Friday, May 1, 2015

Parker Ingenuity 5th Technology Pens

I know what you’re thinking: How can you innovate pens? They write in ink, they’ve always written in ink, and they always will write in ink. End of story. A few weeks ago I would have grudgingly agreed with this assessment. It has been a long time since pen manufacturers, even our most trusted and reliable ones, have created a truly groundbreaking design that has taken the pen community by storm.
Until now, that is.
This year, Parker has unveiled a modern wonder in the world of luxury design. Their new Ingenuity line is the pinnacle of innovation, inspiration and, as it is so aptly named, ingenuity. Never one for cutting corners, Parker had dozens of agents do extensive work to discover what exactly pen collector’s felt about their treasures. They were sent to find out what they liked, what they did not like; what they hated, and what they could tolerate. What was, for lack of better words, really cool and what simply wasn’t. Their findings brought them to the conclusion that there were universal positives and negatives concerning fountain pens, rollerball pens and ballpoint pens, however, none seemed to be universally superior to the other two. Once this was evaluated, the most obvious question came to light: Why settle for good enough? Why take the best characteristics of each pen type, when you could just take the best characteristics of all three and create one superior pen? The question was posed, and the Parker Pen Company decided that no, you don’t have to settle. Of course, the nonbelievers shouted, “Preposterous! It can’t be done!” No good idea has ever gone unchallenged, and it’s safe to say that this is Parker’s most brilliant idea yet.
The new Ingenuity series encompasses all of the beneficial designs of a ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen all in one cleverly designed model. Each member of the collection is made with Parker’s unique 5th generation technology that gives a stunning performance every time. Each member of the collection offers an effortless flow of ink that glides smoothly over any surface. Thanks to this technology, each pen’s tip is designed to adjust itself to your individual writing style after only a few uses. The flexible tip is covered by a finely engraved, metallic hood which work together to imitate the feel of a fountain pen nib. Though there are dozens of color combinations, each Ingenuity pen has a classic and elegant finish. They are lacquered in deep gloss and adorned with Parker’s emblematic ciselĂ© pattern on both the grip section and the metallic ring on the cap.
(Ingenuity pens only cater to exclusive Ingenuity 5th technology refills that are made of water-resistant blue and black ink.)
Whether you buy the S-Class (slim version) or the L-Class (large version); whether you buy it in black, gold, brown, peach, tan, pearl and every other customizable color option available, there is no denying that you will be a part of the dawning of a new age in pen modernization.
The Ingenuity series has flawlessly combined the ink flow of a fountain pen, the feel of a rollerball pen and the convenience of a ballpoint pen into an unstoppable triple-threat. In this display of design dominance, Parker has brought to life the best of not only two, but three worlds. This new generation is a force to be reckoned with, and their era of trendsetting has only just begun. The Ingenuity: a new age in pen innovation has arrived. Recognize.

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