Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The Pineider La Grande Bellezza Forged Carbon


     We hope everyone has had, and will continue to have, a great holiday and enjoys the last few weeks of 2019. We've been having an exciting time here at Pen Boutique as there have been quite a few new pen releases. As of recently we have gotten in the Pineider La Grande Belleza Forged Carbon! When I first pulled it out of the box I instantly got Gothic Renaissance vibes, and was captivated by the texture and design of the pen.

This pen was made in Florence, Italy and designed by Dante Del Vecchio, who was the founder and CEO of Visconti up until 2016.. It features Pineider's flex nib that is made out of a soft rhodium plated 14k gold nib, and allows the flex to give you that line variation you  may be looking for.  It also has an interesting filling mechanism where you have to push the button to extract the piston knob, turn it to fill the pen, and then push the button again in order to lock it. It also has a soft touch magnetic lock cap system!

For this pen they collaborated with a company called Carbon Dream, who is prominent in Italy and a worldwide manufacturer of materials and detail from composite materials. They represent the peak of luxury and technology, and have worked with big brands such as Ferrari and Bugatti.

Carbon itself is lightweight and resistant, which doesn't make it very malleable. However, forged carbon allows it to be more flexible. When it is heated at a high pressure it begins to form, creating a unique and different pen each time. It's been used in automobiles and things like luxury watches, but has never been used for a pen.

This pen is definitely an eye catcher, and would be a great conversation piece. It's also limited to only 888 pieces!

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