold Limited Edition was released.  Limited to just 999 pieces in Fountain, Rollerball or Ballpoint, these are some eye-catching pens.  Their limited edition number is laser engraved into the lacquer finish over the top most carbon fiber section.

     The Fountain and Rollerball versions both come with magnetic caps – no worry of cross threading, broken thread sections or stripped threads.  Even better, the magnet works  while either capped or posted.  The Ballpoint has a smooth mechanism and is compatible with Parker style refills, coming equipped with Monteverde’s own SoftRoll technology from the factory.  Each pen comes with a matching numbered box, while the Fountain Pen also includes a converter and cartridges.  These pens are ready to use and show off right out of the box.

     Due to their limited supply, there are not many of these pieces left.  Do note – if you are looking to use these pens, they are relatively thick-bodied.  The Fountain and Rollerball pens have slimmer sections under the cap, but the ballpoint is the same thickness throughout the whole body.  They all exhibit a good weight, as Monteverde pens usually do, and they all provide a good grip – these pens will not be slipping out of your fingers any time soon.

     The Monteverde Limited Edition Regatta Rose Gold is a collectible pen in any version.  The scarce supply and sharp looks add that much more to the desirability of this homage to racing.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Parker Sets for all Sorts

The Question is WHICH Parker?

If you're scrambling for a last minute gift for a Grad or Dad in your life then have a look at our fresh new stock of Parker pen sets. Parker is well established internationally as one of the forefathers of the modern fountain pen. Parker's have become so ubiquitous in the pen world that many "pen standards" have been set based on how Parker did it at first (a Parker-style ballpoint refill is extremely easy to find and will fit into ballpoints from many pen companies). 

While Parker is still making classic, low-key pens, what many people don't know is that they have a stellar selection of pens mixing modern with classic. It's these unique combinations that make a pen a pleasure to use and others take note. Pen Boutique has 4 newly-introduced sets all of which are stellar gifts (for yourself or others) that feature gorgeous pens. 


All of the sets come in gorgeous gift boxes with a dark brass and gold colored box. The interior of the boxes is a tan velveteen with a brass-colored embossing of the Parker name and logo. The attention to detail in packaging perfectly reflects the sleek, modern pens that are stored inside of them. Read on about one of the sets we're now offering at Pen Boutique:

Parker IM Ballpoint and Fountain Pen Set in Brushed Metal

This is a set of 2 pens from the Parker's IM line -- a ball point and a fountain pen in a brushed metal finish. The pen appointments are a glossy chrome finish and of course the clip is the iconic Cross-arrow. The IM pens are an incredible value. 

Due to the metal body they have a great weight to them and a modern look. The ballpoint performs just as you would expect from a Parker pen-- dependable and with a lovely flow. Same can be said for the fountain pen in the set. When using Parker blue ink, the pen comes to life when vivid blue words are effortlessly created. This pen comes with one blue ink cartridge and will accept a Parker converter. 

This pen/these pens would be good for people who are: 

-looking for a pen that will match most any outfit (including Mad Men costumes or wedding dresses)
-just starting at a professional job 
-interested in dabbling in fountain pens
-into pens on that are heavier or made of metal
-want to switch between a ballpoint and fountain pen 

Stay tuned for a post tomorrow about other Parker sets that are now available!

Inked up, 

Pen Boutique 

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Welcome June - A Special Month for Dads and Grads!!!!!

Welcome June - A Special Month for Dads and Grads!!!!!
June is here!!! With all the excitements of this month comes two special occasions to cheer for - Father's Day and Graduation Day.  Both these events are nearly at our doorsteps, so finding a special gift for our loved ones in becoming more important. If you are planning to celebrate these important dates with typical gifts, there are lots of local shops bombarded with everyday gift accessories. But, if you are sick of normal gift items, and want to present something unique and thoughtful then Pen Boutique might be the right shopping destination for you. 

At Pen Boutique, we have assorted a list of thoughtful gifts for Father's Day and Graduation Day. The items listed below are carefully handpicked by our experts to exhilarate the joy of these two special occasions. Select from our list, and leave a timeless impression in your loved ones heart. 

Father's Day Gift Ideas

We have huge collection of gifts to please every dad. So step out of the box, be creative and select a unique gift which will be appreciated for a lifetime. 

Montblanc Rectangle SS Reversible Onyx-Garnet x5 Cuff Links: 

Decorate the personality of your dad with the new Montblanc Rectangle SS Reversible Onyx-Garnet x5 Cuff Links. Elegantly designed, this unique cuff features a distinct design and reveals finesse artistry of Montblanc artisans. This elegant set will definitely make a stand out gift and your father will love it. Help your father become the show stealer in every occasion with this elegant set. 

Dalvey Skeletal Pocket Watch & Stand

Classic yet contemporary, the new Dalvey Skeletal Pocket Watch & Stand exhibits a gorgeous design. This beautiful watch is designed for every pocket, and every handsome man should have one of these. Believe me; your old man will love this beautiful watch, despite his preference and taste. 

Montblanc Cruise Collection Black w/Platinum Trim Rollerball Pen

An epitome of style and sturdiness, the new Montblanc Cruise Collection is a beautiful writing instrument. The evenly balanced profile, shimmering design and sturdy construction makes this unique writer one of a kind, like your dad. The pen would make a great gift for Father's Day, and will inspire your father to write. 

Filofax Lockwood Personal Organizer - Garnet

Gone are the days when decorative accessories used to reign as prominent gift choices, people now prefer useful items. So, this year instead of throwing your money on flower bouquet or a box of chocolate go for something useful like the new Filofax Lockwood Personal Organizer - Garnet. This beautiful personal organizer will help your father to manage his day and keep his important documents safe from external casualties. 

Gift Idea for Graduates

Graduation day is a special occasion for your loved ones. They will obviously celebrate the day with caps, gowns, certificates and parties, but to let them know that you care add a thoughtful gift which will create an everlasting impression. 

Pelikan Classic M205 Amethyst Special Edition Fountain Pen with Ink Set

A brand new start deserves a fresh gift like the new Pelikan Classic M205 Amethyst Special Edition Fountain Pen with Ink Set. This gorgeous writer features a captivating design adorned by elegant chrome plated accents and a traditional Pelikan beak style clip. The pen is coupled with a matching ink bottle, when written with the ink lays down beautiful lines and will inspire one to write on and on. 

Faber-Castell Ondoro Wood Fountain Pen

What would be a better gift for graduates than a sophisticated writing implement from the renowned brand Faber-Castell. The new Faber-Castell Ondoro Wood Fountain Pen exhibits the legacy of the brand and finesse artistry of its artisans. This unique writer reflects perfection from every ounce, and will inspire the recipient to do better in his/her future. 

Retro51 Desk Set

After graduation all our loved ones will initiate their steps towards professional life, and wouldn't it be great if we can present them something unique to enhance the beauty of their new desk. If you are looking for something similar then the new Retro51 Desk Set might be the right item for you. This elegant desk set is available in three different colors: White, Black and Turquoise. With this elegant desk piece your loved ones can have a full functional pen at their fingertips. 

Filofax Calipso 

Things are going to get complicated for your loved graduates when they'll step into professional life. They'll have a hard time managing their daily schedule and documents, so to ease their burden we are glad to introduce the new Filofax Calipso. This unique organizer is available in four bold colors: Black, Red, Blue and Deep pink. Choose the one that matches the recipient's choice and gift them the new Filofax Calipso.  

Summing Up

We have short listed some of the favorite products adored by our clients. If you are looking for other unique gift items please visit our website and choose the right gift for your loved ones. 

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