Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Featured Story: History of Pen Stands/Holders

Portable pens that could carry its’ own ink supply were not perfected until fairly late in the 19th century. None of the great writers before that time, from Aristophanes to Shakespeare to Dickens, were in a position to enjoy such an instrument. Even Thomas Jefferson, who later in life sampled an early reservoir pen, had to fall back on the quill to draft the U.S. Declaration of Independence. For the first three millennia or so since the invention of paper, the writing instrument of choice in Western culture was the quill. One simply used a goose tail feather, the process being harvest the feather, allowing it to dry (often by immersing it in a bed of hot dry sand), "gutting" it and trimming off the excess fuzz. The tradition of needing a pen stand for your writing instrument was out of necessity to avoid ink from getting all over your desk. This historical tradition is celebrated today with functional and well crafted Jac Zagoory pen holders.
Jac Zagoory Design is nothing if not the epitome of creativity and innovation. Their collections include an almost unimaginable variety of pieces that are just as charming as they are unusual. Just as their mission statement proclaims, Jac Zagoory Design aims to create, innovate and acquire pieces that will help others reach for inspiration in their own lives. To help put a smile on the faces of those that value their rewards like they value their work. 

Although a relatively young company, Jac Zagoory Design has gained a solid footing in the world of art, pens and luxury merchandise. Their products have been featured in Wired Magazine, Stylus, Gift and Decorations, Greetings, Pen World, the New York Times and in many foreign publications.

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