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Mont Blanc Ink

Blue Is The New Black: Depicts The Pair Of Permanent Inks From Montblanc!
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It was late 2013, when Montblanc introduced two permanent colors to their chart of ink colors, Permanent Blue and Permanent Black. With Montblanc Midnight Blue no longer listed in the permanent category, this pair can be greeted as a farewell souvenir. If you are having a hard time choosing the best ink for your journals and documents, allow Pen Boutique the pleasure of making it easier for you.
So, the two new permanent inks, Permanent Blue and Permanent Black - both of these new inks are ISO 14145-2 certified. With no compromise on the quality, you can purchase the quantity of 60ml at a fair price of $28, whether you go for the Montblanc Permanent Blue Ink Bottle or Montblanc Permanent Black Ink Bottle!

The Packaging…

This time, Montblanc Ink bottle has received a little variation in the branding. Unlike the black box with a faded impression of MONT BLANC text and the color label; both the box and tag on the bottle has turned white. The texts on the box are the same color of the ink that the bottle holds, might even be imprinted with the same ink, who knows. However, the change has been limited to the graphics and color only as the Mont blanc ink bottle still possesses the same hump and two part filling arrangement that sets it apart from its contemporaries. The expiration date on the label makes sure, you write more.

mont blanc pen refills
Montblanc Permanent Blue and Montblanc Permanent Black
First Impressions…

Included with the Montblanc Permanent Blue and Montblanc Permanent Black, is Midnight Blue and Mystery Black shades of Montblanc Inks in the review to follow. There is nothing but comparison that will give you a better understanding of the dissimilarity that distinguishes the new collection of permanent mont blanc inks from the previous ones.
The demonstration of the montblanc ink colors was assisted by the Montblanc Meisterstuck LeGrand Gold trim Collection Fountain pen. We tried little bit of each color to give you a sense of the thickness and the viscosity of these inks.

The first sample of Permanent Blue illustrates that the ink is pretty thick. With a heavier ink flow, the color is intense and deep. The next one to go on the floor, Montblanc Permanent Black stood by its promise to deliver a rich profound black shade. It writes on the dry side like permanent inks are expected to (effectiveness of drying will be discussed further later). Also, mont blanc midnight Blue and mont blanc Mystery Black were given a try. Though, they are not much new to us; they might be out of stock pretty soon, stock up fast if you love them. You can easily tell the difference between the Regular Mont blanc inks and the Permanent Mont blanc Inks - that the thickness itself is very much noticeable.

Dry but Intense…

The color of Montblanc’s Permanent Black and Permanent Blue is deep. Having said that, it’s a delight to witness how fast it dries. A swipe over with a tissue immediate after the ink comes in contact with the paper fails to smear the Permanent ink colors whereas Montblanc midnight Blue and Mystery Black were easily prone to this test. However, the Mystery Black did not smear as bad as the Midnight blue. But, the focus here is on the Permanent Montblanc inks – Blue and Black, who both perform well with a very less feathering and a low average drying time.

Smearing Test on Mont blanc Inks
Smearing Test on Mont blanc Inks

Withstanding Windex…

The mont blanc inks were given a Windex Spray and the excessive liquid was blotted out. So, here is how it turned out.

Windex Test on Montblanc Permanent Inks
Windex Test on Montblanc Permanent Inks
The Permanent blue stood out above even the Permanent Black- which started to run off the paper along with Windex. The blue did not. It is actually permanent. The mont blanc Midnight Blue and Mystery Black definitely didn’t stand up to the Windex Test.

Water Resistance…

A little bit of water was run across the four similar shades of Montblanc inks when dry. As you can see, just with water, the ink starts to smear on its own. With the help of paper towel, the extra water was blotted out and the reaction with water was comprehensible. The answer is right below.

Water Test on Mont Blanc Permanent Inks
Water Test on Mont Blanc Permanent Inks
Montblanc Permanent Blue holds strongly onto the paper, doesn't smear, doesn't feather out. It stands up to the water resistance test. Montblanc Permanent Black did start feathering out but comparatively it’s still better than the montblanc Midnight Blue and Mystery Black. The latter ones didn't just perform ill against water or Windex but partly dissolved and disappeared with water.

The new Permanent mont blanc inks are apparently water resistant and offer a rich deep writing. As a final remark, we say –
Montblanc Permanent Black and Montblanc Permanent Blue offer you the supreme value for your money.

Well, here you have your answers on, “Is Permanent Blue or Permanent Black Ink from Montblanc truly permanent?”
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