Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Independence Day from Pen Boutique

Though it is still relatively young, there is absolutely nothing insecure about this bold, bright and beautiful country of ours. It’s very birth, an event carved out with blood and fire, began with its triumph against what was indisputably the strongest country in the world, and ever since then the United States of America has been pressing ever forward into the future. This year will mark its 236th birthday, and Pen Boutique wants to bring along some friends to commemorate what will undoubtedly be the party of the year.
First is the Proudly She Waves Fountain Pen by the internationally acclaimed artist Jac Zagoory. This modern marvel boasts a beautifully engraved silver-colored nib available in fine, medium or broad enclosed by a navy blue cap sporting the white stars of the American flag. The body, however, is by far the piece’s most intriguing aspect. The opening lines of The Star-Spangled Banner are written in large text upon a blue background that alternate between white and red.
With such a beautiful commemoration to our great as the aforementioned piece, it is only natural that it be given a holding place worthy of its distinction. The Proudly She Waves Pen & Card holder is a sister product that lives up to its name. This elegantly subtle pewter piece holds pens and cards of all shapes and sizes. Beside it stands a regal, intricately designed American Flag waving upon flagpole. The flag not only includes all the stars and stripes, but its very own dark pewter tassel. A beautiful beacon of liberty, this piece is a must have.
Most of our country was built upon manufacturing, and despite what many people will tell you there’s just something inexplicably heartwarming about America’s home grown companies. Cross is a testament to this belief, and despite its own youth this pen powerhouse cuts no corners with elegant appeal. The Cross Townsend Ballpoint Pen possesses an 18K gold barrel and cap with 23K gold-plated appointments in a design that manages to be overly stunning without drifting into gaudy. The ultimate expression of pen making art, this piece is a gem unto itself.
Noodler, another American-made company, brings patriotism to life with their Konrad Flex Nib Fountain Pen. To start, each and every material, from the natural ebonite to the biodegradable plastics is cultivated from some of the USA’s oldest states: New York, Maryland and Massachusetts. The entire pen can be completely disassembled and reassembled, making cleaning a breeze. The celluloid body is predominantly available in red and blue, while the ebonite feed can be heat adjusted to fit modern and vintage nibs – whichever the user prefers.
Last, but most certainly not least, is a product that pays homage to a pivotal moment in not only our nation’s history, but in the history of the world. The body of Visconti’s Declaration of Independence 18k Rose Gold Fountain Pen uses a sophisticated scrimshaw technique to replicate the full text of the Declaration of Independence. Though the writing is small, it is large enough to be legible to the naked eye while still being small enough for an inscribing of the images of the Founding Fathers who drafted the epic document. The 23K Palladium two-toned nib is beautifully complemented by aged 18K rose gold trims.
All in all, each of these delightful pieces embodies and exemplifies the world’s greatest democracy: The United States of America.

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