Monday, September 22, 2014

Fisher Space Cap-O-Matic Paired With Maglite Flashlight Chrome or Black Plated Ballpoint Pen

The temperature is 250 degrees Fahrenheit, its pitch dark and only thing you can see is the color created by God and hated by humans, and you are upside down in a container trying to avoid an eye contact with alien. You want to write a message in a sheet of paper and throw it to the next space vessel ,from which you got separated, that would probably save mankind. Wish you had a pen that could just write here in space !!!!

Couple of days back….
You are all packed to go for the space mission. You pass fitness test, get your new space suits (the best part about going to a space mission is that you don’t do any kind of shopping ,for rest of all long journeys shopping is a necessity) . You are in the first ever manned space mission of your life and your best friends throw a nice see-off party. You get numerous gifts that you cannot take on a space mission but you find one which doesn’t make sense. The Fisher Space Pen ..writes on everything …why on earth would you require a pen like this..well..never are not on earth.You open the cover and put that pen in your pocket along with the flashlight.

Back to space mission…

Alas,you have something that will help you now. You find that little filthy oily paper stuck on the container, take out your pen from the pocket and write the command sequence to exterminate the alien .You wonder if it would write as no other pen in the world can do it. But you are in for a surprise that’s Fisher Space Pen for you. It writes on anything, everything and anytime.Now that a gift that is worth a mankind.

Fisher Space Pen known for its pressurized refill and supposedly the only pen to be successfully used in space missions has this special edition for you which is on the verge of discontinuation.
Along with Maglite , a company selling aluminum based Flashlights ,fisher space pen are selling this as a gift set for a limited period of time.

Maglite Flashlight

These unique manufacturers joint venture together in one package is a sure guarantee to function in situation in which other similar products would falter.
Fisher Space Pen writes Underwater,In freezing cold,In burning heat( I would rather refrain myself from doing all this test),at any angle and upside down.It has been selected by NASA and used by astronauts on space mission.Maglite Solitaire is constructed of Aluminum,Water Resistant ,shock resistant and focused beam.
Fisher Space Pen

The product comes with a AAA battery for the flash light, Key lead so that the flash light can be with you always,Fisher Space Pen M4C Cap-o-Matic which contains a black ink ,medium point,pressurized cartridge filled with fishers patented thixotropic ,visco-elastic ink (now this is the technology that saved our astronaut)
. It comes in two colors for your selection. Fisher Space Cap-O-Matic Paired With Maglite lashlight Shiny Black Ballpoint Pen and Fisher Space Cap-O-Matic Paired With Maglite Flashlight Chrome Plated Ballpoint Pen

Get before the alien gets hint of this technology….:)

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