Friday, May 23, 2014

Wish and Win - Graduation's Congratulations!

**********************CONTEST NOW CLOSED******************************

**********************CONTEST NOW CLOSED******************************

CONGRATULATIONS to our Winner : Patricia L George


Grab this excellent opportunity to win a CROSS TOWNSEND BLACK BALLPOINT PEN WITH PEN CASE worth $200.00

How to participate

a. Like our Official Facebook Page to become a fan
b. Comment your proud, happy and joyful good wishes and congratulations messages below the Contest Image on our Facebook timeline to participate (
(Please Comment! Do not post it on the wall!)
c. Bring maximum votes on your Congratulation message with "Likes"
d. Win the contest!

Contest Ends: 6/15/2014

We are hosting this 'Share and Win- Graduation's Congratulations' Contest as a way to celebrate the achievement and success of every graduate. We convey our good wishes to all our customers and fans and their friends and family who have embarked upon this glorious day of accomplishment.

The participation will be transparent as comments on Facebook update. The winner of this contest will be announced on our Timeline and Pen Boutique blog ( upon the completion of the contest deadline.

The Prize

Worth $200.00

Total Giveaway Quantity : One

Number of Winners : One


Free shipping to Winners within USA.International participant shipping will be additional and you can also add it free to your any pending orders.


All the citizens from USA with valid Facebook ID are encouraged to participate. International customers are welcome to participate but shipping will be additional and you can also add it free to your any pending orders.

Once declared winner, we will contact the participant through Facebook or email, if available. In case, we don't receive any response from the winner within one week (seven days) of first correspondence, the winner ship will be transferred to the runner up.

Winner Selection

The message with the highest number of Votes/Likes in the comment box will be declared as the Winner message. And the person will be contacted through the Facebook profile used to comment the message.

 More Legal Stuff

1.) This giveaway/contest is void where prohibited by law. The contestants assume the total responsibility of knowing their local laws in regard to "Wish and Win - Graduation's Congratulations" Contest and are subject to any local, state, national or international laws. Friendship Circle accepts no responsibility for making these individual legal determinations.

2.) Winner are solely responsible for any taxes on their respective prizes.

3.) No substitution of prize is offered.

4.) Prizes are non-transferable.

5.) Prizes should be claimed within 30 days of the announcement of winner. Any claims made after 30 days will be considered void. Pen Boutique, Limited, USA, is not responsible for any such claims after that time.

6.) If a prize, or any portion thereof, cannot be awarded for any reason, Pen Boutique, Limited, USA, reserves the right to substitute a prize with another prize of equal or greater value. That determination will be made by Pen Boutique, Limited, USA.

7.) Winners must verify their email and shipping address when contacted via email address on file.

8.) Winners name may be used on future Pen Boutique, Limited, USA, marketing media, including, but not limited to Facebook, website & blog.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mechanical Pencils and How to Refill Them

It’s an arguable truth that mechanical pencils are the most convenient and all-purpose instruments ever created. They are a class all unto their own, and are so ingenuously effective and magnificent that their inherent marvels are on par with that of a lamp – even more so, many would argue.
Mechanical pencils, alternatively known as propelling pencils in the UK, typically have the body and feel of pens. Instead of ink, however, they tote replaceable graphite cores, alternatively known as lead or lead sticks. These sticks are not bonded to the device itself, and are designed to be used until they are worn down to the point where they can no longer be used. Mechanical pencils are additionally designed to maintain a consistent thickness and sharpness without ever needing to be sharpened. This unique longevity makes them ideal for technical drawing and long writing sessions.
There are generally only two types of mechanical pencils: propelling and clutch. Propelling pencils, in a method that is true to their name, push lead forward and out through the tip when a special mechanism is pressed. Clutch pencils use gravity; the aforementioned mechanism is held down, allowing the lead to drop freely through the tip. When the mechanism is released, inner jaws “clutch” the lead and hold it in place. When considering lead, mechanical pencils have about 13 different kinds, but the vast majority of those who use these instruments only use about two different kinds. 0.7mm and 0.5mm are the most common, respectively, and the other different lead versions can be a challenge to find.
Despite all these technical aspects, mechanical pencils are easy to use and understand, second only to ballpoint pens. Although there are some, albeit only a few, mechanical pencils that should be thrown away after their lead has expired, most are refillable. This process is extraordinarily simple, and only takes one test drive before you know how to do it like a pro.
First, you need to remove the plastic cap covering the pen’s eraser, should it have one, and then the eraser itself. Take a couple or so lead sticks and hold them gently in your palm. The size of the inner barrel of your mechanical pencil will determine how many lead sticks can fit in at once. You do not want to add too many, because then they can jam together it is a long, elaborate, frustrating process to get them all set to rights again. Check the inner compartment, and after determining that your small selection will fit, carefully drop the lead pieces into the barrel and put the eraser and its covering back in their proper place. Give pencil a few test clicks and if the lead appears then you have officially succeeded in this endeavor.

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