Friday, December 5, 2014

Penmanship for Holiday Season

Parker Red Sonnet Fountain Pen
In this fast paced world of new technology and busy days it is not often we get a reason to stop and reconnect to our traditions. Sending holiday cards allows us that excuse to connect. When carefully addressing aunt Betty's or cousin Bill's card we have the opportunity to not only use our best penmanship, it grants us permission to utilize our finest writing materials and ink. I enjoy getting into the spirit by using a red fountain pen and green ink. In the wonderful world of fountain pens there are many, many options of green ink to grace your cards and letters. Some of the most fitting green colored ink includes Diamine Evergreen, J.Herbin Vert Empire, Noodler's Polar Green, Montblanc Irish Green along with a multitude of others. One of my favorite descriptions of an appropriate green is the Pilot/Namiki Iroshizuku Forest Green: "It embodies the unchanging color of a dense evergreen forest in a long winter."

I have found my perfect pen & ink combo to script my holiday cards. The Parker Sonnet red lacquer gold trim fountain pen and Sailor Four Seasons Special Edition Tokiwa Matu Green bottled ink fit the task with bells ringing. The intensity if the green and the easy feel of the Sonnet complement each other in an exacting manner.

So take some time off from your baking and wrapping this year and choose the ideal fountain pen and bottled ink for you. If you realize that you enjoy the experience so much you decide to use it year long, for all your correspondence, your secret is safe with me. I won't tell Santa!

By Vicki M

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