Friday, May 27, 2016

Parker Sets for all Sorts Pt.2

This is a continuation of the Parker Sets for all Sorts post. We just received some fresh stock of really cool Parker Pen sets; some including multiple pens, some including writing accessories. The one I'm writing about today is especially interesting and beautiful. 

Full disclosure -- when we received this set into the store, a few Pen Boutique employees gathered around and took turns merely opening and closing the case. This "Secret Shelf" set has a very impressive, kin-aesthetic packaging design-- when the case is opened, a small drawer is slowly emerges from the front side of the box to reveal a classic (until uncapped, that is) Sonnet fountain pen. 

The pen is the star of the show-- subtle, matte, and dark upon first glance but interesting up close. When opened, the "section" and the nib are modern with an intricate, mature, zig-zag etching on a chrome finish. It reminds me of patterned silk kerchiefs and ties from the 1920's. 

The writing experience is what you would expect from a Parker Sonnet-- a silky smooth writer with a perfectly weighted body. The feel of the matte black surface is textured and won't show fingerprints. And of course there's the classic silver Parker-arrow clip that many of our fathers wore in their shirt pockets. 

The pen comes with a taupe, letherette-covered notebook with a friction-fit belt. The notebook is about the size of a personal-sized planner that you can easily store in a bag. The Sonnet fountain pen and other pens of similar size, will fit perfectly in the protective spine of the notebook which makes for easy transporting. The paper is replaceable with other Parker notebooks and 5.75 x 4" -sized notebooks.  

The set as a whole is a gorgeous and functional option for fountain pen folks who want a bit of luxury, without the flash, while on the go. 

This pen/these pens would be good for people who:
-love fountain pens that look classic with a slight twist
-enjoy pens with metal bodies and heavier feel
-are looking for a convenient notebook to use daily with their new pen
-suckers for awesome product presentation and boxes

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