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Montblanc Carlo Collidi Writers Edition Pen and Ink

In the earlier days ,growing up, every kids life is filled with stories like The Little Mermaid, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, and a heap of other fairytales,(todays kid’s life is filled with XBOX Games,Spongebob and iCarly stories .The true essence of characters like Pinnochio and Rumpelstiltskin has been tarnished by making them a “mere cartoon character” in movies like Shrek. ) but there has never been one as curiously unique as the story of Pinocchio. Written by Carlo Collodi, who is one of the best children’s author of all time, it is a story that possesses the expected magic, mystery and mischief that colors all fairytales, but in the end these all take a backseat to the story’s true meaning: honesty, friendship, and being true to oneself. With such an artful collaboration of elements, it is no surprise that the legacy of this story has caught Montblanc’s attention. Every year since 1992, Montblanc has honored the greatest literary figures throughout history in their Writers’ Edition collection that is a timeless masterpiece unto itself. For 2011, the story of Pinocchio is being acknowledged as the brilliant and simply delightful story that it is.
[Montblanc Carlo Collidi Writers Edition Set may run out soon as its very limited in production]
Montblanc cuts no corners with their stunning rendition of this timeless story. Their design and color layout is just as complex and interwoven as the fairytale itself. Let us begin with the barrel, for humble beginnings are always best.
The barrel is large, but has a balanced weight that makes it comfortable to hold. It is made of a precious dark brown resin that is shined to a high, reflective gloss. At one end is a champagne-colored gold-plated cone that is reminiscent of Pinocchio’s nose.
The hand-crafted conical design beautifully contrasts the base’s dark color and creates a beautiful palette of wood colors. At the other end is the nib; a treasure unto itself. Montblanc Carlo Collodi Fountain pens boast a hand-crafted nib made of 18K champagne gold. Like all Montblanc fountain pens, the base of the nib boasts the Montblanc six-pointed symbol, but right above that is a symbol that stretches back centuries. Jiminy Cricket, the embodiment of Pinocchio’s conscious, is engraved directly under the heart of the nib.
Despite all of these hidden treasures, the truly magnificent aspect of this pen, surprisingly enough, is the cap. Collodi’s fairytale world is unfolded in a magnificent, gold-plated skeletonized design that depicts the story’s heroes and villains in a mesmerizing light. Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, the fox, the cat, and the whale are all illustrated in an elaborate design that looks invitingly playful and yet majestically noble at the same time. Their light-colored forms against a dark brown background bring to mind a puppet theatre, and it is clear that Montblanc’s designers have put on a show worth seeing.
The gold-plated clip is connected to the cap by a screw, symbolizing the joints of everyone’s favorite marionette. Above the theatre-show is a golden bar with Carolo Collodi’s signature right under Montblanc’s traditional, striking logo.
Though its body is an architectural masterpiece, the heart and blood of the Pinocchio pen actually lies in its customized ink. Montblanc presents the treasure in a 50ml bottle with a deceptively unadorned look. The outside only boasts Collodi’s signature with a small drawing of Pinnochio’s head on the opposite side. Once opened, however, the true value and ingenuity of the ink is immediately apparent. Styled to emulate a warm chestnut color, this ink has the personality and texture to leave you captivated every time you use it.
Ever since I was a child I’ve been witness to Ariel finding true love, Jack’s apparent inattentiveness, Little Red’s ignorance, and Alice finding her way home, but Pinocchio has always stood out as something more. It is something more than an overdramatized ethics lesson. It was a fantastically crafted allegory of contemporary society, values, respectability, optimism, and, of course, honesty. Montblanc’s interpretation of the legend is akin to the story itself: unique in its own right. Most tributary pen designs are clear-cut and hone in on one particular aspect of its subject, but Montblanc takes in all of Pinocchio’s traits. Like the story, this latest addition to an already marvelous collection is a compilation of designs, ideas, themes and, most importantly, beauty.
Writers young and old will be reminded of these meanings and values from the first moment they begin their lifelong journey with these pens.
Also,if your kids don’t know Pinochhio ,probably its time you include his story in the bedtime.

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