Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Recording Family History

Family bibles uses expand beyond being just religious scripture document. Many have also served the purpose of providing a home for records of important events that happened such as deaths, births, graduations and weddings for centuries. Many family bibles even include traditions, recipes and family anecdotes.

Recording electronic family history may now be the norm, but hi-tech solutions are not essential. The preference for keeping detailed paper records, including handwritten biographical outlines for each ancestor, family group records and pedigree charts, in a family bible or beautifully adorned journal is once again gaining momentum.

Even though most people are completely comfortable working with a computer, there is something to be said for keeping a fine penmanship record of your ancestors’ past. You not only keep your family history alive you also contribute to preserving the keeping of private and public records using the fine art of handwriting.

It may be time to treat yourself, and future generations, to a fine heirloom pen that can not only record your family’s current activities; it can be used by your great-great-grandchildren in many years to come.

Here’s a good starting point of suggested pens to get your search going:


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