Monday, December 17, 2012

The Christmas Express is on the way

What I have found to be the most moving aspects of the Holiday Season is its unfailing ability to unify people of all backgrounds the world over. No matter one’s religious preferences or winter practices, a comforting, heartwarming spirit seems to infect the hearts of each and every one of us during this magical time of year. It’s hard to say why, but it seems that whenever the last leaves of autumn fall and the mornings bite with cold, the Holiday spirit comes out in full force. Along with the almost mystical feelings that the season invokes, it also brings with it a sense of charity and thoughtfulness that is unsurpassed by any other month of the year.
The idea of giving to those less fortunate is a tried and true moral of the holiday season that people seem to have a natural inclination towards. Whether it’s donating old clothes to Goodwill, giving to the Salvation Army, or even going the extra mile by heading down to the local soup kitchen and giving back to the local community, this time of year brings out people’s desire to help their fellow human being. It brings about the spirit of generosity that encompasses your being and compels you to give a little back for all that you’ve received over the year. Ultimately, the merging of your softened heart along with the hundreds of others in your community intermingles to create an air of peace and compassion unlike any before.
Just look outside: everything is slowly falling under the magic of the season, and there is no other season that was so perfectly made for giving. The warmth that fills your soul when you have given someone a heartfelt, selfless gift is something that not even a roaring fire could compete with. It’s a beautiful gift in and of itself – not only for the receiver, but for your heart and conscious as well. It’s a spark, a light, a movement that travels from person to person into a snowball of love and hospitality that truly embodies what the Holiday Season is all about.

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