Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sheaffer VFM Pen

Sheaffer VFM Rollerball Pen
For those who are feeling a bit leery about taking a leap into the world of fountain pens, I have a solution for you that will not only give you a fine writing experience but is also an economical one.

The Sheaffer VFM line, so named because they are Vibrant, Fun and offer Motion, are a recommended place to start your journey. The line comes in fountain pen, roller ball and ball point. I own a fountain pen and roller ball.

I get a kick out of some of the descriptive, inventive color names including: "Chilled Blue," "Excessive Red," "Strobe Silver," and "Ultra Mint."

The satin color finishes and nickel plated trim showcase the sturdy, though not heavy, stainless steel metal body. Both VFM pens I own post tightly and clip securely.

The fountain pen can use a standard international cartridge which will open up your opportunities to explore various colors and the easy ability to replace your cartridge, due the the standard international cartridge availability. It glides smoothly and the pen weight feels comfortable in the hand while scripting.

Not needing a Sheaffer propriety rollerball refill, you again have the option to test various colors refills. I currently have a Schmidt green refill.

The Sheaffer VFM line affords the opportunity to investigate writing instruments in bright colors and various style types in a way that is both fun and affordable.

By Vicki M

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