Monday, March 17, 2014

MontBlanc Patron of Arts Gaius Maecenas Limited Edition Pen

Apart from the the sight of cherry blossom in DC , Tulips in Netherlands and the end of a suspenseful winter, spring is awaited for the Patron Of Arts collection that is released by MontBlanc every year. This year Montblanc patron of the arts Edition enters 20th year.
Patron is a person or a champion that supports a cause or a event. MontBlanc honors one such personality from the history year after year and pays tribute for their work in the field of art and culture.They are meticulously designed and handmade pens for quality and fine design. The usual number of this limited edition pens that is made available is 4810 pieces and in some cases only 888 pieces are available.
Last year’s Patron of Arts edition was based on Queen Elizabeth I and it was well received by many of our customers.
Pictures of  Montblanc Queen Elizabeth I Patron of Arts Limited Edition Fountain Pen.
Montblanc Queen Elizabeth Montblanc Queen Elizabeth

Following in the same foot steps that have been followed for 20 years ,MontBlanc releases Gaius Maecenas Limited edition pen this year.
Gaius Cilnius Maecenas was an important patron for the new generation of Augustan poets and he was the political advisor to Octavian.His name has become a byword for a wealthy, generous and enlightened patron of the arts.
Gaius Maecenas
Bust of Gauis Maecenas at Coole Park, Co. Galway, Ireland

The Gold Version of Montblanc Patron of Art Gaius Maecenas 888 Limited Edition Fountain Pen-Medium and the Sterling silver has the following features.
Design Features:
  • The design is influenced by antique ornaments and elements which are typical for the Roman Empire
  • The first line of the poem from Virgil - an homage to Gaius Maecenas - decorates the skeletonized cap
  • The origin marble barrel reflects the typical structure of a roman column
  • The clip reminds of an old sword
  • His portrait could be found on the antique like coin in the cone
Montblanc Queen Elizabeth
Product Features:
  • Barrel made of origin marble
  • 18k gold nib, with special engraving
The sterling silver pen has Lacquered barrel with 925 Sterling silver rings with engravings
Montblanc Queen Elizabeth
The Gold pen has solid gold .
The pen is available in Fine and Medium point for Silver Edition
We are taking preorders on this pen now and call 1800-263-2736

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