Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lamy Safari Special Edition Aquamarine: Fountain and Ballpoint Pens

With Father’s Day coming in  a few days , the New Color in Safari Collection ,the Lamy Aquamarine Special Edition ,is a great gift for those fathers who write often and like the comfort and consistency that Lamy can provide.They are available as Fountain Pen and the Ballpoint pen.  .Added to the father’s day celebrations ,summer is catching up on its heat everyday and this could be a great pen for use in the summer, as it will remind the writer of the ebb and flow of the ocean currents.
This solid pen is relatively lightweight and made of a strong ABS plastic with a chrome clip which is perfect to clip on to any shirt pocket or notebook cover. The Ballpoint does not dry out easily and is very smooth on any paper. This pen is perfect to take to the beach to enjoy a Sudoku puzzle while tanning in the beautiful summer weather.
The unique German design of the Lamy Safari Series is a reliable, economical pen which will be there when you need it most. Lamy, originally founded in 1930 Germany by one of Parker’s representatives, Josef Lamy. Lamy believed in using synthetic plastics (such as the ABS plastic used in the Safari Series) to make penmanship a more affordable experience for the masses. The first Lamy Safari pens were released in 1980 by the design of Bernt Speigelm intended for use with school children. Today, the Lamy Safari Series comes in a variety of colors, from the recently released Lamy Safari Pink Limited Edition to a Matt Charcoal with black clip, this pen spans all age groups and all purposes. The variety of colors available to the everyday pen user is refreshing; Lamy is unique in its color variety. The Lamy even comes in a demonstrator edition where you can see how each component of the pen comes together to give you the unique economical writing experience that Lamy can provide. A nice thing about the Safari Fountain Pen series is that one can purchase left handed nibs for those who find it difficult to write with extra fine nibs but like the look and feel of a finer line.
However, The Lamy Safari pens are not perfect for everyone. For those looking for a more flexible nib should look into the Pelikan M200 with italic gold nib. The Pelikan M200 holds an 18 Kt. Gold italic nib which is smooth from the first use to the last. The Lamy requires some time and lots of use to wear to your preferred writing style. The plastic is strong but is prone to scratching over time. The light weight of the pen is great for those interested in calligraphy, but for some, nothing beats the feel of a heavy pen weighing down on paper.
If you’re looking for a good starter pen to learn about calligraphy or want to learn how to write with a fountain pen without breaking the bank, the Lamy Safari Series Fountain pen is the best way to go. This Father’s day, buy your father the pen that you know he will use time and time again, without worrying too much about losing a timeless valuable writing instrument. Click here for more selection of Fathers Day Gift ideas.
HavingLAMY-ON-SALE said all good things about the Pen,we just came to know from the Lamy Vendor in USA that the pen is a absolute sold out and as it’s a limited edition,its nowhere in pipeline for future delivery. Pen Boutique currently has lots in stock so come in today or order online! We also have Lamy ink refills so the joy of writing never stops!
MoleSkines ,the legendary notebooks from France has introduced a new color that may go well with the aquamarine color. It’s the SKY BLUE Color Moleskine Volant X-Small Plain Notebook (Set of 2) (2.5 x 4 inches) . Also the Moleksine Address Book matches well with the pen.
I always write on my Rhodia Webnotebook.The paper is thick and gives me a crisp writing. Infact,it makes my handwriting readable..nothing more better than that for me.
This weekend I am enjoying the Father’s day with my new Lamy Aquamarine Pen in Rehobath Beach ,Delaware.What about you?


  1. I'll probably have to have ine for the collection- especially since I use turquoise-y inks everybday! Looks good.

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