Monday, March 30, 2015

Celebrating Pencil Day..

Pencil is the basic stationery that everyone has. For a writing instrument with a history that dates back to the time of human civilization, it still remains as humble as it used to be and does its purposeful work. It is only fitting that there is a day dedicated to it. Yes, 30th March has been dubbed Pencil Day and the date wasn’t chosen randomly.

Some 157 years ago, on 30th March, Hymen Lipman received the first US patent for his “pencil with attached eraser” invention. While this pencil was different from the pencil-with-eraser we know today, it did pave the path for today’s pencil. Just imagine a writing-time where you have to hold on to a separate eraser all the time. Exactly! It doesn’t sound very convenient. Hence, thank you Mr. Lipman and Happy Pencil Day to you all.

How to celebrate Pencil Day?

When was the last time you drew a cartoon or doodled or something? Well, today is the day you         should take it up again and get in touch with your creative side.
Write. Anything. Just let your brain to stimulate and enhance by writing. Start a journal today.
Finish a crossword puzzle/Sudoku or Find the Way or Join the Dots on your morning paper.

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