Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Montblanc Ink of Joy,Ink of Friendship and Ink of love

After blogging about the Montblanc – A tribute to the Mont blanc pens,I was hesitant to blog about Montblanc again as there are new products coming soon like the Namiki Vanishing Point 2011 Pink Special Edition, Cross Year of the Dragon Pens and many others. But these new bottles of ink sitting on my desk staring at me everyday persuaded me to blog about them..Probably ,it’s the joy that I gain by trying out with new inks that made me to start writing about them… its probably the love for ink that compelled me to pick my pen and dip it in these new vibrant colors and its probably the friendship that I have with my readers ,that I wanted to share my feeling about these new ink bottles .


(Looks like not even 2 eyes,but 3 of them staring at me)
The Montblanc Ink of Love, Joy and Friendship 30ml Ink Bottles Refill. Montblanc has this compelling habit of taking old products, sometimes less than a year old, and upgrading them. Whether it’s adding scent, changing bottle styles, or revamping original designs, Montblanc obsesses over making every one of their products the best they can possibly be. This year, Montblanc has redesigned three specific inks with their own unique brand, name and bottle. Don’t you think Old Wine in new bottle tastes a little better Smile
To begin, the Ink of Love is a modernized version of Montblanc’s original Red Ruby released in the late 1990’s. Though beautiful, this shade was more reminiscent of the pale orange-pink color that many pen companies such as Lamy and Pelikan had recently created than the deep red it was meant to personify. In 2008 it was changed to a magenta-red color and given a rose scent. The ink was renamed Love You and in three years it was given another facelift. The Ink of Love is a much darker medium red with more brownish tones compared to its predecessors. Although darker, the intensity and mystery of the ink draws you in and captivates you from start to finish.

Montblanc always compliment their ink bottles by creating the same variety of cartridge for the easy goers.Montblanc ink of love,ink of joy and ink of friendship cartridge comes with 8 cartridge and will last probably a week for deep writers like me..Iam always a bottle fan..

Next, is the Ink of Joy. Its ancestor is the Mahatma Gandhi Saffron released in 2009. This original was packaged in Montblanc’s traditional rectangle shoe-styled bottles instead of their recent square ones that possess a beautiful ripple effect. The Mahatma Gandhi Saffron was a very rich orange with little to no yellow or brown tones, and gave off a cream and carrot color. The Ink of Joy, however, is a much more vibrant and intense orange color that manages to be eye-catching without being garish. It has a smooth, beautiful hue that evokes thoughts of sunsets, autumn leaves, and jack-o-lanterns.
Last but certainly not least, the Ink of Friendship. Its origins lie in the Montblanc Turquoise that was released in the late 1990’s. It was a dark teal and aqua color that had hints of green. It was so smooth, crisp, and fun to write with it was not to be believed. Montblanc has kept the ink’s mechanics but changed the aesthetics. The Ink of Friendship is a medium cyan blue that is much brighter, more intense, and is strictly turquoise with no green tones to speak of. This new ink is bright, beautiful and gives a flawless, effortless performance that speaks for itself.
Each ink comes in Montblanc’s newly-styled bottles that are a stark contrast to their more traditional ones. All the bottles are labeled “Made in Austria” with the ink’s name in French underneath.
Montblanc has also confirmed to us that author being honored in the Writer's Edition collection this year is Carlo Collodi who is best known for having written PINOCCHIO.Here is the first glance of the eagerly awaited pen.Watch for our blog on it…
In the meantime,find all the spices of life viz Love,Friendship and Joy at Pen Boutique in a 30ml bottle or 8 piece cartridge .I wish life was that easy.

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