Friday, August 29, 2014

Enter in our RARE Waterman Fountain Pen give away!

Enter in our RARE Waterman Fountain Pen give away

We at Pen Boutique, Limited, USA, are organizing a Facebook Labor Day Special Giveaway. Please participate in our contest and win exciting prize.

Hurry up & enter to Win !!

The contest starts on Thursday, August 29th and ends on September 7th, 2013.

Click here for GiveAway:

Prize include:
Rare Waterman Expert Urban Fountain Pen with the pen pouch. The fountain pen does have a gold nib and writes like a dream.

We are giving away 1 Rare Waterman Fountain Pen.  International customers are welcome to participate but shipping will be additional and you can also add it free to your any pending orders.

Here are the instructions since some customers found it confusing:

1) Click on the link :

2) Click on  the "Like" button.  If you already like Penboutique, then you have to just go to the next step.

3) Scroll down and enter  your name and address ( yeah, we have to know whom to give).  The terms and conditions are something which is required by facebook for merchants as per their new rule.

That is it!    You are in!!!!!

For more Info. Visit : Official Rules 

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DC Gets Inked

The air was filled with the salty aroma of hundreds of uncapped ink bottles that were left at many a stations for trial. Shiny pens, thousands in number, laid neatly on the tables. Some strolled down from aisle to aisle, admiring what they saw. Letting out sighs of "Ooohs" and "Ahhs". Sometimes stopping to try what they saw and liked. And there were others rushing in hopes of finding the pen of their dreams. For many the dream turned into reality. For some, there is always another year. Have you guessed already what it is? Yes, it is the Washington DC Pen Show 2014.

The grand hall of Sheraton Premiere Hotel was dwarfed by floods of pen enthusiasts, collectors and novices who poured in as soon as the doors opened. Showcasing a wide array of old, new, branded and unbranded pens from over, Washington DC  Pen Show 2014 was a hit, if nothing else. But it was more. Lots of new faces floated amidst many old ones. It was a beginning of a new chapter for those who were at the show for the first time. They made new friends, fell in love and hopefully will be back next year. For others, it was a reunion: of like-minded people, of old friends and of long lost love.

We at Pen Boutique were honored to see some customers, return again after last year; if not to buy pens, then to meet us. Monk Paper, the online lokta paper store, made its debut at Pen Show this year which was well received by the visitors. We also held a contest during the four-day event, which ended up making a very special guy very happy. Anson, became the winner of the contest and received a Lokta traveler journal and the Rare Retro 88 ballpoint pen.

It is always heartwarming to see someone unwrap a gift. Maybe that is why it is said, "Giving is more blessed than receiving." Here is a picture of Anson with the gifts,

This smile is one reason why, we at Pen Boutique love giving prizes. You can also watch this priceless video of him opening the gift.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Congratulations DC Pen Show Winner

CONGRATULATIONS to the Pen Boutique's WINNER of DC Pen Show 
Mr. Anson, Pen Boutique's Winner of DC Pen Show
Mr. Anson, DC Pen Show Winner

The Washington DC Pen Show 2014, which kicked off on 7 August for four days, was a huge success; thanks to all the pen enthusiasts who participated. We are glad to announce that we have picked a winner of the DC Pen Show Contest 2014 that happened at the venue.

Can we have a drum roll, please? Ba-dr-dr-dr........

And the winner is........Anson. Congratulations!!! Anson won a beautiful Lokta traveller journal and the Rare Retro 88 ballpoint pen. Here is a picture of him with the pen and the journal.

We hope you enjoy using them, as much as we have enjoyed giving it to you.

Mr. Anson Enjoys Unpacking The Prize
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Monday, August 25, 2014


Parker IM Ballpoint Pen
Parker IM Ballpoint Pens
"Being one of my favorite pens for everyday use, the Parker IM ballpoint pen is the epitome of "Bang for your buck". I am impressed with they way they look and feel and I would never imagine the price to be what it is. One of the most important things to me is how easy it is to get refills!

I also like how many refill options there are to choose from, such as Parker Gel refills or Monteverde Soft Roll refills. In mine, I currently have an"Easy Flow" refill from S.T.Dupont. I absolutely love how it glides and can't get enough of it."

 -Julio Rivas (Pen Boutique Ltd, 7101 Democracy Blvd, Bethesda. MD 20817)
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Montblanc Honore de Balzac Writer Series Ink - Dandy Turquoise

 Montblanc Honore de Balzac Writer Series Ink - Turquoise

- Leena Menon

Every year Montblanc releases the famous Writer Series Limited Edition Pens.  For past 3 years they have been releasing the famous Writer Series Ink Bottles in limited quantities to match with these writers series  edition.  All of the writer series inks have shown some wonderful colors and have been an instant hit with the customers.  The Carlo Collodi Brown ink bottle, Jonathan Swift Sea Weed Ink bottle has been an instantaneous hits with customers.  Customers still ask for the Carlo Collodi Brown ink but alas they are sold out and in fact one customer bought 24 of them to keep them in stock.

So what makes Montblanc  Writer Series Limited Edition ink so special?  Well for one they are a perfect match to the Limited edition series.  I would say it should be included with the purchase of the respective Montblanc  Writer Series limited edition pens and that is exactly what we do it also ( as long as it is in stock since the ink fanatics ( me! me!) can really empty those shelves in no time).  Another reason is the lubrication of these inks are fantastic.  They are a perfect companion for your Montblanc fountain pens and in fact any of the fountain pens. They do flow easily, so those with heavy flowing nibs have to be aware.  Their drying time is  pretty good ( please see the image with smearing done in 1 seconds, 5 Seconds). But I think the best reason that they are so famous is that the ink colors so far has been outstanding and have special meaning towards the author.

This year's writer series limited edition - 2013 is in the honor of Honoré de Balzac.   It is an interesting choice by Montblanc as some of the work by this author has been banned from some countries.  But I guess above all it is the author and the hard work that writers put forth which needs to be accounted.

The ink for the Limited Edition 2013 is nicely called Dandy Turquoise ink ( it was initially marketed as Sandy Turquoise ink, but then in the end it was decided to be Dandy.  So it is all sandy-dandy!).  The turquoise is a beautiful shade and if you remember the discontinued Montblanc Turquoise ink, it is a little shade darker than that.  There is no or little feathering of the ink.

I have given a sample writing with the ink on my favorite Rhodia Meeting book on 80g Clairfontaine paper.  Rhodia papers are usually very ink resistant and does take little bit of extra time to dry. The plus side is that you can use both sides of the paper with a fountain pen with some smooth writing.  The pen used for testing is Pelikan M200 with Italic Nib.


The repeated swab tests shows that the ink has a nice turquoise color to it.  I have also tried the dip pen test where I have kept the dip pen for 4 min to get a darker turquoise color ( I love this color! Need to ask Noodlers to create some for us )

The ink is beautiful and the picture does not do full justification especially if you love turquoise color.  The bottle is a nice thick bottle just like the Jonathan Seaweed Ink bottle.

Get  this collectible  bottle of ink today while it lasts.  Believe me they are worth it. 

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point 2011 Limited Edition Pink Fountain Pen–In Stock

Throughout its extensive history, The Namiki Pen Company has garnered most of its fame from its masterfully-crafted Japanese-themed pieces. Styled by the best artisans Japan has to offer, the artwork sculpted on their classic pen barrels and the intricacies of their mechanics have made Namiki a powerhouse in the world of pens. From Tokyo to New York City and back again, the name Namiki carries an unmatched reputation for high quality and design. This unfailing tradition will be continued this year when Namiki brings out the newest addition to their prestigious Limited Edition Vanishing Point Collection. This colorful and charming family will welcome the Namiki Pink Limited Edition 2011 Vanishing Point to its ranks; a lovely little pen proceeded by an enormous reputation. This latest installment has been eagerly awaited by pen enthusiasts around the world for months on end, and its limited numbers have made these pens even more desirable. With only 2,011 available world-wide and only 850 being released in the U.S.A., this edition would be the crown jewel of any enthusiast’s collection.
From the very beginning you are greeted with an artistic leatherette box that is striking in its elegant simplicity. It is kept closed by a magnetic clasp that is stylishly charming in its boldness. Yet the true enchantment does not begin until you unhook the clasp, open the lid and behold a divine treasure precisely placed upon a soft gray cloth. Whereas most pens are nestled inside their own little slots inside their gift boxes, the Namiki Pink Limited Edition Vanishing Point is held down by a soft, smooth grey ribbon that is just tight enough to keep the pen in place. It is a stunning presentation that exudes an air of elegance with a subtle hint of practicality.
Now, let us take a look at the very treasure that called us here in the first place. Deceptively simple, the Pink Vanishing Point is a masterpiece of creative design and ingenuity. Despite all of its internal mechanisms and design aspects, it’s much lighter than you would ever suspect. It is one ounce of evenly distributed weight that will make your writing experience all the more pleasurable. The pen’s body is colored a comforting, warm pink that is bright enough to be bold but not enough to be blinding. Instead, the gentle color wraps around the barrel like a suit of undeniable attractiveness and irresistible charm. The body’s metal is smooth to the touch, but ensures a non-slip grip. (Isn’t it just so irritating when your pen is so smooth it slips through your fingers every three seconds when you’re trying to write?) Two rhodium-plated rings encircle the pen’s center, bringing a cool gray breeze to a limitless sea of pink.
The two distinct ends of the Vanishing Point are also rhodium-plated, complimenting the pen’s base color beautifully. On one end is an artfully crafted click-action top that heralds in a new age of convenience for writing utensils. Just about every fountain pen on the market has a cap, leaving you with the dilemma of having to keep it somewhere it will be safe without disrupting the weight balance of your pen. Easily overcoming this dilemma that has been plaguing the pen-collecting community for decades, the Vanishing Point offers a quick, clickable solution. With just one click the 18k gold nib engraved with its own serial number and manufacturer’s name is revealed. With another click the nib – lo and behold – vanishes back inside the barrel. When the pen is not in use a small trap door closes over the nib and keeps it in a seal-tight chamber so the ink doesn’t dry out. On this same end is a slender clip made out of the same material as the other accents. It’s a rather unusual design that may throw off first-time users, but never fear. You are sure to get used to it very quickly and after only a few uses it becomes a very endearing feature.
If a click-action pen is still just a little too inconvenient for you, or if you’re simply lazy – hey, there’s no shame in the game – you could always take a look at Lamy’s Dialog series and see if they’re up your alley. Namiki was the first to create a retractable nib for fountain pens, and Lamy has taken this idea and redesigned it in their own image. Instead of clicking, all you have to do is twist the bottom half of the barrel. A silver circular cover slides open and the nib, which is much larger than the Namiki one, slides out smoothly. Its convenience and versatility speaks for itself. Unfortunately, lacks the colorful yet tasteful appeal that Vanishing Points possess.
The Pink Namiki Limited Edition Vanishing Point is a work of art in its own right. It is part of a small, selective branch of limited edition pens that are known world-wide for their boldness, color and charisma that are impossible to replicate. The visual differences between the Limited Edition Vanishing Points and their Classic Vanishing Point counterparts are clear from just a passing glance. For example, the Namiki Vanishing Point Black Matt has a much more traditional air about it. Its charm lies not in its easily recognizable individuality, but in its solemn simplicity. Though it has the same 18k gold nib as the Limited Edition, its body is completely black. There are no silver accents, no breaks in color, no nothing. A sheet the color of a moonless night sky is carefully wrapped around the body of the pen, providing a vision of inexplicable beauty. No matter what your tastes, whether it’s vibrant colors and excitement or muted colors and serious traditionalism, Namiki has catered to them. Whether it’s the rainbow or the midnight sky, the choice is yours.
Pilot (Namiki’s mother company) has always produced practical, capable pens, and Namiki has always produced jaw-dropping, unimaginably beautiful ones. This year they have once again joined forces to create a pen that sets the standard for fashion, style, functionality and sensibility. Pens for The Limited Edition Vanishing Point Collection have always been created with the best of both worlds in mind, and 2011’s edition is no exception.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Montblanc Ink of Joy,Ink of Friendship and Ink of love

After blogging about the Montblanc – A tribute to the Mont blanc pens,I was hesitant to blog about Montblanc again as there are new products coming soon like the Namiki Vanishing Point 2011 Pink Special Edition, Cross Year of the Dragon Pens and many others. But these new bottles of ink sitting on my desk staring at me everyday persuaded me to blog about them..Probably ,it’s the joy that I gain by trying out with new inks that made me to start writing about them… its probably the love for ink that compelled me to pick my pen and dip it in these new vibrant colors and its probably the friendship that I have with my readers ,that I wanted to share my feeling about these new ink bottles .


(Looks like not even 2 eyes,but 3 of them staring at me)
The Montblanc Ink of Love, Joy and Friendship 30ml Ink Bottles Refill. Montblanc has this compelling habit of taking old products, sometimes less than a year old, and upgrading them. Whether it’s adding scent, changing bottle styles, or revamping original designs, Montblanc obsesses over making every one of their products the best they can possibly be. This year, Montblanc has redesigned three specific inks with their own unique brand, name and bottle. Don’t you think Old Wine in new bottle tastes a little better Smile
To begin, the Ink of Love is a modernized version of Montblanc’s original Red Ruby released in the late 1990’s. Though beautiful, this shade was more reminiscent of the pale orange-pink color that many pen companies such as Lamy and Pelikan had recently created than the deep red it was meant to personify. In 2008 it was changed to a magenta-red color and given a rose scent. The ink was renamed Love You and in three years it was given another facelift. The Ink of Love is a much darker medium red with more brownish tones compared to its predecessors. Although darker, the intensity and mystery of the ink draws you in and captivates you from start to finish.

Montblanc always compliment their ink bottles by creating the same variety of cartridge for the easy goers.Montblanc ink of love,ink of joy and ink of friendship cartridge comes with 8 cartridge and will last probably a week for deep writers like me..Iam always a bottle fan..

Next, is the Ink of Joy. Its ancestor is the Mahatma Gandhi Saffron released in 2009. This original was packaged in Montblanc’s traditional rectangle shoe-styled bottles instead of their recent square ones that possess a beautiful ripple effect. The Mahatma Gandhi Saffron was a very rich orange with little to no yellow or brown tones, and gave off a cream and carrot color. The Ink of Joy, however, is a much more vibrant and intense orange color that manages to be eye-catching without being garish. It has a smooth, beautiful hue that evokes thoughts of sunsets, autumn leaves, and jack-o-lanterns.
Last but certainly not least, the Ink of Friendship. Its origins lie in the Montblanc Turquoise that was released in the late 1990’s. It was a dark teal and aqua color that had hints of green. It was so smooth, crisp, and fun to write with it was not to be believed. Montblanc has kept the ink’s mechanics but changed the aesthetics. The Ink of Friendship is a medium cyan blue that is much brighter, more intense, and is strictly turquoise with no green tones to speak of. This new ink is bright, beautiful and gives a flawless, effortless performance that speaks for itself.
Each ink comes in Montblanc’s newly-styled bottles that are a stark contrast to their more traditional ones. All the bottles are labeled “Made in Austria” with the ink’s name in French underneath.
Montblanc has also confirmed to us that author being honored in the Writer's Edition collection this year is Carlo Collodi who is best known for having written PINOCCHIO.Here is the first glance of the eagerly awaited pen.Watch for our blog on it…
In the meantime,find all the spices of life viz Love,Friendship and Joy at Pen Boutique in a 30ml bottle or 8 piece cartridge .I wish life was that easy.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Pelikan Souveran M600 Fountain Pen

Pelikan Souveran M600 Fountan Pen
Pelikan Souveran M600 Fountain Pen

Pelikan has been manufacturing fountain pens for 85 years, and their experience shows in the Souveran M600 fountain pen.  I acquired the black with blue stripe model in the photo several years ago, and it quickly became one of my favorites.  The medium sized body and overall balance are great, the gold plated rings are very attractive, and the brass piston filling mechanism is a real pleasure to use.  Probably the best feature is the two-tone 14 carat gold nib decorated with rhodium, which writes so very smoothly, even in fine or extra fine (mine happens to be a fine, and medium or broad nibs are also available).

I've used this pen to send notes to friends as well as to address birthday and holiday cards.  Quite frequently people comment on seeing that I used a fountain pen, and they really appreciate the personal gesture in this world of fast-paced digital communication.  If you'd like to experience the pleasure of writing with a quality fountain pen with a solid gold nib (in my mind, there is no substitute), you can't do much better than the Pelikan Souveran M600.  Choose from a model in all-black, or black with red, blue, or traditional green stripe, and try some of the very colorful Pelikan and Edelstein inks as well.  You won't be disappointed.

- Robert (Pen Boutique Ltd, Montgomery Mall staff)
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