Sunday, November 15, 2015

Visconti Van Gogh 125th Anniversary 'Portrait Blue'

Visconti Van Gogh 125th Anniversary 'Portrait Blue'   

Europe has been a center for art and luxury for centuries. Famous artists, such as Vincent Van Gogh have enthralled us with their timeless collections. Visconti, which has produced a Van Gog collection in the past, has come out with the Van Gogh 125th Anniversary collection commemorating his passing. This limited edition collection is adorned with rose gold trim and brings to life the colors of many of Van Gogh's pieces. One those choice pieces is the 'Portrait Blue'.

The Visconti Van Gogh collection is not just a set of tributes to pieces, but masterpieces themselves. The collection takes the colors of the infamous Van Gogh paintings, twisting and splashing them into its creations for the writer to enjoy. The 'Portrait Blue' is an example of how rich colorways are used in this set. The colors are nearly identical to the ones in the paintings. The pens are all adorned with the 125th anniversary insignia on top of the cap. The cap also has a magnetic closing mechanism which is both secure and intriguing. The rose gold trim literally has small gold roses on the bottom portion of the cap trim. The pen has a medium-light weight and is well balanced without the cap. When posted, the weight of the pen may initially feel a bit unbalanced but rests well in the hand and is still a flowing writer.

Van Gogh 125th Anniversary Collection
The writing experience of the 'Portrait Blue' fountain pen is pleasant and sufficient. The nib does not have any flex yet it does deliver a medium softness. While the nibs of the series are steel, they are extremely smooth and have minimal drag. Down strokes were found to be especially smooth. All the fountain pens in the series come with medium nibs and take a standard international converter and cartridges.
If you feel like going on an artistic European tour, the Visconti Van Gogh 125th Anniversary collection offers both rollerballs and fountain pens that pay tribute to the artist's rich collection. Go ahead and treat yourself to this invaluable treasure!

- Vicki Marshall

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