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Top 5 Gifts this Christmas season

With the traumatic event known as Black Friday over, it is finally Christmas’s turn to have the spotlight. (Cause if we’re going to be totally honest, it is a bit annoying seeing Christmas commercials three days after Halloween. Wait your turn!) Now, the cool autumn evenings have given way to colder nights. Salvation Army advocates and volunteer Santa’s dot every street corner, filing the air with the crisp, ringing of bells. And for those who still believe, there’s a gentler, lighter sound that only those who believe can hear. (Please tell me you saw The Polar Express.) Houses and stores alike are filled with the calming smell of gingerbread men, fruitcake and nutmeg, all collaborating into an atmosphere that can only be described as ‘home for the holidays’. Undeniably, this is a lovely time of year.
Yes, yes, yes, Christmas is all nice and rosy – in retrospect. In the middle of the day, however, when you’re rushing around once again dealing with the annual stress of the year, the whole thing seems ridiculous. You have to think about what gifts to give – since when did I know so many people? – how much you should spend, and how creative you should be; all with the ever-present thought that you will most likely face the new year with red all over your bank accounts. (“Happy New Years! You’re bankrupt!” “Yeah! Paarrtaaayy—wait. What?”)
I ask you, why? Why bother showering your friends and relatives with expensive yet pointless gifts? It’s just one more thing for them to toss in the bottom drawer of their desk, never to be used again. (Or, they end up using it for ten years and when someone asks, “Where did you get that?” They gaze at it momentarily before giving a dismissive, “I don’t remember.”) I won’t be unreasonable: expensive gifts are nice, but I believe that most people respond more positively to a gift from the heart than any Pandora bracelet you just happened to pick up at the mall. So think more traditionally this year and play around with the idea of just giving someone a special keepsake this year. Pens are, undeniably, the most underappreciated gift ideas ever, and this season the Pen Boutique wants to rectify this presumption. Pens are the tools by which civilizations have risen and met their downfall. The instruments that have, since their genesis, drawn the design of our world and they continue to map out what the future has in store. Not only that, but pens are just a pleasure to possess. A beautifully constructed pen, picked out of thousands for its individual style and finesse is a lifelong companion that simply cannot be beat.
In fact, we have made it even easier for you this holiday season and picked out our top five favorite pens, each one more breath-taking than the last:
5. The Parker Ingenuity. The new Ingenuity series encompasses all of the beneficial designs of a ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen all in one cleverly designed model. Each member of the collection is made with Parker’s unique 5thgeneration technology that gives a stunning performance every time. Each member of the collection offers an effortless flow of ink that glides smoothly over any surface. Thanks to this technology, each pen’s tip is designed to adjust itself to your individual writing style after only a few uses. The flexible tip is covered by a finely engraved, metallic hood which work together to imitate the feel of a fountain pen nib. Though there are dozens of color combinations, each Ingenuity pen has a classic and elegant finish. They are lacquered in deep gloss and adorned with Parker’s emblematic ciselé pattern on both the grip section and the metallic ring on the cap. In this display of design dominance, Parker has brought to life the best of not only two, but three worlds. This new generation is a force to be reckoned with, and their era of trendsetting has only just begun.
4. The Lamy Dialog (Black & Silver). Arriving straight from Germany, Lamy’s Dialog3 Black Matt Fountain Pen and Silver Fountain Pen are the first generation in a brand new field of pen mechanics. Devoid of a cap, these pens use a fascinating twist-action mechanism built into its barrel. Once turned, a rounded cover slides back and the retractable 14k gold-plated nib glides out smoothly. When closed, the covering creates an air-tight seal that prevents the nib from drying out or getting dirty. Unobtrusive, innovative and so smooth it belongs in a James Bond movie, the Lamy Dialog3 is the perfect present for anyone who values elegance and style.
3. The Visconti Rembrandt Collection Fountain Pens. Every single Visconti Rembrandt pen is handcrafted. Each and every one is individually made so each gets the proper care and attention it deserves as a future masterpiece. This collection has its own sense of beautiful ingenuity and silky elegance that is extraordinarily hard to find. Their bodies are made out of a smooth, slick variegated resin that is shined to such a high gloss that it’s almost reflective. The nibs are made of strong steel and engraved with the Visconti symbol and name. The body colors are available in ivory white, blue, purple and red. Accenting these beautiful colors are the silver-colored accents making up the pens’ rings and clips. Classic, affordable, and with Visconti’s unparalleled dedication to art, this collection comes the closest I’ve ever seen to perfection.
2. The Waterman Expert and Hémisphère Collections. Subtle sophistication with a clean, contemporary design and well-crafted quality, Waterman presents two lines that have earned their places among the best of the best. Like all great classics, the Expert and Hémisphère families know the ins and outs of power, style, and finesse. Despite their long heritages, each new member brings its own flair of modernity without losing its traditional dependability. The Expert Deluxe Fountain Pen and the Waterman Expert Black Lacquer are the forerunners in the Expert’s new generation of design. Each has bold, sleek black barrels artfully complimented by smooth chrome accessories. Even bolder than these are Hémisphère’s Shimmery Blue and Starlight Chrome, just to name a few. Each and every member of this line sports colors of such vibrancy that they almost appear fluorescent. For a more time-honored route, however, choices like the Waterman Expert Urban and Waterman Expert Smart are the way to go. Comet Red and Mars Black, despite their monochrome coloring, manage to encompass boldness and beauty into a design that is just as stylish as it is dramatic. Suave, sophisticated, but no less dashing, these gems are the quintessential embodiment of a Waterman classic. Young or old, traditional or contemporary, these series are designed to fill everyone’s needs.
1. The Montblanc Meisterstück: Classique Collection. The Meisterstück line from Montblanc has never disappointed, and the Classique collection is not exception to this rule. This series is part of a family that has consistently been at the top of its game from the very moment it was first released. Each and every Classique, from the Platinum Ballpoint Pen to the Gold Rollerball have their own unique personalities, but they all do have uniting characteristics. Their bodies are made from the precious, smooth black resin that Montblanc is known for. They all have at least three plated rings that are skillfully embossed with the Montblanc brand name. Clips are plated and engraved with individual serial numbers, giving each its own unique individuality. The Classique is a masterpiece that is sure to warm your heart and your home this holiday season.
(Don’t look surprised, you know how we like to spoil you.)
The Noodler’s Ink Ahab. Much like Noodler’s other flex pens, the Ahab is made from a sturdy celluloid derivative that, technically, makes it biodegradable. This creation comes in a number of beautiful vibrant colors like Burmese ruby, carniolan honey and maximilian emerald, each reminiscent of the holiday season. Its unique design manages to be ingeniously simple. Its entire body can be easily disassembled and put back together, making cleaning a breeze. The nib is made of a durable flex nib that can switch from medium to broad depending on how much pressure you apply. Stylish and affordable, the Ahab is the perfect stocking stuffer for this holiday season.
So all in all, take a chance this holiday season! Don’t let the holiday stress or traditional expectations prevent you from giving something truly meaningful this year. Be brave, be bold! because I assure you, not a single one of these gifts will disappoint.

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