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Filofax Flex Notes,fun and more….

The Fourth of July has come and gone, the local theme parks are packed, the days are hot, the nights are warm, and if you look outside, right after sunset, you will see armies of lightning bugs brightening the woods. Summer is officially in full swing, accompanied by its usual entourage: bliss, relaxation, and freedom. This year Filofax, one of the world’s most trusted stationery manufacturers, has introduced a new member to the world of summer: the Flex. The Flex is a three-part notebook series that is guaranteed to transform your summer from endless carefree days into one full of inspiration, literary satisfaction and a new favorite writing companion.

The Flex comes in three sizes: A5 (170x223mm), slim (105x163mm) and flex pocket (100x133mm). The A5 is the most commonly used given its size, unlimited functionality and diversity. When opened, the a5 notebook lays completely flat – how convenient! (How many times have you tried to write in a notebook, only to have its bulky spine aggravate you? Irritating, isn’t it?) On the left hand side of the notebook is an 80 page ruled notepad made of smooth, crisp Filofax stationery. Beneath that are multiple pockets of varying sizes to hold all of your essentials. There are six credit card slots and two additional, larger ones that are perfect for storing torn out notes, checkbooks, receipts, and any other miscellaneous papers. On the right hand side is a 32 page, unlined jot pad that stretches the height of the notebook. This little pad is one of the most useful aspects of the entire notebook. It lets you quickly scribble down any short note, thought, or mental sidebars you want. The jot pad’s paper – though just as smooth and easy to work with as the notepad’s – is easily disposed of, so you can keep all your more relevant thoughts in your notepad. (The jot pad is more for things like the title of a good song you just heard on the radio, a book title, your grocery list, someone’s phone number…) In the center of the notebook is a removable, cardboard pencil holder. With most other notebooks, you’re left to stick your pen into various slots and hope it doesn’t fall out or get lost when you need it most. The Flex has a pencil holder that can be taken out and slipped into pockets on the left and right hand side of the notebook for your optimum comfort and convenience.
(That’s a Flex with a Laban Pen,a neat fit into the pen holder)
All of the aforementioned information is just the beginning. Though it comes in this revolutionary package, a simple writing notepad with lines – or no lines – is just that. Simple. So, to combat this seemingly unoriginality, Filofax has made the Flex’s paper completely customizable. A multitude of different refill options are available and can be switched in and out of the notebook at any time. There are sketchpads, for the spontaneous artist; planners, for on the go businessmen or businesswomen; diaries, for the more emotional and free-spirited types; and contact lists, for the social types. There is also a variety of other options for any and everyone. The Flex’s properties are just as flexible as its seemingly nonexistent spine!
Check out this diagram that helps you to make the your filofax flexible.image

Though it has everything you could ever want in a portable organizer just short of a secretary, you may be inclined to think that the a5 is bigger than what you really need. Have no fear; the Flex’s slim and pocket versions are made to conform to these thoughts. To prevent unnecessary bulkiness, these remaining pads are only equipped with a 64 paged notepad and 32 paged jot pad respectively. Their limitless practicality and heightened convenience more than make up for this small slight. The Flex slim has a shortened height and width. It has about the same density and weight of a checkbook or leather wallet. The slim fits nicely inside your pocket, briefcase, or purse. The Flex pocket version is perfect for, well, your pocket. It’s small, compact and by summer’s end you’ll never want to be without it.
(Filofax flex,display at PenBoutique Sterret Place ,Columbia MD location)
The Flex series comes in three distinct, professionally tasteful colors: black, slate, and for those who want a more decorative flair, magenta. They are made out of sleek, soft and smooth two-toned leather that gives the notebooks depth and personality.
(Flex in various size and color)
This summer, keep in mind that taking it slow, organizing your time wisely, and having an outlet to your insatiable creativity makes for a pleasant, unforgettable summer. With the Flex series, that perfect summer is only a notebook away.
Filofax Flex at PenBoutique
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