Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sheaffer Taranis Fountain Pen Review

Sheaffer Taranis Fountain Pen
Sheaffer Taranis Fountain Pen
Most recognizable by the signature white dot which adorns the clip, Sheaffer has long been a respected name in the world of pens.  Sheaffer collaborated with famed US architect Charles Debbas to bring us the Taranis line of pens.  Debbas has taken his characteristic feature – minimalism – and melded it into this line.  The overall shape and design of the fountain pen when capped is the definition of minimal, with a rounded middle slowly shifting to squared ends on either side.  The clip is rectangular and fits nicely with the aesthetics of the body.  Uncapped, the user is greeted with a front section adorned with the Sheaffer name (hidden when capped, no doubt to keep in the vein of the minimalist aesthetics) and a hooded nib, which helps keep a tidy and simple appearance.  The fountain pens are compatible with Sheaffer converters and Skrip cartridges, both of which are included with the pen.  The Taranis line is also available in Rollerball or Ballpoint, and in five different colors – Stormy Night (black), Icy Gunmetal (grey) or Sleek Chrome (silver) with chrome trim, and White Lightning (white) or Stormy Wine (burgundy) with gold trim.

The Sheaffer Taranis fountain pen is well balanced, and it felt most comfortable while using it posted.  The nib is smooth – it reminds me of a Pilot/Namiki Vanishing Point both in feel and looks.  If I were to nitpick, it does seem to be a little on the wet side with a Medium nib though nothing that would keep me from using it as a daily writer.  The front section where the Sheaffer name is present is flat and I found it to be a good resting place for my pointer finger while in use.  It is nice that a converter is included, as not all fountain pens come with one, especially as it is proprietary to Sheaffer pens.  This is my go-to suggestion when someone is looking for an affordable pen as it blends great writing performance with modern styling.

While it is aesthetically an unassuming pen, the Sheaffer Taranis is one of the smoothest writers I have used.  If you are looking for an understated daily pen with a fantastic nib, the Taranis is hard to beat.

- Joe (Pen Boutique Limited, 5560 Sterrett Place, Columbia, MD 21044)

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  1. Joe.
    Thanks for the review. I agree everything you said, it is also the smoothest pen I have used. Mine is the broad nib. The nib has zero flexibility; yet, lays down ink with silk smooth, slightly on wet side.


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