Saturday, January 30, 2010

When time passes by...

Pen Boutique

Pen Boutique been online for 5 years and all these years we grew by learning from others. We looked upon others to learn how they do things. The dealers in writing instruments have experience of decades and we were a child in this whole scenario. We started when the recession was over and just with a hope that our passion can help us to channel our energy where our heart lies - Fine pens.

We were only thinking that we will have something very nice and small and help the niche customers.

"There were no big ambitions, just try to do something.. something with our lives to make it more meaningful..."

We were ready to put our hearts in customer service and make it the priority. What we did not expect was that there would be so much love from customers that we kept on growing at rapid pace. We never know how time files.. We were chugging through the recession and today we are one of the largest dealers of fine pens in US. We are one of the top dealers of Montblanc Pens , waterman pens, Faber castell pens , Pelikan pens. In between we opened up another store, also expanded our online operations.

The success can attributed only because of the love of the customers. We are blessed with one of the finest customer base. We recently sent out a survey to our customers hoping that there will be some reply and we can work on it to improvise. What we did not expect was an overwhelming response as to what we can do to make things even better. We have noted every one of your comments and we will try to implement them.

We always wanted to write a blog, express ourselves but in between our work and sleep we never had time :-) Hopefully, we will have a continuation this time and hoping that we will be able to communicate even better with our customers.

Thank you all for the wonderful support. Writing makes one remember things. When I used to be in college, the professor used to say that while reading if you want to remember the points to write, first read the book, understand it and then write it. If you are able to write all the points without seeing the book, you have understood it. Otherwise, you need to go back and start reading until you can write without seeing the text in the book.

It is been a wonderful journey so far and we are hoping that we can serve our customers even better.

Thank you,

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