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The Rollabind Notebook-Who says binding is boring?

All of us can say that we have used a notebook at one time or another; whether it was a spiral, or a binder. Notebooks are made for the user in an attempt to make organizing information easier. Most of our uses of a notebook were most likely during school, and many of us may still use them today. Now, what if I told you there was a better method of organization? I’m talking about the Rollabind notebook by the Rollabind company.
The idea for this notebook was thought up in 1994 and perfected in 1996 by the Rollabind Company whose base of operations is located in Pompano Beach, Florida. However, this was while Rollabind was still a part of a another successful company. This innovative creation was to change the way professionals and students alike were thinking about getting, and staying organized
Now let’s talk about the actual notebook. The Rollabind notebook is a wonderful little tool that allows you to remove, replace, interchange, and refill pages. “How does it do this?” you may be asking. Well instead of rings, the Rollabind notebooks use a disc system to create a strong and instant bond, similar to a rolodex file. I’ll come back to the discs later. The notebook is easy to fit almost anywhere, and folds over flat. It has the flexibility of a spiral notebook with the convenience of a three ring-binder! Not only that, the Rollabind also helps you save on paper since instead of throwing it out when it’s full, you can just buy more discs and start a new notebook, then interchange the pages between the two! The looks of the notebooks are upscale and attractive, but you can buy plastic covers that come in a wide variety of colors if you don’t like what you see.
The original covers are made of a leathery material to give the notebook a look and feel of sophistication. These can be ordered in red, black, or brown, and in two different sizes: junior and letter. These notebooks are obviously good for taking notes at school, or keeping files around the office, but that is not all the use you can get from this notebook. You can also use them for personal projects, like scrapbooking. This notebook in itself is pretty amazing, but what really bring out the uniqueness of these notebooks are its accessories.
The Rollabind notebook comes with a large number of accessories including the discs that I mentioned earlier. Since I have already referenced them, why don’t I start with those? The discs for the Rollabind notebooks are made of a durable plastic and can hold about 100 sheets of paper. The inner diameter of each disc is about ½ an inch. They are made of a durable plastic that makes it last, even when used on a day to day basis. The discs come in red, black, white, yellow, green, clear, and blue. The discs also come in a metallic finish in the same colors as the plastic, to give your notebook a futuristic feel.
Next I’ll talk about the Rollabind Desktop Punch. The Rollabind has a rather interesting feature that I believe I have failed to mention. You can use your own paper! Yes, that includes paper from other notebooks that you have written important notes on. To utilize this feature, however, you have to buy the Rollabind Desktop Punch. The whole puncher is a little pricey, but the uses of the instrument far exceed the price value given to it. To be able to put any pages on the discs of any Rollabind notebook opens up a plethora of new organizational possibilities. You can take all of your notes from say a biology 101 class, and put them with your new notes from a biology 102 class. This is one of the most useful things you can do with a Rollabind notebook. This organization tool will definitely make your life ten times easier.
The notebooks customization abilities don’t stop there. The plastic covers, which I remembered to mention earlier, add a new meaning to the words “fully customizable.” The plastic covers come in black, green, frosted clear, royal blue, red, translucent green and translucent orange. There are so many colors to choose from, making your notebook completely customizable. You can mix and match the colors of your covers, and discs to make a beautiful notebook that is 100% composed from your personal preferences. Not only are the covers beautiful, but they also are made of a high quality, .30 gauge low density polyethylene plastic.
I know what you’re thinking, “ethylene? That’s gas right?” Well you are absolutely right. Low density polyethylene is a thermo plastic that is made of petroleum, but don’t worry its completely safe, and doesn’t give off a smell like petroleum does. All the petroleum in the covers do is make them more durable to protect each and every precious page you have in your notebook. They are beautiful and useful, and there are even more accessories to go with this innovative creation.
Time for me to read your minds again, I think our thinking, “well that’s all fine and dandy, but why should I choose this notebook over any other notebook?” Well I have a couple of reasons for why I switched to the Rollabind, maybe they’ll be enough for you too. I can be a bit clumsy sometimes, so three ring binders and I didn’t really get along. I would clip the skin of my fingers between the metal rings all the time, and it hurt! With the Rollabind notebook, I no longer have to worry about my notebook trying to eat my fingers.
If you carry lots of things then this is best solution for you. A typical bag (even if its an school goer or office guy) contains  laptop,iphone,ipad? and other essentials. Well, often times all the other items in the backpack would stomp on the binder until the rings were off track. This makes it difficult to use the item for organizing because the papers would often slide out of the rings and it  would be hard to locate them when you really needed them. With the Rollabind notebook’s disc system, you no longer have to deal with this problem because the discs are a lot more durable and reliable than the rings of a three ring binder.
My last point also relates to the point of customization. This is a very important thing to stress because it’s a very special feature. Let me explain it with a question about something completely different. Why was skyrim nominated, and then voted game of the year? My theory is because of the amount of freedom you have in the game. People love to be able to control how something is going to work. To me, this is true with a notebook as well. I love to decorate my notebook with pictures and things, and I have seen countless others who like to do the same. A fully customizable item makes for a very successful and completely fulfilling notebook; making Rollabind the perfect design for anyone no matter what their style may be.

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