Monday, June 6, 2016

Montegrappa Alchemist Sterling Silver Collection

Montegrappa Alchemist 

There is something about Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist" that makes me want to read the novel again and again. The book has become a source of inspiration for many. Every strong word mentioned in the novel lets us see the world with optimism and tell us everything is possible until we really want it to happen. 

The purpose of the new Montegrappa Alchemist edition is somewhat the same!!! The pen is designed with a keen appreciation for the artist's thoughts and is inherited with vivid symbols and meanings illustrated in the renowned novel. In short, we can say Montegrappa Alchemist series is a beautiful interpretation of Paulo Coelho's famous novel 'The Alchemist'. Montegrappa Artisans have carefully embedded the motifs of the story on the pen to create a lucrative appearance, while keeping the functional side on their mind. Like all other pens from Montegrappa, this fine series also carries the legacy of the brand and reflects a finesse design marked with perfection. Made of special metals and embedded with precious gemstone, this fine pen exhibits the creativity of Montegrappa artisans. Like the name suggests, Montegrappa have converted their master craftsmanship and fine elements into a graceful product which even surpasses expectation, and named it - "Montegrappa Alchemist Series". 
The series is available in two different writing modes (fountain pen and ballpoint pen) and four different designs - air, water, fire and earth. At Pen Boutique, we are selling the sterling silver edition which is limited to 1000 pieces. Each enamel coated sterling silver pen represents one of the four elements. Only 125 fountain pens and 125 rollerball pens are made in each color. The evocative design of each Montegrappa Alchemist series makes it a wonderful collectible for pen aficionados, while inspiring others to follow their dreams. 

Montegrappa Alchemist Sterling Silver writing instruments sit at the epitome of novelty and perfection!!! These fine writing instruments are conceived in the purest form and are coated with several layers of enamel to preserve their timeless elegance. These fine writers are handcrafted in the historic town of Bassano Del Grappa, Italy. Each writing instrument is finely inspected until they acquire the highest level of precision. The pen features a hefty and evenly balanced profile designed to offer a robust grip while writing. Its ergonomic grip section sits perfectly between your fingertips, while allowing you to rejoice every bit of your writing. As splendid as the pen looks on the outside, the functional side of this fine writer is also synonymous to its appearance.

Montegrappa Alchemist Sterling Silver fountain pens are fitted with a sturdy 18kt gold nib with an etched designed of a peacock fanning its tail. Gliding over the paper, the nib is flawless and doesn’t scratch nor has inconsistent ink flow. The nib is a pleasure to work with and sums up a joyous experience. The body of the pen is embellished with small details to project Paulo Coelho's words inscribed in the famous novel - 'The Alchemist'. The overall appearance of the pen illuminates Coelho's message, and its finesse design inspires the users to follow their dreams. Each pen comes in a beautiful wooden case which prevents the pen from receiving any external casualties. 

The stupendous design of the Montegrappa Alchemist Sterling Silver Collection definitely lives up to its name. The eye-catching appearance and minute detailing makes it a perfect writing instrument for both pen enthusiasts and collectors. The only downside of this series is its limited quantity. Then again, if this writing instrument were available in abundance, it wouldn't be so precious. 

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