Monday, August 17, 2020

Pen Boutique Exclusive Sailor 1911 Kagero Green Fountain pen ( 15th Year Anniversary Pen)


 Pen Boutique has always been proud to offer Sailor pens to our customers, and we wanted to make sure that our collaboration with Sailor was something truly special that would look at home in any collection. After months of refinement and prototyping, we’re proud to introduce the Pen Boutique exclusive Sailor 1911 Kagero Green as part of our 15th Year Anniversary.

The Pen comes in 1911 Large and 1911 Standard size and has this beautiful green!


The name “Kagero” (kah-geh-ro) comes from the Japanese name for mayflies, a semi-aquatic insect that inspired the pen’s rich green color. The color is closely based upon the Pantone Mayfly which is aptly named.

Quickly about Mayflies: Mayflies are notable for their unique life cycle, in which they may live as long as several years before molting to their adult form for one of nature’s most brief mating periods. For a single day in the spring or summer, they form huge swarms to mate all at once before laying eggs and dying - making it an ocean of green. Besides being a fascinating natural spectacle, mayflies are an important part of the ecosystems where they live. They represent a significant part of the diets of many species in river habitats, and the presence of mayfly nymphs is used as an indicator of an ecosystem’s health, as they’re among the first affected by pollution and changes in acidity.


We chose this naturally inspired color because we appreciate the outdoors. We value efforts to protect the environment and educate the next generation about the importance of conservation.


The pen itself has a translucent body and cap in a rich dark green, which besides giving the pen a refined yet contemporary aesthetic, allows you to see the ink remaining in a converter or cartridge without removing the barrel. The trim and nib have a gold finish, which complements the green of the cap and body nicely. Sailor nibs are renowned for their quality and unique feel, and the 21K and 14K nibs on the Large and Standard respectively are no exception. It is limited to 200 pieces ( 100 Large and 100 Standard size).  The pen came out really beautiful and we think it is perfect for our 15th year anniversary.  Thank you for being part of our journey!

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Here is Leena's Video explaining the journey in creating this pen:


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  1. Beautiful pen. Fits perfectly in the hand. Very smooth writer. Color is a perfect green.


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