Friday, June 8, 2012

Father’s Day and Gift Selection Recommendations .

It’s a little unfair, when you think about it. It’s just a little unfair how during this mid-June holiday there are much fewer sales, fewer phone calls made and a distinct reduction of celebration overall compared to its feminine counterpart. Most would argue that it’s due to an excess of single-mother households, the unique components of maternal bonds and a societal expectation, but Pen Boutique considers both of these tributary holidays equally important for all who celebrate them. So, to honor a holiday celebrated the world over that celebrates fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society, Pen Boutique is offering a myriad of products this Fathers’ Day.
Now I know I said it for Mothers’ Day, but I’m going to say it again, only slightly differently. While mothers typically like affectionate emotions to either be said aloud or proven through sentimental actions, most fathers aren’t fond of that particular cup of tea. (It’s extremely embarrassing a lot of the time, anyway.) Most fathers show love through actions, and prefer to have it reciprocated the same way. While giving them pricey plasma screen TVs, Dune Buggies and Segway PTs is always a nice gesture, this type of gift-giving always has a hollow element to it. There’s no real thought put in for practicality, sentimentality or what will be memorable for the recipient. It’s not about love; it’s about seeing how deeply you’re willing to go into the red this month. (And then the next month, with the Fourth of July parties, and then the next month when you have to take your kids to the water parks for the summer, and then next month with school supplies...I know; it makes me sick too.) So try giving your Pops something unique this year; something with a little more heart and spirit in it than some newfangled gadget you picked up at Best Buy. These gifts won’t be something he can ride around the Cape of Good Hope on, but they have enough street cred to give him bragging rights about his thoughtful, brilliant, and intuitive child. (And all parents want to do is brag about their children anyway.)
So, the first product up for inspection is the Montblanc Starwalker Metal Red-Gold Resin Fountain Pen. Not only is it a masterfully crafted Montblanc marvel, but special attention has been paid to its design so that it goes above and beyond the call of excellence. Its slender, elongated body is made of a precious midnight black resin whose depth is expertly blended with shined red-gold accents, rings and fittings. The iconic six-pointed Montblanc snowflake emblem floats in a transparent dome on the pen’s cap, opposite a rhodium-plated 14k gold nib. Despite its elegant allure, the Starwalker Red-Gold has a distinctly masculine air most apparent in its fine cuts and executive appeal. Administrative style, however, cannot be more thoroughly embodied than in the StarWalker Metal Red-Gold Plated Fine Liner, a piece that lives up to its intimidating name. Though it has the same general barrel style as the aforementioned piece, this edition is for those who want something a little more stylish in their hands. The body has a precious black lacquer surface that combines the beauty of red gold with the vivid symmetry of diamond-cut lines and fittings. The fresh look is topped off by the same six-pointed emblem in a transparent prism that creates an elegant tribute of modern artistry.
Their inherent good looks aside, pens with the contemporary finesse that make them look like they belong on Wall Street are not for everyone. Perhaps the simpler style is more up your dad’s alley; products that maintain a level of distinction and charisma with a certain subtlety about them. Should this be the case, the Aurora Ottantoto Fountain Pen is the perfect candidate. The body is made of a smooth, sleek Plexiglas that shows off the body’s core materials. This strong statement is complimented by a surprisingly daring basic black nib that takes boldness to a whole new level. The fascinating contrast gives this monochrome piece calm, cool and collected style that is hard to beat. For something that adds a little more functionality to the mix while still retaining its classic appeal, however, the Stipula Passaporto fits the bill. Available in four deeply vibrant colors, this new line is characterized by its small shape and big personality. Combining its lack of clip and short, 90mm length makes it both comfortable and easy to handle. It was made for travelling, easy-access and practicality all wrapped up in a strongly original design.
On the other hand, there’s still the chance that your old man would like something a little more individual while still maintaining a reserved air. The Lamy Safari Apple Green is the pinnacle of simplistic superiority. A member of the legendary Safari line, this collection has achieved worldwide recognition for its unique design and unbelievable affordability. The body is made of a sturdy, shiny ABS plastic that ensures longtime use while the polished, chrome-accented steel nib is 1.5mm and available in either extra fine, fine, medium and broad.
Of course, if your father is just entirely quirky or you know he’d get a good laugh out of it, try out the Tornado Deluxe King. It proudly portrays the iconic image of the King Of Spades that has graced the inside of card decks for centuries. This latest design style (And by latest design, I mean latest retro design, and you can take that any way you want) by Retro51 is enwrapped around a smooth, slick barrel with the perfect weight.
In the end, surprise your dad this Fathers’ Day! Don’t be that guy who tries to impress everyone by getting the most expensive gift they could find, and don’t be that other guy who gets their dad a tie and cufflinks for the seventh year in a row because that was all they could think to get. Be a little more personal, a little more thoughtful, and get your father a gift that’s just a little bit more special than anything he could ever have hoped to get.

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