Friday, July 17, 2020

Sailor Compass 1911 -- Coming August 2020

 Sailor Compass 1911 

Sailor has released a new series called "Compass", that is designed after the 1911. It is not only super affordable, but comes in a wide variety of colors! 

It features a transparent resin body with a clear feed and silver trim. They all come with a medium-fine stainless steel nib, and are packaged in a gift box with a color matched converter and 2 black Sailor cartridges (both are proprietary).

The colors it will be available in are: Clear, Red, Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Olive, Yellow, and orange. They will be available for $39.20, and they are also made in Japan. 


Length Closed: 133 mm
Length Pen Open with Cap off: 115 mm / 4.52 inches
Length Cap Posted 145 mm / 5.71 inches
Diameter: 9.5 mm / 0.38 inches
Barrel Max Diamete 11.5 mm /  .45 inches
Weight: 14 g

There will also be Sailor Compass themed cartridges available in the following colors: Black, Pink, Red Brown, Sky Blue, Blue/Black, and Green. These will come in 2 packs for $1.99

The current ETA for release is August!

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