Friday, June 13, 2014

How to spot a Fake Montblanc Starwalker? applies to other Montblanc pens also

Mont blanc is one of the most counterfeited brands. Montblanc's Starwalker carved out of time honored craftsmanship and great artistry, suffers because of the duplication and forgery. It's admirers as well encounter numerous ill experiences with the imitation of this plush writing instruments.
So, make sure you know how to find out if a Mont blanc Starwalker is FAKE. 
Though Montblanc Starwalkers are the high end pens quite hard to fake weighed against Mont blanc Meisterstuck, the replicas do exist in the market.

Firstly, verify the box and availability of service guide with warranty. 
The booklet will not only give you procedures of maintenance and servicing, but the warranty along with the date of purchase and authorized dealer mark.

How to spot a Fake Starwalker?

Check the individual serial numbers written on the ring. 
A Starwalker Fineliner can be refilled with Rollerball refills but never comes with it. Don't doubt on this basis though. Your seller might just be generous! :)

It has a MontBlanc engraving and should read GERMANY under the clips. 

Another interesting experiment is the flashlight test.
Shine a strong beam of light through the resin dome on top and it will glow letting the light pass through. The fake domes are generally semi-opaque.

And most importantly, only buy with authorized Montblanc dealers.

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