Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Grand Re-opening - 7/14/2018

So we worked hard from Saturday June 30th to July 13th.  Every day was tiring and long.  We had contractors working everyday , fixing things.   All of the Pen Boutique staff put in some early morning  and late evening hours to get things done by Friday.

Around Friday we decided that we can re-open on Saturday July 14th.  It was still a work in progress and we sent out the information as part of our weekly e-mailer  that we are doing our re-opening tomorrow!

We did not think that turnout will be great since it was a last minute email - around 4 PM in the evening.   But to our amazement, many customers came and showed their full support! At one point of time we were running out of space and were thinking that even our expanded space will not be enough!

We are still having the Grand Re-opening sale for this week.  We are pretty sure you will love all the items on the sale.  We have special discount  plus free gift with purchase. So do stop by and check our new renovated location....  More space and more things to do :-)

The Graf Von Faber-castell shop in shop and also Montblanc shop-in-shop.  What to choose ?

The quietness before the storm.  We have the balloons and donuts.  We are set to open :-)

Yug is  helping the customer with the Sheaffer Ferrari fountain pen awesome deal.

Joseph and Deanna are customers and friend from 2004.  They have shown their support from the beginning and also have allowed us to involve in many of the non-profit movements. 

A customer from 2004 when I opened the Columbia Mall store.  Still supporting us and shows up to support every-time without fail. 

 Customers checking out the new wall of Montblanc with brick.  Totally mesmerizing.  After all he is the "greatest showman!" :-)

The end of the day employees took a selfie to mark this day!  After all the hard work, it is an amazing feeling to have a successful launch!

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