Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Monteverde Invincia - From the eyes of customer

Blog by Tony Roman:

  Thanks Pen Boutique for my new pen. I’ve just started using my new “Invincia” pen made by Monteverde, as you know an American company based in California, and I’m happy to report that I’m delighted with it, both in form and function.

  I thought others might be interested in my thoughts on it. The pen’s aesthetics struck me as fresh and modern, with a classic look. The pen is packaged in a wonderful old-world outer cardboard box with an inner clamshell jewel-box, and that box includes: a box of ink cartridges, directions, and warranty. As you know, my new pen has an eye-catching, metallic, light-green cap with black trim. The barrel is comprised of glossy, braided carbon fibers under a thick clear coat of plastic – all very smooth to the touch. The nib, also black, is stainless steel and very flexible and responsive to the writer. I chose to purchase separately the specialty 1.1 mm stub nib, which I use all the time, as it adds a flair to my signatures.

  I filled my pen, using the included bottle ink convertor, with a bottle of Monteverde’s own  green ink called Yosemite. The pen wrote on the first stroke after filling; no time was needed for the ink to make its way down to the nib. The ink flow was perfect for me, not too wet or too dry. Also, this pen feels right in my hand, not being too heavy or cheap and lightweight. It does have some added weight from the metal barrel that gives it a feel of quality. The pen feels balanced with the cap posted, and is not too long and awkward, though the pen could also be easily written with without the cap being on the barrel, for slightly smaller hands.

  So my final thoughts:  For the price, this is a very durable, stylish pen, with well built design/manufacturing aspects:  pleasing color, good balance, and great feel in the hand. Would I buy another in the future? Absolutely! Perhaps two in different colors, keeping one and giving one away to a deserving graduate or perhaps for a birthday or other occasion. Disappointments, well, none. It’s not a Mont Blanc of course, but neither is it billed to be. Instead it’s an honest, solid writer for day to day. I think it makes for a fine writing experience.


More details:


  Monteverde is an American company based in Canoga Park, California (buy American). More information is available on the web on their web site: www.monteverdepens.com (check it out). It was founded 36 years ago and does brisk trade throughout the world. Monteverde has an extensive web presence online, where all of their models and inks are available for sale.


  The pen comes in a wonderful old world outer cardboard box and inner clamshell jewel box, both in matching dark green. The jewel box has a white satin fabric interior. Included in the box is the pen, and under it, in a pull out section is: a box of cartridge refills (of Monteverde ink) in the standard international size, an international lifetime warranty card (where it is suggested to register online within 14 days of purchase), and a heavy paper instructional sheet on how to refill the pen with the included ink cartridges or from the included ink converter.


  This pen’s aesthetics are new and appealing and catch the eye. The iridescent lime cap and 3D woven carbon fiber barrel are fresh and modern with a classic look.

Physical aspects:


  The pen is about 137mm or 5.4 inches as measured with the cap on from lid edge to barrel edge or about 5.75 inches (or 146 mm) measured from cap edge to tip of the fountain pen nib when the cap is posted on the barrel for normal writing.


  The pen is very slightly heavy in the hand; to me it feels just right (not too heavy and not cheap and light). The weight is mostly in the barrel coming from its metal construction. The pen feels balanced. With the cap posted, it is not too long and awkward, though the pen could be easily written with - without the cap being on the barrel - for slightly smaller hands. I’m 5 foot 7 inches and my hands might be considered smaller than some people, so take that into account.

  Colors (cap):

  The colors of the pen that I bought are a wonderful metallic light green (lime) cap with black trim. The cap and clip are both glossy black with a very nice Monteverde mountain logo outline in white and a gloss black band on the lower cap with white printed “MONTEVERDE USA” on the front aligned under the clip and on the back of the band in white script “invincia.”

Colors (barrel):

The barrel is black trimmed with glossy reflective braided carbon fibers all under a thick clear coat of plastic. All very smooth to the touch. A black end-cap tapers from the barrel. The section (where your fingers naturally grip the pen) is also gloss black paint over metal with a narrowing taper for easy grip.

The nib:

The nib is a stainless steel nib coated with a black/gunmetal coating with a slight sheen (satin luster). On the nib is the Monteverde logo and the words “Monteverde USA” etched into the nib. The nib I purchased was a specialty flexible 1.1mm Stub.

Writing experience:

 I filled my pen, via the included plastic converter, with Monteverde ink. It’s always a good idea to start using a pen with an ink from the same manufacturer, assuming they also make ink and they have a color to suit your taste. I was lucky, Monteverde sells a great looking green ink, called Yosemite Green, which is keeping with their American theme.  I bought the 30ml glass bottle with ITF (an additive to keep the ink flowing within the pen and extends cap-off time, and improved Ink drying time - Ink Treatment Formula). The ink is packaged in the USA (though made in the EU at this time).

  The pen wrote on first stroke, no needing time for the ink to make it’s way down to the nib. The ink flow was perfect for my writing style, not too wet or dry. I like the ink itself, it doesn’t feather, it is nicely saturated and has a fresh color of green (like mountain trees).


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