Monday, February 16, 2015

It's Presidents' Day

It's Presidents' Day - a day to celebrate the past presidents of the United States.  What better way than with the Retro51 Lincoln pens.  These are made of copper and make a bold statement.

Lincoln is available as a fountain pen, rollerball, pencil or ballpoint.  The antique copper will patina more with time and use.  

The fountain pen comes with a medium nib and accepts the standard international ink cartridges and converter.  It comes with 2 short ink cartridges and the converter would need to be purchased separately.
The rollerball and pencil come in a set or can be purchased separately.  The rollerball accepts the standard short capless rollerball refills.  The pencil comes with the 1.15mm lead and a package of the black erasers.
The ballpoint comes with a small rubber stylus at the top and is a twist action pen.  The refills are a standard mini ballpoint refill.

I discovered the wonders of Lokta paper as well and have paired up my Lincoln fountain pen with the Travel Journal in Walnut, my Lincoln Rollerball with the Buffalo leather journal and the pencil with the small 4"x4" hardcover journal.  My ballpoint stays with my iPhone in its case.

Lokta Paper Products

All in all, I love the look and feel of the Lincoln pens and hope to have them for a long time.

- By Pen Boutique Staff  : Joy 

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