Thursday, April 23, 2020

5 Fantastic Starter Fountain Pens for Under $30

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing okay during this hard time we are going through. I know that we all need a distraction from the news and being stuck in our homes all day. As a small business this is a hard time for us as well, especially for being such a niche business. However, we know we have dedicated and supportive customers who still want to see us thrive. We appreciate all the support whether it’s through buying our products, promoting us, or social media. While our storefront is not open right now, we are still accepting online and over the phone orders. We have a limited amount of people working at the warehouse right now, and some working remotely.

I know a lot of people are looking for new hobbies to get into, or ideas to entertain and keep their children busy, so we will be looking at a selection of starter pens for under $30.00!

1. Platinum Prefounte ($10.00)

   The Prefounte is the sister to the Platinum Preppy, which is also an inexpensive starter fountain pen. It’s offered in a medium and fine nib (which are stainless steel), and comes in a variety of colors: red, blue, orange, and red. It features a slip & seal mechanism that helps keep the ink from drying! This is truly a wonderful starter pen, or an everyday pen you don’t mind just carrying around all day in your bag. It’s also a great pen to start kids on, too!

2. Pilot Kakuno ($10.80)

The Kakuno is such an adorable pen! It comes in three different sizes: extra fine, fine, and medium. However, not every color comes in that size. The clear one comes in all three sizes, the ones with the white bodies come in fine, and the ones with the translucent grey bodies come in medium! The nibs are friction fit though, and are swappable between the Metropolitan, Prera, and Plumix. It can be used with a cartridge or any Pilot converter (which is sold separately if you would like to use bottled ink). Definitely a fun pen to have around!

3. Faber-Castell Grip ($20-$25.00)

The Grip comes in a variety of colors that feature grip like textures on the body of the pen. It also features a soft and comfortable grip, and has a light writing experience. The nib sizes available for this are extra fine, fine, and medium. It’s also recommended for both right handers and left handers! It uses both a cartridge and converter as well. This style of pen is also offered in a finewriter or ballpoint!

4. Lamy Safari ($25-$28)

Lamy Safari’s are one of the most popular starter fountain pens, originating from Germany. They are super easy to use, nib switch friendly, and come in a wide variety of colors! They offer calligraphy nibs to extra fine nibs, which come in silver and black. They do not get damaged easily, at least from my own experience. I would say for this price you really can’t complain. They are always coming out with special editions as well, and never keep you bored with all the new fun and fascinating colors! They also have a sister pen called the AL-Star, which is a little bit more expensive, but is made out of aluminum instead. Of course these both use cartridge or converter (sold separately) as well. (Don’t forget to take a sneak peak at the new Candy collection, too!)

5. TWSBI Eco ($28.99)

The TWSBI Eco is my personal favorite starter fountain pen, and has taken off as a very popular and inexpensive fountain pen for beginners and non beginners. I am a sucker for a demonstrator fountain pen. These are super fun to mix and match different inks to the color of whichever one you choose, and definitely becomes a conversation starter. The nibs range from a 1.1 stub to an extra fine. You can nib switch them but it has to be from an ECO. It also features a piston mechanism to fill it up with ink, which is easy to use and super convenient. I also would recommend these to left handers with an extra fine or fine nib, as the nibs are considered to be more Eastern than Western and write a bit smaller.

I hope everyone found this to be useful, and perhaps will keep you busy and or start a new interest/hobby! Stay safe, healthy, and most importantly -- stay inside.

- Amber

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