Friday, November 14, 2014

Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point Copper Fountain Pen - Review

Meet Pilot’s newest addition to the Vanishing Point line, the 2014 Limited Edition Copper.   I had been admiring the Vanishing Point pens for a couple of years now, waiting to see if they would come out with a model that I couldn’t resist.

As bright as a shiny new copper penny, this pen really called out to me. It is almost as much fun to just look at as it is to write with.  The 2014 Copper pen comes with rhodium appointments on the barrel and clip and a rhodium-plated medium 18k gold nib, which I found to be a little wetter than I had anticipated and could possibly be too broad for some writers who are used to the finer points of most Japanese pens. Inverting the nib allowed me to write in a finer font than when holding it in its normal position.

This pen is an absolute joy to write with when partnered with a smooth writing paper, such as Clairfontaine or Rhodia. Since I use my fountain pens for both writing and drawing I was elated to find that the 2014 Copper is not too heavy to hold for long periods of time.

This pen would be a great gift for any collector on your Christmas list. Even if that collector is you!


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