Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Honoring the Moon Phases: Fisher 50th Anniversary Bullet Pen

Words that Pen Boutique Enthusiasts use to describe the Fisher Space 50th Anniversary Pen:


We just received our Fisher Space 50th Anniversary Bullet pens in and they’re truly stunning little pens. It has the traditional silhouette of a Fisher bullet pen, but with unique detailings. The pen has a patent black finish with a series of golden engraved moons in various phases cumulating in a “50” and a full moon. The grip section of the pen is a matching gold. It’s an extra-special bullet pen, especially for folks into black/gold combos.

As with all all Fisher Bullet Pens, this accepts Fisher pressurized ballpoint refills which come in a variety of colors (red, green, turquoise, blue, black) that can also double as trusty Parker-style ballpoint refills.

The pressurized refills are solid and reliable-- so much so that astronauts (real-life ones, not just wackos) regularly use them on their space missions. Due to the way the pen is produced, they are able to withstand cold and hot temperatures, low and high altitudes, terrestrial and galactic gravity, and even on greasy and wet surfaces.

This pen is great for:
-Collectors of Fisher Space Pens
-Folks looking for small pocket pens
-People who like black/gold combinations
-Astronomers, Birders or people who constantly look at the sky
-People who are worship the moon

The 50th Anniversary pen is just one of many iterations of the Fisher Space bullet pen. There are so many versions of the bullet pen and even Fisher click-pens that there is bound to be one Fisher pen for every taste. Let us know if you're interested in looking at some Fisher pens together and we'll find one that's right for you! Our email address is


The Pen Boutique Team

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